Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall Happenings at the lake.

Life has been full of beauty this week for me.  Look at the blooms right behind our trailer at the lake this week.  Of course it was 26 degrees this morning, so I don't think they will be lasting very long.  I need to enjoy them while I can.
So pretty.
Volunteers that we dug out from under Larry and Nita's trailer and transplanted them this past spring.  My favorite color!  Purple~
So dainty and small.
And the sunflowers against the blue, blue mountain skies.  Happy, Happy!
Barry picked me another bouquet last night from the garden.  He plans to plow it all under this week before he leaves October 11 for Arizona for the winter. Look at these perfect petals.
I am in awe of God's handiwork.
Yesterday there was the first annual Granite Point Park Dog Parade.  Usually dogs aren't allowed in the main part of the park.  Since this was the last weekend it is officially open for the season, they let the dogs in.

This is Mattie, Paul and Lori's sweet, sweet dog.  They camp on the other side of us from Larry and Nita.  We've been friends for over 23 years now.
And my fairy princess Chloe.  We couldn't find a purple skirt to match her fairy wings like Mattie has.  She's never been dressed up before and the wings didn't faze her a bit!  Yes, I know.  We are THOSE old people and their dogs.  :-)
And Sophie with her little pink ribbon around her neck.
Chloe won first place!!!!  Well of course she did!
Friday night sunset.  I was just about 2 minutes too late to get the full effect of the beautiful colors but I think this is really pretty too.  We took a last ride on Paul and Lori's boat and then put it on the trailer and pulled it out of the water.  All boats have to be in by Sept. 30 and then the docks are pulled up to shore so the ice doesn't ruin them over the winter.
I finished the blanket in time for the bridal shower today.  It ended up being about twin size instead of full size but I made it in 4 days so I think I did pretty well, don't you?
Dennis is mowing the grass here at  home and then we're going back to the lake.  Usually we stay there most of October, even though the park is officially closed, but we have a little getaway planned in the middle of the month.  We don't want the water lines to freeze while we're gone so we'll probably close up and winterize two weeks from today.  Sniff.  Sniff.  I always dread this time of year.  So, since it's supposed to be in the 70's this week during the day, we plan to stay out there this week until Thursday.  Of course, Dennis has to drive in for work and I have physical therapy on Tuesday and Thursday so we have to leave sometimes, but can always return by the afternoon.

Yes, I said physical therapy.  Here I go again.  It's just been one of those summers.  When I had my physical last week I told the doctor that my back spasms from last fall were back and worse than ever.  I didn't want to admit it.  I haven't slept more than 3 hours at night for almost 6 weeks now.  Off he sent me to physical therapy because he and the therapist both think I have not one, but three pinched nerves in my back.  I have NO idea how that happened.

This has officially been the most painful and not fun summer of my life.  But...I have hope that the physical therapy will fix me and I'll be fine by the end of it.  Right?  Right.  I have to believe that or I would sit down and have a good cry.  I know I have lots of cheerleaders out there in blog-land and I appreciate each and every one of you.

I have always been healthy and have no physical problems to speak of, so this summer has been a real trial for me.  I don't like to ask for help.  I like to help others and take care of my own house, etc.  I'm ready to hire a cleaning lady to do a deep fall cleaning for me.  I say that, but I won't.  :-)  Would you?

Anyway.  I get to go to the lake in my little trailer and sit and knit this afternoon.  Who could ask for more?  Unfortunately with all of the inactivity this summer, I have also gained weight.  Bleh.  It will get better.  I know it will.  And we have that little getaway planned with my wonderful husband in a few weeks.  It's only about 5 days, but it will be fun.  He won't have to go to work and I get him all to myself.  Now that will be a treat.

I hope you all have a lovely week and enjoy the fall, (or spring), wherever you may be.

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." Psalm 139:13-14



  1. Hopefully next year all this pain will be a distant memory and you'll be as good as new. If you need help for a cleaning.. do it and don't overdo.. or you'll be in trouble! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The verse is one I read this morning in a devotional reading from "Jesus Calling." The author, Sarah Young, made the point that in all creation we are the creatures uniquely made to have an intimate relationship with our one Almighty Three in One God: Father, Son, and Spirit. He is Lovingly with us always whether we choose to interact with Him or not...Amazing!!!

    While I am prejudiced, it is easy for me to see why your dear Chloe won a blue ribbon :) Congratulations!

    26 degrees...already? Your flowers are giving a beautiful last show.

