Sunday, November 9, 2014

Playing Tourist

Friday night and yesterday we worked hard at painting the kitchen, dining room, living room and downstairs bath ceilings and cleaning up the mess painting ceilings makes.  Today we decided to play tourist in our nation's capital for my last day here that Brad has off work.  We headed to the downtown area-I was surprised to find that it is only about 45 minutes from their house.  They don't actually live in D.C. itself, but in a suburb called Edgewater, appropriate since they are right on the Chesapeake Bay.  I can't tell where Edgewater and Annapolis end and begin.  We do most of our shopping in Annapolis and the stores are only 10 minutes away.

It was a beautiful day, in the low 50's when we arrived, but 67F when we left in the afternoon.  I think that may be unusual for November.  We walked the length of the National Mall and back-about 4miles.  This was our first stop.  The Washington Monument.  Gorgeous.
My Mandy, Piper and Brad.  I love them and they seem to like me okay too.
This was an accidental picture of the monument.  I was trying to get a perspective of how tall it is and didn't notice the flag but I think it is very appropriate.  I used my iPhone for all of my pictures so they aren't professional quality.  I like them anyway.
Piper loved this "horsey"!
In front of the Capital Building.  Poor Miss Piper has a terrible head cold but she was SO good.  Not fussy at all and loved the walk.
Pretty day.
Here I am!  
Scaffolding seemed to be the order of the day at the Capital Building, but it's still grand.
Love the road sign.  I tried to get a few others but the traffic was pretty heavy.  I actually took this one as We were walking across the street.
We parked downstairs in this building.  It was gorgeous.
inside on the way to the parking garage.  The floors were amazingly shiny!
Another view.
I lost track of the names of these beautiful old buildings.  I told Mandy that this part of D.C. reminded me of London and the City of London.  Just as I said it she said she was thinking the same thing.  She and I spent a week in London, Bath and Stonehenge, England when she graduated from nursing school.  We had a great time.
This was the only shot I got of the White House.  Too many people and we were in the car.  It was too far to walk because this....
....was happening to Piper.  She was exhausted after our long walk.  We had lunch at the Smithsonian Museum of Aeronautics and Space and looked at airplanes.  This little girl and her Daddy LOVE airplanes.  Their new house is within 2 miles of an airfield so Daddy and Piper can go flying in his free time.  
Poor baby was exhausted.  She slept like this all of the way home.
I forgot to show you the pictures of the Porta Potties.  Yes I took a picture of them.  There were literally thousands around the perimeter of the Mall.  We checked online and sure enough, they're setting up for a huge Veteran's Day Concert Tuesday night.  They are expecting over 850,000 people!!!!  I guess they will need all of those toilets, but I would sure have liked to see the beautiful Mall without all the fencing and Porta Potties!  I'm sure we'll play tourist there again someday when Dennis comes back with me to visit.

Tomorrow We Paint!!! The walls downstairs will be done first and if there is time before I leave, we'll start upstairs.  Lot's of work and a sick toddler.  Oh well.  We'll do our best.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I am way behind in reading your blogs.  Please forgive me.  I'll try to catch up when I get home.

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit.  Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others."  Philippians 2:3-4



  1. Hi Betsy.. you are working awfully hard, painting and all! I hope your flight back is easy for you. As soon as you are rested up, I do hope you make a trip to Portland to see your bloggy friends. Miss you!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Great photos, Betsy! I have not been to D.C. in over 50 years, but still have fond memories of all I got to see. [no memories of porta potties around the mall :) ] Blessings, xx

  3. What a wonderful day for you guys! I know it's going to be hard leaving them but you will have all these memories built up in your heart. OK, I know that doesn't help but I know you are probably getting sad thinking about it and I just want to be there to hug you right now.

  4. Wow what a wonderful day my friend... Love the pictures and that you are having so much ... We miss you. Lots of love .

  5. Hope Piper gets better real soon 😊

  6. Some beautiful photos, which I enjoyed it does look a little like London. Hope Piper is feeling better soon and that you get all the painting done. Safe trip home.

  7. Thank you for sharing Betsy. I have never been to our nation's capital.
    I hope you and Mandy are able to accomplish much today. Perhaps sweet Piper will feel like laying down and watching a movie.

  8. Washing D.C.s an amazing place to visit. It gave me goosebumps to see it all in person. I am glad you took some time to see the sights and have a rest from all the painting and unpacking. I'd say they love you a ton Betsy.

  9. The only time I've been to Washington was when I was in my mama's belly. :) I'm glad to see ya'll are able to do some sightseeing in between the painting. Poor Piper. Lots of folks around here seem to be passing around really bad colds. Thankfully the bug has not managed to catch anyone in my family. My brother's birthday is on Veterans Day so I will send him messages and call tomorrow. Have a great week. Tammy

  10. I loved seeing all of your pictures! Looks like a fun and interesting day. You look great...and thin! :)

  11. Loved the photos! So glad you all got to go out and see the sights. Sending prayers your way sweet friend for a safe journey home. :) Blessing always. :)

  12. It looks like you had a nice day of sightseeing. I have always wanted to visit Washington DC and hope to someday. My husband goes there for work fairly often and I think I'll try to tag along sometime. :)

  13. What a wonderful area your kids have moved to. Many years ago, my brother/family lived in that area. They were in Rockville, MD --and we'd visit them on occasion. The one event I remember was going to Eisenhauer's inauguration. Neat, huh --even though I was young.

    Glad you are getting the painting done --but I'm even more glad that you got to take a 'day-off' and do some touring...

    Happy Veteran's Day.

  14. I used to live in the area, and I loved visiting D.C. I hope you'll get to visit many times.