Friday, January 6, 2017


It's Friday!  I'm so glad.  I have gotten used to having my husband around and this week it was back to work for him.  Although it was just a four day work week because of New Years, I'm looking forward to having him here for a couple of days.  When I was working I always dreaded the stretch between New Years and Memorial Day because there were not any holidays for those five months.  Now I'm on permanent holiday and I love every single minute of it.

This has been my place quite a lot for the past week.  See how happy and content Chloe is?  We watch a lot of knitting podcasts together and since the temperature has been down to -14F on our deck more than once this week, -7 this morning, we've been hibernating inside.  It hasn't been out of the teens since last week.  This weekend is supposed to warm up to freezing and then we're to get lots more snow Saturday night and Sunday...just in time for Dennis' birthday on Monday.
I did make myself a pair of mittens.  After well over 150 pairs of mittens since January, I finally made myself a pair.  Mine were five years old, full of holes and the first pair I ever made.  They were my practice/learning pair and had lots of mistakes. I thought I probably should make some for myself, you know the old, shoemaker who's children have no shoes story!  :-)

Well, I made these and wore them to church Sunday morning for the first time.  I ended up giving them away...
...but no problem.  Monday I bought a new skein of yarn and made another pair!  This is a new yarn from  Hobby Lobby.  I can't remember it's name but it is SO soft and isn't supposed to pill at all.
The Christmas Eve cast-on socks that I finished last week winged their way across the country to Brad's feet.  They fit!  That's always a concern when making someone their first pair of socks.  After that I don't worry so much because I keep notes on everyone's individual stitch counts.  This makes my heart happy.  Seeing them on my kids feet.  I can help keep them warm from far away.  Gosh, I miss them all so much.  I face-timed with Mandy and Piper this morning as usual, and then hung up and cried.  I miss them.
I crocheted Dennis a scarf 39 years ago just before we got married.  He STILL wears it when he snow blows and shovels.  I've been begging him to let me make him a new one because that one is made with the old Red Heart Acrylic that is like plastic.  Virtually indestructible.  It still looks good!  He had no interest in a new one, but finally, while we were buying yarn for my second pair of mittens, I talked him into choosing yarn and when we got home I gave him several patterns to choose from and I began this scarf for him.  This will be more for with his good coat and he can keep the old one for shoveling and winter work!  This is a free pattern on Ravelry call "The Dudester"!  Quite the name.  :-)  I did remove one pattern repeat because after knitting about 12 inches on it, I realized it would be way too wide.  So I ripped it out and began again.  This is about 8 inches wide and I think it's just about right.
You do see wrapped gifts on the table above.  We had our annual potluck/gift exchange at our house last night for our Bible study group.  I had set the table out for gifts early in the afternoon.  I do a little at a time and then sit awhile.  Then a little more and sit.  Repeat as often as necessary.

While at Hobby Lobby I found this snowman from Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer for $.83.  That's right.  Eighty three cents!  He was originally $14.99.  When I look at him I can hear Burl Ives voice from the movie.  I just love snowmen and leave them out most of the winter.  They make me happy.
I took these pictures on Monday from about a block away from our house.  Aren't they pretty?  That's Mt. Spokane.  Nothing like my blogging friends Mt. Hood in Oregon, but pretty nonetheless.
Frost on the deck earlier this week.  I think it was -11F when I stepped outside to take this.  I know it was too cold on my slipper covered feet!   :-)
That's about all I have.  I've really just been staying inside and trying to keep warm.  I just heard on the news a moment ago about yet another shooting, this time at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale.  I fear what's happening around our world with all of the hate and I'm so glad that I have you my friends.  We live all over the country.  All over the world, and yet we are still here for each other.  I wish that for those that are filled with hate.  To realize that no matter who you are, what you look like, we are not so different inside.  The majority of us just want Peace.  And Love.  And for me, the source of that peace is Jesus.  The author of love.  I didn't have a New Years wish before.  But as I type this, I would wish that everyone would experience His love.  Then the madness would finally end. 

