Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Good news, Bad news...

Happy Tuesday my friends.  It's been a long day, but more on that later.  First I want to share a picture of my handsome husband on Sunday.  Our longtime pastor retired last summer because of health issues.  We all love him dearly and it has been difficult to find someone to fill his shoes.  The Elders have been rotating for the preaching/teaching schedule.  Since Dennis is an Elder, he takes his turn about every five weeks or so.  This week his lesson was on growing in our walk of faith.  He did an amazing job.  One of Mandy's friends snapped this with her phone and texted it to her saying, "Your Dad say's hi!"  Isn't that funny?  Mandy then sent it to me.  I am so proud of this man.  He has such a love for everyone and a true servants heart.  I was certainly blessed when he asked me to be his wife.
Now I have a favor to ask.   Do any of you have a pattern similar to this that you would be willing to share?  It doesn't have to be exact or even the same pattern, just the shape and in a relatively loose pattern.  This belongs to my friend Lori and she wants another of the same general shape.  It's 14 x 8 inches.  I was going to try to duplicate it but it's a machine made doily and the pattern is wacky.  I got the center part all done but the ends aren't very easy to do.  I could follow a pattern much easier.
Here's Piper outside in the middle of the snowstorm.  I think they ended up with about 2 foot of snow.  She doesn't like to walk in the snow, she says it's too slippery.  :-)  But she discovered the joy of snowballs this morning!  She was throwing them at Mama and having fun.
I got this packet of thank you notes in the mail for the mittens I took to the school a couple  of weeks ago.  Aren't they cute?  I just love all of their little faces.
Progress on next years mittens.  I think I have around 15 or 16 pairs done so far.
Another pair almost finished.  I must admit, my fingers are itching to make something else.   Right now my concentration isn't that great so the mittens are probably a good idea because I have them memorized by now!  :-)
Yesterday my Family doctor said no cruise and that he's writing a letter to try to get our money refunded.  Today I saw the cardiologist and he said no cruise and he gave me a letter right then.  We did buy the trip insurance so I don't think there should be too much trouble getting a refund.  Two doctors writing letters and I didn't even have to ask them, they told me they were doing it.  That was really nice of them.

Next Tuesday I'm having an ultrasound of my carotid arteries in my neck to make sure I'm not "throwing blood clots".  Sounds gross to me!  Ha!  My BP is still elevated but not quite as much.  My pulse is still way too high.  They gave me another new medicine today to help the pulse rate.  It's ironic to me.  I got the pacemaker because my pulse was too slow and my heart kept stopping.  Now I get drugs to lower my pulse because it's too fast.  Hmmmm.    Last year at this time I didn't take any prescription medicines and now I have a bathroom full.  This growing old isn't fun.

I appreciate each of you and your sweet words of encouragement.  I know I've said it before, but I am so happy and blessed to have each one of you in my life.  Thank you for every thought and prayer you've had for me recently.

I'll try not to talk much about my health issues here because I know that's not what people want to hear.  But I wanted to give you an update after my last post.  I've lost several followers because they said they read my blog for crafty things, not to hear my problems.  If that is you, or you're teetering on the edge of unfollowing me because of this, I'll try to be better.   But...it is my blog.  This is my life.  And this is a blog about my life.  Right?  I hope I didn't offend anyone.

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful week and I'll be back soon.

"And He has given us this command:  anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister." 1 John 4:21



  1. Sounds like your husband enjoys his calling.
    I have a question. I am going to the doctor tomorrow just for a follow up appointment. But I have been have pain in the right size of my neck. I can't feel any lumps or anything. It isn't constant but is painful when it does come. Were you having any of that. I am afraid I am in for some test. I already take way too much medicine. I hope they can get things regulated for you soon.

  2. Oh Sweetie, SO very very sorry to hear about your latest health issues. I think it's good to share --since we ALL can use all of the prayers we can get. Right? SO--many, many prayers for you.

    Congrats to your hubby... I'm sure he did a fabulous job! He looks SO young....

    Piper looks so cute out in the snow... We were lucky in that we only got a bit compared to them. AND--after today's rain, it is GONE....

    Thinking about you and praying for GOOD results,

  3. Dennis looks great at the pulpit, good for him! Piper looks very cute but also very cold! I absolutely adore the thank you notes from the kids with their pictures. The teacher is to be admired for printing up their photos and teaching them the good manners of writing thank you notes. Now... I am rather furious of someone un-following you for being honest about your health issues. As I said.. you're my friend and I want to know everything.. the good, the bad and the rough stuff. That was very mean of them to tell you that.. grrr! You keep on being you and sharing whatever you want. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Would you be kind enough to tell me what pattern it is you use to make all those fabulous mittens? I could use a tried and true pattern for my first pair. Thank you and don't worry about people who don't want to hear your troubles, that's just life-some ups some downs,everyone should know that and be compassionate. Thank you for your blog, I enjoy it. Jennifer

    1. Jennifer, The pattern is from an old brochure I have. I would be glad to send you a copy if you would email your address to me at queenbetsy2@gmail.com. Thank you for your kind words.

