Sunday, August 24, 2014


Saying goodbye is never easy, even when you're almost two years old.  Piper had to tell her best friend Addyson goodby Tuesday night and Mandy had to tell Addyson's Mom, her best friend goodbye too.  There were lots of tears, mainly from the adults.  It's so hard sometimes.
On Wednesday I took Polly, the 95 pound lab in my car and Mandy and Piper followed me the 362 miles from Portland to Spokane.  It was a great trip.  The inspection and appraisal on the house have gone very well.

Polly and Chloe were ecstatic to see each other.  It's rather doubtful they'll ever be together again and I'm glad neither of them know that.  They LOVE each other and play together and even sleep all cuddled together too.
Friday our son Jamie brought our other two grandchildren, Kyleigh and Caleb from Helena, MT to say goodbye to Mandy & Piper.  We had a wonderful weekend of family fun.

Here's 6 year old Caleb playing with the huge stash of Legos his dad and Uncle Alex left behind when they moved out.  We have two larges totes FULL.  Caleb built a boat, among other things, that he floated in the bathtub.  :-)
Here 8 year old Kyleigh letting Piper climb all over her while the dogs played in the yard.  Kyleigh is SO good with Piper.  So sad that they won't see each other much anymore.
Piper loves hair and played with Kyleigh's all weekend.  Usually it's Grandma's that gets all the love.  :-)
See what I mean.  She has my hair in her little fist here.  It's a big reason why I haven't been wearing my head covering.  I do need to get back to that but the little miss just takes it off my head.  I do wear it to church but have been lax in wearing it other times.

Anyway, here I am with ALL of our grandbabies.  My heart was SO HAPPY!  Aren't they cute.  And yes it was cold Friday so we were cuddled under Caleb's camoflouge blanket.
Here are the girls taking care of Grandpa who woke up with an awful migraine Saturday.  He hasn't had one in several years.  He told me he was better because we had promised to take the kids swimming at the lake and he didn't 't want to let them down.  Well, he wasn't better.  I should have known something was up when he handed me his precious truck keys and told me to drive.  I took Jamie & the kids and he rode with Mandy & Piper.  He barely made it for the drive before he lurched into the trailer and was really, truly sick.  He then slept in the bedroom for a few hours and was miraculously better.  Even well enough to go out in the boat and race around the lake with Paul and the kids.
Our son Jamie with our babies.  Jamie is our middle child and I really miss having him closer. He's 312 miles away. :-(. Of course with Alex in Japan I know that's even worse for distance.  Not sure of the mileage to a Tokyo though.
Grandpa and Grandma with our precious ones.  Grandpa taught the sermon today at church so it was extra special for him to have two of our kids there.
Alex face-timed with all of us twice this weekend so it was almost like having all three of our kids home.  Not really~but I'm tring to be positive.

And... I started Piper's new Wonderful Wallaby sweater.  I'll make a matching one for Mandy and Kyleigh and Caleb both told me their favorite colors so they'll each get one for Christmas.  Goodness, I need to get busy. :-). I can make Pipers out if this new skein of yarn that I found at Michaels.
Everyone except Miss Piper left after lunch.  They have all texted us that they're home safely.  Mandy is meeting the movers to pack and load the house and will hopefully sign the papers for the sale this week.  We're going to enjoy every single minute with Piper.  It just made sense not to have a little one needing naps, etc., around when you have a houseful of movers and who better to leave her with but a Grandpa and Grandma that adore her?  Mandy is having a tough time though, since she's never been away from her.

We have lots of fun planned.  I have to make as many memories as possible in the next few weeks.

I promised you the pattern for the dishcloth in my last post.  Here it is:

Size 6 needles
Cast on 45
Row 1-knit
Row 2-knit 4, purl 1 across
Row 3-knit 2, purl 3 across
Row 4-knit 2, purl 3 across
Row 5-knit 4, purl 1 across
Row 6-knit
Repeat these 6 rows 10 times.
Bind off.

I'm writing this from memory as the pattern is in the bedroom that a sleeping Piper is in.  I'm really hoping I have it right.  If it's incorrect would someone let me know and I'll fix it?   :-)

I hope you have had as wonderful a weekend as we have.  There was and is always an undercurrent of sadness, knowing the huge move about to take place, but we're trying to tuck away these moments in our hearts.  I'll be back soon my friends.



  1. Oh Betsy.. I'm so glad your son brought the kids to spend time with their cousin before they move to DC. I'm happy that you had everyone there with you. I totally know the happy and sadness you're going through as we had it before our daughter move 3000 miles away. ::sigh:: My heart still breaks. Seeing my gd's once a year is heart breaking. I do hope you get to see Piper and your daughter more than that. You're in my thoughts.. ((hugs)), Teresa

  2. I'm sure you will end up seeing yr babies a lot more. It's hard when family is far away, bit technology makes our lives so much easier this days. Enjoy each minute and make wonderful memories my dear friend.