    Four days for a twin size crocheted blanket? Wow! It is beautiful gift!

    A thought for you, Betsy. Most everyone needs employment. By hiring someone to clean your house, you are helping them earn a living. You are continuing to participate in the circle of giving and receiving that is life, and in the process you are helping your body to heal.

    I am sorry this has been a painful summer for you, but am counting on you to do your best to be well because selfishly I want to enjoy your friendship and I know that those around you do, too. I have caught a cold that half of our household members have too generously been sharing, so it looks like I may be laying low this week to try to get we can cheer each other on to better health, OK?

    sending you germ free cyber space hugs :)

  3. I would definitely hire someone to help with the cleaning, you are still helping by giving them employment. I am so impressed with the beautiful blanket and the short time it took to make, your crochet hook must be on fire. Have a great break with your husband and take it easy.

  4. Yes I would - hire a cleaning lady that is ! You have to ! And this from a woman who, like you, never asks for anything from anybody ... A big kiss on Chloë's nose for winning the prize (yes, I am one of those old women with her dogs too .. ). Lots of love from France ! xx

  5. Wow, Betsy you excelled yourself on this beautiful blanket ..can't believe it misled. You are a marvel.
    I have a cleaning lady come every fortnight as I condo not manage otherwise... So dear Btesy with back spasms and three hour short bursts of sleep just maybe you need to yield in this area also.

    God is all wise and He has a purpose in this hard summer. "As for God, His way is perfect".... "He make th my way perfect..". "And He will perfect that which concerneth you."
    I pray with you that this phsyiotherapy will do it's job well and you will recover from that fall. These things happen.
    You wonder how it happened,
    I then wonder if you have had your bone density checked to rule out Osteoporosis as it can cause it?

    I've had it for many any years now, since 1980's have been on treatment for it.
    Hugs dear Betsy, prayers for you, enjoy your hols.
    Shazin Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  6. It sounds like you need the lake a few more weeks just to feel the positive energy you get from staying there. Oh my dear Betsy, I am sure that back of yours is a result of all you have been through with your heart. With any surgery you hold yourself a bit different while you are healing and that throws everything off. Therapy will help. Chloe deserves first place, she looks adorable. Now you take care of yourself my friend.

  7. It's not nice when you've generally been very well and then things go wrong physically. Hopefully the therapy will help your back. I don't think I would hire a cleaner either! Your blanket is really beautiful and done so quickly. I'm sure it will be loved.

  8. Such beautiful flowers! I think your wedding blanket is awesome. I do pray you get to feeling better very soon sweet friend. :)

  9. Such lovely flowers dahlias are. I didn't get any this year no did I go out and see them. I should though, as maybe on Friday I'll go there if it's feasible. We had them at our wedding in Oct. years ago! Sorry you're in pain most of the summer. Praying it all gets better and I know from experience, it takes awhile to recovery from medical procedures. 3 surgeries for me was one too many! Congrats on Chloe's 1st place! She cute. Have a great getaway with husband. It's been chilly in the evenings and I run the heat in the a.m. cuz it's usually 65 inside which is a bit chilly and I just want to stay in the covers instead of getting up and going to work! Hugs and prayers and keep on growing stronger through rest and healthy foods.

  10. I'm so sorry you've been unwell this summer, Betsy. I'm hoping for a full recovery soon so that life can get back to normal in every way. I'm happy to see that you're taking the time to notice the beautiful things around you even when you aren't feeling your best. That is surely the best medicine. Congratulations to Chloe (and you!) on her special prize. The dogs all looked so cute. I hope this week brings you happy moments too.

  11. Loved the blooms! So so pretty! And the dogs looked amazing! The cutest puppies! :)
    Hope everything goes smoothly and you recover nicely!

  12. I adore sunflowers (especially against a blue, blue sky) and dahlias! The lake, as usual, is lovely and so peaceful. Your new blanket is beautiful--I am sure the bride-to-be will love it! I am sorry to hear about the pinched nerves in your back. I hope that PT will be able to help with the pain. Things will get better Betsy. Don't get discouraged.
    Blessings, Aimee

  13. I enjoy your blog and must say that, having back issues also (need another MRI), having a cleaning lady is wonderful. Using a vacuum cleaner "kills" my back.. She comes every other week on a Thursday and cleans my downstairs and bathrooms good. She comes once a month to do my upstairs and I touch up in between. She s worth every single penny. I am retired now and have had her for 18 years. Pamper yourself, even if it is only until your back is feeling better.