Sunday, August 10, 2014


Hello from Portland, Oregon, or more accurately, Clackamas, Oregon, a Portland suburb.  We're still not sure of a closing date on Brad & Mandy's home, but things are progressing.  Meanwhile Grandma is getting lots of Piper time, we've been shopping at IKEA and I have had a lunch and a dinner out with blog friends!  It's been a good week, but I'm missing Hubby something fierce.

Here are a few pictures of dinner at Tad's "Chic Dump" with Gracie, Teresa and Taci.  This was the view from our table.  Pretty good, huh?
And this is Teresa's beloved Sandy river.  It was a VERY hot day and just look at all the people floating the river on rafts!  There were a lot of swimmers too.  Sorry for the glare.  I just have pictures from my iPhone.  Blogger doesn't like my camera photos anymore for some strange reason.
Beautiful ladies, Gracie and Taci.
A toast to Meredith, a wonderful blogging friend waaaaaay down south in Florida.
Of course I had to try Tad's namesake, the chicken and dumplings.  Oh. My. Goodness.  They were delicious.  We also had wonderful garden salads, warm bread rolls, and garden fresh green beans with bacon. Yummy.  I took quite a lot home for Mandy to take for her lunch.
Yarn from Taci and Teresa and a beautiful dishcloth from Gracie.
Taci brought this hand embroidered, (by her Mom in Brazil), cloth for Teresa for her birthday gift.  Wasn't that sweet and thoughtful?
Gracie brought Taci a basil, (I think it is basil), plant for her new house and I crocheted her a doily which I forgot to photograph.  Taci does have a picture of it on her blog though which is on my sidebar. :-)
Then on Friday I met Becky for the first time at Red Robin.  Becky has been trying to meet the rest of us but our schedules just haven't worked out yet.  It was just her and I and we had a wonderful time visiting and getting to know each other better.  
I made Becky a knitted dishcloth and she have me a beautiful coaster with a picture of Mt. Hood on it.
We had our picture take with the carousel horse in the lobby before we left.  Yes, I do have hair but it was pulled back in a French braid.  The weather has been a bit warm here but not nearly as hot as at home.  :-)
And now some Piper pictures.  You didn't really think I'd go a whole post without some now did you? This is her wild woman look before her hair was combed for the day.  I think she looks like the little one in the Jungle Book movie with her hair all crazy!
A happy girl!  Oh how I love her.
Ready for the day in the dress Grandpa bought her.
She is such a little Mama.  Always taking care of her babies, (and Monkey).
Mandy's last day of work was on Thursday and it's looking like we'll be here about another week and then all of us will go home to Spokane next Monday until a house is found in D.C.   I'm hoping to have tea with Taci and see her new house this week and maybe attend knit night at her house too.  I love the ladies here and hope I can continue to come visit with them.  Hubby promises I can.  :-). 

I hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.  Mandy, Piper and I went to the early service at church today and now Mandy is out with her girlfriends at a painting class and lunch. She is going to miss these girls. They all worked together in Spokane when they were in their late teens, moved to Portland together and have remained very good friends.  Miss Piper is having her nap and Grandma is catching up on blogs and doing some laundry.  A great day!  

Many blessings to each of you my friends.

This is the day The Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

I'll be back soon.



  1. Amen, let us all rejoice in His days!
    You are blessed my blogger friend and you are a blessing...

  2. So wonderful that you can get together with Teresa, Gracie and Taci - you must all have a fab time!


  3. Nice to see that you are getting in some special time with Piper.

  4. You know, every time I've come here and seen a pic of you lately, I think has she lost weight? And now I know! YES, of course I want to know what you are doing! Email me!

    Looks like fun at Chick & Dump, and you did have a wonderful view!

  5. Piper photos always bring a smile to my face:) Such a cutie! Yum to chicken and dumplings! Haven't had them for years but they sound great. I am glad that you'll be able to continue visiting the friends you have made here in Oregon.
    PS: Great friendship gifts!

  6. I am so glad for you. You are truly having an enjoyable time. :)

  7. Oh what a great time you've all had together. Love seeing all those smiling and happy faces. :) Blessings to you always sweet friend. :)

  8. It looks like you're having a very nice time in Portland. I'm envious of your blogger's meetups, they always look like so much fun. I love Red Robin! I was just thinking yesterday that I'd like to go again soon. It's one of those places we only go once or twice a year because it's such an indulgence food-wise, but we love it. I hope you get back home to your husband soon, but continue to enjoy your time away. :)

  9. Good update, Betsy. I thought of Piper yesterday as we were going by the Aurora airport. There is a Piper St. It was good to meet you as well. You are busy and I'm sure you're ready to go home! Soon! Take care and have a good day! Hugs!

  10. I alos had a lot of time my dear friend BETSY. I can't wait to see you later this week. Piper is just completely adorable...

  11. Hullo Betsy. I want to thank you for wonderfully encouraging comment on my post. Curious how few folk comment when you do a Christian post???
    I pray the Lord will bless it in spite of that.
    Lovely pickies and great post to share. God is very good to us isn't He? Love Shaz in Oz x

  12. Sounds like you are having great times. I hope you are able to meet up with Taci again. Best wishes, Tammy