  3. What fantastic family time. Nothing like it!

  4. I am so glad you were able to spend so much wonderful time with your family. Although it was bittersweet the memories you have made with all of your grand kids together are so precious. I know you are enjoying every single second with darling little Piper. It is so hard when people move away, we have always been the ones that lived far away, well except very recently when my husbands two sisters moved near for part of the year.
    Sending you a hug Betsy,

  5. So glad you captured all these lovely moments in this post [except for Dennis being ill :-( ]. Now you have pictures to refer back to, and God willing you will be able to visit each other more than you think you will be able to, Betsy. Prayers for peace, safety, and Joy that is you strength... xx

  6. Hubby and I have been married 44 years. Pamela in WV

  7. Love your photos --and I'm sure you loved being with your family --including those gorgeous grandchildren... Loved seeing you and hubby (even when he wasn't feeling well) with the grands... Great photos and GREAT memories...

    Betsy from TENNESSEE

  8. Great photos Betsy--you have such a CUTE family! Enjoy every single moment you have together with Piper and take lots of photos. Goodbyes are no fun but you have some bloggie buddies who understand and will gladly share a cyber hug or send up a prayer heavenward when you feel you need one or more :)

  9. I am so glad you were able to spend some precious time with all of your family, what a treat to have all 4 grandbabies together. My daughters all live away but I do gets lots of contact, technology is wonderful these days.

  10. It's an exciting but emotional time for your family. I'm glad you had a chance to have all the grandchildren together. I hope your husband is feeling better by now. Take care and many hugs to you.

  11. So very thankful your sweet family was all together (except of course for Alex, but it was nice that he got to talk with everyone). I know you will enjoy your Miss Piper time making lots of memories that she will carry with her forever. Sending prayers to Mandy and Miss Piper as they are apart right now, too. Wishing you a most blessed day sweet friend. :)

  12. ah parting is such sweet sorrow.. but one good thing you can visit not like the son in Japan that is sooo much further...
    ... but they grow up so quickly so pray you will be able to go fairly often.. maybe twice year.. thanks for sharing your pickies, dear Betsy, such a blessing, Shaz in Oz.x

  13. Hi Betsy...i don't know how you found me but I'm glad you did and I'm glad I found you! Your grand babies are all adorable and it is difficult to be far from them....ask me I know! LOL! Thank you for the dishcloth design as I am always knitting and crocheting them.
    I'm so sorry you fell and hurt yourself...ouch! That is way worse than my wasp sting! I hope you heal fast and stay steady on your feet from now on. So sorry about your husbands migraine too...they must be awful. I only get headaches usually when there's a storm coming and the barometric pressure drops....Ha! Ha! I'm my own weather station. Enjoy your grand daughter and thank you so much for stopping by. Have a great week!

  14. Hi Betsy
    now I have read all your posts and really like you blog a lot. I live in Sweden but have all my family in Finland. It's sometimes very hard but don't think it so much in my everyday life after 36 yrs here in Sweden. Take care and enjoy your time with miss Piper. Jaana

  15. how fun that you were all together over the last week. I'm sure it will be hard for you to have Mandy's family gone. I can only imagine what it would feel like if my son and his family moved away. sigh! Glad your husband finally felt better after a nap. Sometimes you just gotta do that for those headaches. Thanks for the dishcloth pattern. I will revisit this and write it down, cuz I need to do dishes before I head for bed. Have a good week and make some good memories with Miss Piper. And don't stitch yourself into any of your projects. I don't have time for any of the that yet. I still need to find a couple sox patterns and get those made before Christmas for Phil other for me! Hugs!

  16. Oh Betsy, I don't know how I missed this post, but I read it with a very heavy heart! I can well imagine how you are hurting for the fact that your daughter and granddaughter will be moving so far away. Thank goodness for face time, and that sort of thing, but I know how terribly you will miss them! Enjoy your little angel every second!!!
    Very nice that your son and other grands could come and spend time with you and to say goodbye to their sister. I am sure you are missing your son in Tokyo too. Ouch!!!
    And in response to your comment on my previous post, I too would LOVE that. Oh if only......
    Much love my friend!
    PS I don't know how I missed this post!!!!!

  17. Betsy, what wonderful family memories you and Dennis are making! Your grand babies will have a lot of special memories with their special grandparents! I know the move weighs on your heart. The gals at Friday Lydia miss you, but we sure understand. Prayers for you as you walk through this new chapter. Thanks also for the dishcloth pattern! Take good care, and let's catch up when you have the time. Becky
    PS we have a new furry family member now, too!