Thursday, May 19, 2016

Rainy Days

Hello everyone!  It's good to be here, chatting with you.  It's been a busy week.  I've been walking, walking, walking and averaging about six miles a day for the last week and a half.  Would you believe I've gained over 1 lb.?  How in the world is that happening?  Oh well.  I'm really enjoying the walking while at the lake.  Here at home it's not so easy.  Today is cold, rainy and dreary and so I had to force myself to go wander the neighborhood this morning.  At the lake I see fun things like this while I walk.
There are three baby birds in this nest.  I've been watching them since they hatched. Not sure what kind of birds they are though.  Mama, (or Daddy), stays close by at all times scolding me for getting so close.
Here's an old fishing boat, waiting for it's owner to take it out and find some fish.  I wish I knew the stories it could tell of previous voyages.
Sorry about the blurriness of this picture.  It's a bald eagle believe it or not.  Actually there are two of them that nest in a tree right next to our trailer.  I had to zoom in as close as I could with my iPhone to get this photo of him.  I can't find the words to tell you the feelings I have in my heart when I see these majestic birds in flight.
The cabins are ready and waiting for their summertime occupants.
Each cabin is a bit different.  Some have porches, some don't.  There are 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms and even a house that sleeps 14.
I took part in a swapless swap for sock yarn mini's.  You send the lady a set amount of money and she buys skeins of sock yarn and then makes mini's and sends them to the people who participated.  It's a great way to get different yarns for projects that use small amounts of yarn.
This is what was supposed to be in the bag.  10 mini skeins.  But she actually sent me 18 mini's.  Wasn't that sweet?
This is my Cozy Squares Blanket that I'm using the mini's on.  It's not going very fast because I'm working on something different most of the time.
I like the way I'm making the squares all orient in the same direction.  This is an addicting thing to work on.  I do think that if I was starting over I would make the squares a bit bigger.
Of course I had to share this picture of Piper that Mandy sent me.  Polly decided she would like to take a nap with Piper on Tuesday.  A toddler bed isn't quite big enough for a three year old and an 80 lb. Labrador!  So sweet though.  She stayed in the bed with Piper for quite a long time.
My sweet Chloe had to go to the vet this morning for her annual check up.  She got two shots and is sleeping now.  It always makes her very tired when she gets her vaccinations.  The vet said she's in wonderful shape for a 10 year old lab.  He kept saying she was one of the sweetest dogs he's seen.  She just sat and wagged her tail while he examined her and even while he gave her the two shots.  It's good to know she's doing well.  I can tell she has slowed down significantly over the winter.  She can't run as long as she used too...but then again, neither can I!  Ha!

I hope all is well with you all and that you have a wonderful weekend planned.

"Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping His covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep His commandments." Deuteronomy 7:9

Blessings always my friends,


  1. Hi Betsy. I love your sock yarn blanket...I have been thinking of starting one, but I believe I need to knit some more socks first to have more available least that will be my excuse. How cool that you have bald eagles nesting near your trailer. A friend of mine has been taking lots of eagle pictures at various places in Maryland and my nephew now has them nesting on his farm property. Love Piper's bed and so cute with the BIG dog with her. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat...another thing I keep telling myself!

  2. Looks like all is well in your world. Love that last shot.

  3. I'm happy to see you at the lake.. I know it's your "happy place". What a cute photo of Piper and her big buddy. Very sweet. It's true, muscle weighs more than fat, so that's probably why you went up.. but there are so many variable, like if you had a lot of salt the day before and are holding water. I'm on a healthy eating, smaller portion thing. No bread and butter.. no sweets.. except for Nutrisystem breakfast bars our son gave us. I've lost 8 lbs. But I gained one and it made me so mad. But it went back off. I'd be doing better but I've had to not swim for almost 2 weeks as I can't swim and cough my lungs up at the same time. Hang in there.. we're with you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. You are doing so well walking I can only imagine the beautiful sights that you see at the lake. Your blanket is really coming along nicely a beautiful long term project. Good news about your sweet dog. I loved the picture of Piper and her dog, really made me smile. No real plans in place for the weekend as yet, enjoy yours.

  5. I have been enjoying our various birds at our house. They seem to chat with me, like the bird above in the tree when I went to my recycle bin. I enjoy it alot. I didn't walk today as I was weary. So stayed in while Phil walked then we had Bible study together. I enjoy your yarn show and tell!! Hoping to plant my tomatoes this weekend. It was chilly last eve and this afternoon into evening. Not sure what fo wear these days. Sigh!