  5. Oh dear girl, please don't ever feel as though you have to apologize for discussing your health on your blog. Operative word here is, YOUR blog! You have many friends that want to know how you are, and they want to share your burden of concern, and pray for your good health. Those that want to move on, let them.
    Now, your husband is indeed a handsome man, and I know he is a very good man too. You speak so highly of him. In many ways, he reminds me of my Greg!!!
    Those thank you cards from the kids is precious! And your Piper....awww..such a doll!
    You are so fast at your knitting! I need to try my hand at a pair of mittens! I bet Pammy Sue would know of a similar pattern for the doily. She makes so many of them!
    About the cruise, I know you are very disappointed, but you should go when you are feeling better. Then you can enjoy it to the fullest!
    Much love,

  6. Glad that Dennis is taking his turn preaching and I'm sure it was good. Happy to see Piper in the snow and enjoying snowballs. Sorry you have to miss the cruise but better safe than sorry. There's always another time. I'm praying your health becomes better soon. Sorry you've lost followers quit becuz of it all. You're my friend til the end of time and beyond. Be blessed and hugs to you and Dennis.

  7. Hi Betsy you may've lost followers simply because of Blogger playing games or actually changing blogger follower rules, you now have to have a blogger account not open ID..
    I've lost six in the last two days. I'm almost not game to look in case more go... But that is crazy.

    One person mayve written that but don't think many folks would be that nitpicky...if they are it's their problem. This is your blog and we happily walk this path with you, and lift you before the dear Lord in prayer too. He knows He cares.
    Yes you are very blessed to have such a man of God in your life, but think you are toally well suited, equally blessed if God.
    Wonderful mittens.
    Mm have a pattern like that in my nanna's book, it's a pineapple pattern but no idea on size.
    Would you like me to scan and email it anyway?? Actually think I mayve made it so could look in my doilies. It's in ecru and have gone onto white for years now, so ecru get neglected. Shaz in Oz.x

  8. Oh sweet friend, I have you in my prayers. :) Your husband looks at home up there. You are blessed to have each other sweet friend. :) Oh I have lost many readers for reasons I have no clue, but I can tell you this, a blog is for the blogger and those who want to know about that persons life. I read your blog because I am interested in your life. You are a servant of Christ and I enjoy reading the things you share with us. You do so much for so many people, I count myself blessed to call you friend. :) Please do keep telling us about your life, because we care. I want to know that you are doing ok, and if you aren't I want to know so I can pray for you. If you don't let us know what is happening, how can we pray for you? You are a light in a dark world. Never let the darkness silence your voice. Not everyone is going to love or even like us...that's ok...because where there is one who doesn't, there will be ten who do. I will keep you in my prayers sweet friend. Blessings to you and your always. :) ((hugs))....just because. :)

  9. Hello Betsy - I always read your blog -though I have not commented for a while. Your husband looks/sounds a lovely man. You are amazing the way you knit all those delightful mittens. Little Piper is gorgeous and I can understand how hard it must be for you not seeing her as often as you would wish. I find it difficult that our grandsons live approx. three hours away - that is nothing I know compared to you - but we have not seen them since Christmas - soon to be rectified :-) We are lucky though that our granddaughters live around the corner.
    I was so sorry to read about your health issues and that you have to cancel your cruise. I cannot believe however that people have actually said they are ceasing to follow you because you have mentioned health issues. It is your blog and I think in the main people read blogs wanting to know all about their friends - the good and the bad- I know I do!!To be honest if people choose not to read mine because they don't like the content that is up to them but it is my blog and I will write about what I would like to.
    I do hope that you will feel better soon and that you will be able to go on your cruise in the future. Everything happens for a reason - and often for the better I've found. I will keep you in my prayers. Anne x

  10. Don't you worry about your blog....you're right....it is your blog so you do with it what you want. I lost like 5 people last week and I have no idea what I did or said but I obviously offended someone or it could be that I am just plain boring. LOL! It's okay though...I try not to take offense as we are all on different journeys. So glad you are happy in your marriage. I am always happy to hear about people who are happy and loved and spread that love around which you certainly do! We have to embrace our differences instead of letting it separate us.
    Little Piper looks so cute all bundled up. I watched the weather channel all weekend to see Jonas as I miss the snow and boy do I love a good blizzard (as long as I am home, have power and plenty of food! LOL!).
    Did I ask you about your mittens? What pattern do you use? Are there different sizes? I will keep an eye out for a pattern of that doilie. Have you checked Pinterest? They have loads of vintage patterns out there that might be what you're looking for. You can do searches.
    I pray for your health and continued happiness for you and your family. TTYL!