And I'll end with that and wish you all New Years Blessings and a year filled with love and peace all over this world of ours.

Today's verse from my devotion was very appropriate.

"Follow God's example, therefore. as dearly loved children and walk in the way of LOVE, just as Christ LOVED us and gave Himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God." Ephesians 5:1-2

Blessings always my sweet friend,


  1. Love the socks, mittens and scarf. You're really amazing how much you get done! I hope you don't get a lot more snow.. we are wondering if the predictions of snow-mageddon is really going to happen here.. :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Lovely knitting projects.

    It's been bitter cold here, so I've been hibernating and knitting.

  3. right! I can't imagine temps as low as that. Love those mittens and from the looks of that snow you probably will make good use of them!

  4. Oh, your new mittens are SO pretty! And, it just touched me so much to think that you made that scarf for your husband all those years ago, and he still loves it so much. You are a shining example of what Christian couple looks like. The love of Jesus just shines through you. Happy Birthday to Dennis, and sending many hugs and much love to you, sweet friend. You will NEVER know how much we appreciate your faithfulness, friendship, and prayers.

  5. I just heard about the shooting it is all over the news here. My heart is heavy with such loss of life. On a lighter note I love all your knitting projects you have certainly been busy. Whilst your snow photos are beautiful, I am not sure I could cope with it all. Sending you a hug and praying for peace in the world. Take care.

  6. Love the mittens and what is that yarn that doesn't pill? Inquiring minds want to know. I'm sure your husband will love his new scarf. Wish him a Happy Birthday! You can't beat those Capricorns! LOL! Love your photos too and what a lucky boy to get hand knit socks.....that is LOVE!

  7. I love the mittens! I will have to find the yarn at Hobby Lobby-I buy a lot of their brand of yarn and I don't recall that one. Nice of you to share them!
    The snowman decoration is so sweet! Stay warm and thank you for the encouragement!

  8. Brrrrr indeed! You really are getting a lot of deep cold and more snow than us...about an inch has fallen here today. I love that you are getting so much knitting done and that you made yourself mittens...twice :) I love your snowman, too, and the skiing seagull you gave me has pride of place where I can see and smile at him often. I have the magnets you sent on my fridge and I have started a dishcloth with the pretty cotton yarn you sent. Thank you so much for being your sweet generous talented self. And thank you for sharing your faith in the Lord. You encourage me and I always look forward to reading the verse that has gotten your attention that day. xx

  9. Wishing your hubby a VERY blessed and joy-filled birthday this coming Monday:) What a pretty pic of Mt Spokane-I do LOVE snow covered mountains!
    I join you in your New Year's wish!
    God bless,

  10. Oh brrrr indeed. We got 3/4" of snow yesterday. We were out when it started and came home on icy roads. But looks like we'll head to church later this a.m. Your new clothes are pretty and I like pattern you're using for Dennis' scarf. I've been singing within me instead of screaming to keep myself going from recent incident. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and scripture. It blesses my heart. Hugs and hoping for warmer and no snow weather for you.

  11. Betsy I am glad you are staying in and enjoying your beautiful home. We are chilly here, but nothing like you have! So sad those senseless acts of violence. Some people are filled with hate, others are mentally ill, regardless they have access to guns and use them to kill innocent people. It breaks my heart.

  12. Love your mittens - great colors in them. Stay warm Betsy! It is cold here as well.

  13. Betsy, I love that you want more time withyour husband. i dont know where I'd be without mine. I also miss my kids like crazy . Christmas was so fun. You make me feel more is so cold out that Sometimes I just want to stay in. Having worked long shifts for many years, it is still odd to have time be such aluxury. Your mittens are wonderful. Your giveaways amazing

  14. Nice mittens and scarf! It sure is chilly on your side of the mountains! We are both staying close to home, nursing colds courtesy of the GK. I agree with you; all the violence and hateful words are very depressing.