  6. Wow! That is a long walk! You are doing GREAT! I know how frustrating it is to try that hard, only to gain weight. Sometimes, I think my fat cells are plotting against me! LOL! Whatever the case, they are bound and determined to stick around, and it has to be the most frustrating thing. OH, well, praise God for all of His benefits and the health He gives us. That little Miss Piper is such a doll, and what a sweet picture of her and her dog! God bless you, sweet friend.

  7. Oh the socks blanket is coming along nicely. It will be all snuggly when you finish. :) little Miss Piper is always so sweet. I love how she is always smiling. Hope you enjoy each and every moment at the lake sweet friend. Blessings always. :)

  8. My favorite vacation is a little cabin on a lake. Nothing more. Nothing less.
    Dogs and kids....always perfect. Love the little tiny skein swap

  9. Sorry about the weight Betsy, it is the darn medicine. My son was on medicine that completely screwed up his metabolism and once he got off of it gained 30 pounds, it is frustrating for him. I love the blanket, what a great idea the sock yarn bits are. They will look wonderful in your great blanket. Little Piper always puts a big smile on my face, she is such a character.

  10. Remember....muscle weighs more than fat! Good for you walking 6 miles!!! Wow! I love the picture of Piper and the dog in the toddler bed...what a hoot! Also, I need to get involved in one of those swaps because I went out on the WWW looking for minis and I couldn't believe the prices!!! These were from yarn shops though. I'll go check on Ravelry as I do need to pay because I don't have but one little bit from my turquoise socks. Have a nice weekend! That tan and yellow blanket I made for my grandson last year was made just like that.

  11. I'm working on a sock yarn mitered square blanket. I also started on a sport weight mitered square blankie. I always have socks on the needles so getting the leftover sock yarn is easy.

  12. Thanks for taking me to the lake, Dear Betsy :) I enjoy it from Boring, Oregon! Did I tell you that last year when my son and son in law were camping they saw a bald eagle swoop down and catch a fish in the reservoir? They were SO EXCITED! We are getting ready to go camping there again for the first two weeks in June, and I am looking forward to it. The mini skein memory blanket is such an interesting design and construction. I so relate to your frustration about unwanted pounds. After three hours of swimming this week and disciplined eating I may have lost a pound...maybe...
    It is always fun to see your grands and the photo of Piper this week is a special treat :) Love to you and Dennis xx

  13. 6 miles is great! Wish I was there with you. When you start to use those muscles and build them up, you might weigh more, not less. Of course, that all depends on the amount of weight to be lost. My weight fluctuates depending on what I've eaten in the day, too. Love that sweet photo of Piper and Polly. PAWS has started a program here where kids read to the shelter animals ... the animals get love from the children who get to practice their reading skills. I pray that your sweet Chloe will continue to be healthy. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  14. Hi Girlfriend, Looks like things are gearing up for some visitors to your lake this summer.... Actually, around here, Summer begins on Memorial Day weekend...

    Proud of you for your walking... Six miles is amazing... We don't usually get that much walking in every day. Sometimes when we hike, we can get 6+ miles --but most days, we average out at about 4-5..... BUT--I'm happy since we walk the HILLS around here which is NOT always easy.

    Love the Yarn Swap... Looks like you got some great new yard to use.

    Great report for your Chloe.... YEAH!!!!

    Have a great week --and keep walking.

  15. Oh those chair sleepers! thanks for playing my Monday meme!! betsy!

  16. Hi Bets!! Good for you with the walking. I am wearing my fitbit daily, and almost always exceed the recommended 10,000 steps!!
    Love the photos you send along the lakeside! Those cottages are adorable!
    I am drooling over those minis! I am seeing so many of you make the little blankets! I want to make one too! I see you are using a pair of 9" circs. I can't imagine how these are made though. I thought they were done and then sewn together. No, it doesn't appear that way. Are you picking up stitches to join?
    Love the shot of pup and Piper! So sweet.
    Hooray for Chloe getting a good bill of health too. Our Dusty is getting old. Slowing down. But we aren't sure of his actual age. We have had him 4 years. We though he was about 6 when we got him. But we aren't sure. Dusty appears to be about 10 as well. Gray in face and feet. Sweet boy, he is.
    Have a lovely week my friend!
    xo Kris

  17. well done, Betsy, on your walking and so agree with how the winter slows you up.. or me anyway as it is cold here here for us today.. off to comment on your other post ..

    Do you think you could change your post settings in blogger?? to have more than one post a page???

    .. 'cos it is nice to scroll down over half a dozen posts not have to click for each one .. if you dont know how to and would like to.. just send me an email,