Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Happy Thoughts on a Tuesday

Hello my friends.  It was a rainy Monday and a rainy Tuesday morning, but as I write this the sun is shining.  It is supposed to rain a bit more and it's snowing in the mountains east of us, but it is a good day!  We need the rain desperately so you'll hear no complaints from me.

I finished the baby blanket but I'm not sure where it will go.  I have lots of places to choose from and I just wish I could knit and crochet a lot faster to help with all of the needs that are out there.
One baby hat done and another almost finished.  It's a new pattern that I'm trying out.  What do you think?  It's super simple and doesn't take any counting once you cast on.
My log cabin blanket has grown just a little bit.  I had to go to Paradise Fibers and get a longer cable to go on my interchangeable needles.  This is a 60 inch cable on size 8 Hiya Hiya interchangeable tips.  I also bought some cable connectors so I can make the cable even longer when I need too.  I'm enjoying knitting this blanket even though it will take a long, long time to finish.
A  closer look at the cable and tip.  The cable is very flexible which I like a lot.
My Easter decorations are out.  See the almost black bananas in the bowl on the right?  I'm going to make banana bread tomorrow.  I also have a little Easter tree and a wreath that I'll try to remember to show you later.
A closer look at the flowers I crocheted last year for the spring/summer garland.
We went out to the lake and opened the camper last weekend.  Hurray!  We plan to spend the night there on Friday.  Another yippee!  On the way home we stopped at Clayton Burger, a burger shack in a tiny town about 3 miles from the lake.  Each season the owner changes the decorations.  I can't imagine where she stores them all.  Take a look at just SOME of the Easter decorations she has out right now.
Love the wreaths.
Lots of bunnies.
Flowers everywhere too.
I always enjoy going in and seeing the new things that are there.  Rememember, she has this much stuff and more for every holiday and season.  Amazing.

I also found a recipe yesterday for one hour cinnamon rolls.  From scratch with yeast and everything!  I'm planning to make them on Thursday for Bible study.  We'll see if they turn out.  I'll let you know and post the recipe if they do.  I can't imagine fresh, homemade cinnamon rolls in one hour.

There is SO much "crud" going around out there right now.  Everyone in Dennis' office seems to have it and lots of people at church too.  Nita has forbade me from getting sick before the cruise.  Dennis and I have both been popping immunity supplements like crazy trying to keep well.  It seems like once you get this stuff it never goes away.

And now it's time to make dinner.  Homemade macaroni and cheese with ham is on the menu tonight.  Doesn't that sound yummy on a chilly day?

Have a lovely, lovely day my friends.  I am so grateful for each one of you.

"But love your enemies, do good to them, and lend to them without expecting to get anythig back.  Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because He is kind to the ungrateful and the wicked.  Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful." Luke 6:35-36



  1. I am so pleased to see how much you're enjoying being home and knitting and cooking and enjoying yourself. I agree - you need to stay healthy for your cruise. I'm worried about getting sick as the little grandsons are sick. And I have to leave for New Orleans in 3 weeks! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Really cute bunny collection at the drive-in you stopped by! I am thankful for the rain too. Hope to get more before our summer season starts. I know I've said it before, but I love the way you use your God given talents to help others:)

  3. Hi Betsy. I love the log cabin blanket.the hat and blanket too!
    I recently got a lesson on cable length too!!
    Love the rain!!
    Hooray for going to the trailer!!!!
    XO Kris

  4. Such a cute blanket my dreamer friend. It looks wonderful and you have such a great heart. I can't wait to found out about your cinnamon rolls. I'm glad I it's almost time for you to start your trips to the lake.

  5. Love the log cabin blanket, it is so bright and cheerful. Wow, all those decorations at the drive in there are so many to admire, impressive. Exciting times so close to the cruise and once again starting the trips to your beloved lake. Stay well.

  6. Wow I love the hat. I'm new to knitting but I might try making one of those. Love the log cabin blanket as Well! I maybe coming through your neck of woods in September, I know we will be in Seattle.
    I pray you will both continue to be healthy and well! Be blessed my friend.

  7. What sweet baby items. Your blanket is looking really good.
    Your dinner sounds very yummy.

  8. I love your beautiful projects for babies in need. You are just the most giving person Betsy. Hooray fro sleeping at the trailer on Friday, so exciting isn't it? We have the crud here, Little Buddy has been ill for two days, but woke from his nap with a smile on his face.
    Hugs to you Sweet Betsy and stay well,

  9. We've had a lot of crud here lately too. My kids are just getting over a terrible cold. I really admire the way that you said you wish you could knit and crochet faster for all the needs people have, I don't think I've ever known a person to say that and it makes you very precious. Thank you for the work that you do.

  10. Hi Betsy love your flower garland and your Easter hanging it looks so good togeather.

  11. Your Easter decor is lovely. I need to put my basket over in the right place. Soon. All the bunnies at the restaurant are great. I had a cold then Megan got it but mostly gone now. Stay well. And my knitted slippers are going well. But I need to find one dbl pointed needle I lost the other day. I think its behind my recliner. Think I get some dinner started cuz I am only one home even for dinner. Sigh!!

  12. Stay well my friend.
    Let me know about the cinnamon rolls. I am like you~ how in the world would that work. It would be nice though.
    A cruise will be so fun. I am excited for you.

  13. Hi Girlie, You are just so talented.... Love seeing all of your creative work... Amazing to someone like me who cannot do anything like that!!!!!!!

    Love your Easter Decorations.. All of the bunnies are adorable...

    The Cinnamon Rolls sound great.. Keep us posted.... AND--I'd love your mac and cheese with ham... YUM...

    Do NOT get sick!!! That's an ORDER... ha

  14. Oh I love your blanket. I will start mine soon. I might have to copy your colors because they are so pretty they make me smile. I love the happy, joyful colors you have picked. :) What yarn are you using? I love the knitting needles you have. It's very important to have a flexible cable when doing something huge. I might have to "stumble" into a knit shop soon and see if I can find some of those needles. :) Wishing you a day filled with many blessings sweet friend....oh, and Yay...the lake time is here at last! :)

  15. I have no immune system as the medicine I take for RA stops it from fighting itself (RA) so I feel good but have to watch it. I stay healthy though probably because I'm not around children and I don't go out but to Walmart maybe twice a month. Crowds are not good for me or hospitals or anywhere...lol! I'm a recluse but a healthy one..so far.

  16. P.S. The knit hat is precious and the blanket too. I like to decorate but not as much as that lady! LOL!

  17. Looks like you're keeping yourself busy with a few cool projects! Thanks for the positive thoughts, I shall try to show more love for people (although I don't think I have many enemies).