  11. I really hope things are okay with your heart, Betsy. I appreciate that you discuss these topics here because heart health is important to me and will be even more so as I age, due to complications I suffered in both of my pregnancies. The disease I had puts women at greater risk for heart attacks, blood clots, strokes, etc., and I also appear to have a clotting disorder, which is probably why I ended up having the pregnancy complications in the first place. Anyway, I really hope you're okay, but I think it's helpful to discuss your situation, for you and for others. I hope Piper enjoyed the snow! It was nice to see your husband at church, he sounds like a very devoted and upstanding person and I think you're fortunate to have each other.

  12. hi Betsy, I have read your blog but am lousy to cemment, but please do not change anything, of course you have to write what your heart is full of.I want to know what happens in you liffe. blessings Jaana

  13. I don't think I have ever commented on any of your posts ( I mostly just lurk!). However, if someone stops following you because you write about your life, then I say you are probably better off without them? I say this because they have caused you some sadness or you would not have mentioned it. The rest of your followers like your blog just the way it is. Don't change a thing. It would be wonderful if life was just about what crafts we are working on or what books we are reading. The sad part is that would be just wishing. Just wanted to tell that I enjoy everything you write---the good and the bad. Prayers are going up for you in regard to your health issues and know that God will see you thru this trial.

  14. Dear Betsy,

    This is your blog, about your life, and both are delightful! Thanks for the update about your health and the cruise. While I am disappointed for you, I am thankful that your doctors are caring for you so well.

    The mitten thank you notes are precious. Thanks for letting us enjoy them, too :)

    Piper's opinion about walking in slippery snow reminds me of when we moved from CA to NY and Tim was 18 months old. We had a huge snow in NY...two feet or more, and we bundled Tim up in a snowsuit and put him down on the sidewalk next to the huge walls of snow. He burst into tears even though he usually had a sunny disposition. We felt so bad for him! However, when he was in high school he did very well on the cross country ski team, so his initial reaction to snow, like Piper's will probably not be, was not lasting :)

    I am so happy that the Lord brought you and Dennis together, and that you are my friends. Your faith in the Lord encourages mine!

    By the way, I think that Shaz is right about Blogger changing the follower rules. I read that somewhere when I was typing my last post...something about one can't be a follower unless they have a Google account...I did not try to understand or remember the particulars. I just read their statement.

    Love with hugs,

  15. Your health is exactly what I want to hear about Betsy. Blogging friends, or any friends for that matter want to hear about YOU! Not just what you make, or snow, or even that sweet and darling Piper, we worry about you and want to know what is going on. By the way Piper is so adorable in that picture. I am sending you super positive thoughts for a heart rate that slows down a bit and excellent news from your doctors. So, so sorry about the cruise.

  16. Sorry to hear you will miss your cruise, but I think it best to be close to your doctors right now. Hopefully at some point in the future you'll be able to take another one. Those thank you letters from the kids are awesome--so sweet! Loved the photo of the very bundled up Miss Piper also:) As far as your blog goes, it is an expression of you and you're not a crafting robot, but a real human being who has good and bad days. PLEASE feel totally free to post anything you want because it also gives us, who believe as you do, the opportunity to pray for you when we hear of your health concerns. I kind of think of our blogs as a way for us to fellowship despite the fact that we live in different states and all, so BLOG ON:)

  17. Oh Betsy, you poor thing. How frightening. I'm so sorry that you have to give up your plans to take a cruise but hopefully you'll be on that boat all better before too long. And the mittens are gorgeous. You are gorgeous to be doing something so kind when you are going through something so difficult. Sending love xx

  18. Are you kidding me? Someone doesn't want to hear that you have a life? And that in life sometimes there are real problems? The whole purpose of blogging is connection as far as I am concerned. I may not have met you in person, but I feel like I know you and if we ever met, it would be like old friends reuniting after a very long time. Of course I want to hear how you are doing. As for followers, the numbers are changing because Google is messing around with things again. I don't much care about all that anymore anyways. I'm happy with the friends I've already made through blogging. I don't need more. If someone new happens to find their way to me, then that's great, but it's not something I think about. I'm very sorry that you aren't able to go on your cruise. I sure hope they get you sorted out. That's the problem with medication. There's always side effects which makes something else go out of whack and then you have to take more medicine to fix that. I'm glad you have Dennis by your side through all of this. Piper is one smart chickadee. Snow is slippery. Ha! All the mittens you make are absolutely wonderful and I adore the thank you notes you received in return. Just precious. Take care of yourself! Hugs and blessings, Tammy