Monday, November 4, 2013


Good Monday Morning to you all! It's so good to be able to get up and come to the computer and say hello to all of you out there in blogland. I really do feel like many of you have become friends. With your sweet comments and things that you've shared with me through this blog and yours. I'm SO glad to know you all! Seriously. I am.

It was a busy, busy weekend. Hubby and I spent much of Saturday running errands in preparation for being gone almost two weeks. We also wanted to pick up some gifts for anyone we might meet while there. The custom in Japan is to give a small gift when you meet with someone. It may be a bookmark, a pencil, candy, etc. Alex also wanted to see if we could find Huckleberry tea for the ladies in his office. They drink lots of tea and since the Inland Northwest is known for it's huckleberry's, that's the logical choice to take. We had to try a few places, but success was had at last! We also bought a few packages of Huckleberry candies as small gifts to give.

Our Japanese "daughter", Harumi lives in the Tokyo area, so we'll be able to visit with her too. When I was there two years ago, she had just had her baby, Harutaro, the day before I arrived in Tokyo. I was very excited to see him so soon after his birth. I told her it was very nice of her to time the delivery so well! I was only in Tokyo for two days that trip so it really was amazing that she delivered him right at that time. I send Harutaro little gifts once in awhile. This is the outfit that we bought for him on Saturday. It looks like it will be really big for him, but better too big than too small. He will always grow, right?

The shirt is actually purple checks but the color isn't showing up well.

Our bags are full and I don't even have my clothes in there yet! Uh-oh. I know I'll figure it out, I always do. But that doesn't mean I don't panic in the meantime.

You remember the title of this post? Snow. Yes we got our first snow yesterday. It melted as it hit the ground at our house, but about 2 miles from here had 3 inches on the ground. Thankfully it's gone now, but it was a BAD reminder of what is in store for us this season. Ick. The time change was bad enough yesterday, but snow too? I'll say it again. Ick!

Our small group had the hospitality lunch after church yesterday. That means we were responsible for fixing lunch for any visitors and/or members that wanted to stay for lunch and chatting. It's always fun, but it is a lot of work. Hubby and I arrived home five minutes before our cord of wood was delivered. Yep. A little over a cord of wood dumped in our driveway. So guess what we did all afternoon? We hauled a cord of wood, one wheelbarrow load at a time to our backyard and stacked it. Hours later it was done. I should have taken a picture then, it looked so nice all stacked and ready for a nice fire. But...I forgot so I ran out this morning and lifted the tarps a bit to show you. I'm so looking forward to a nice fire.

About 1/4 of it is stacked close to the family room door for ease of retrieval this winter. The rest is stacked on the side of the house further away.

I have a confession. I went to light a fire this morning and when I opened the stove door-there was a dead bird. I just couldn't do it. I closed the door and called Hubby at work. He was in a meeting but I left him a voicemail saying I had a little job for him when he gets home! I know. I know. I'm a wimp. I just can't deal with dead animals. Especially birds. I didn't even take a picture to show you. I just slammed the door shut and ran! I guess I'll be sitting by the gas fire today!

So on a much more pleasant subject, I finished the socks I was working on even with the busy weekend. I have started another pair for me, but they will remain barely started until the plane trips. I wanted to do just enough so they could see that they were really socks and knitting needles, but not too much that I would run out of a project before I get home. It's always a dilemma for me. How much yarn should I pack?

This is my current project. I've ripped it out yet again and started it for the third time.

Do you remember it? It's my birthday yarn from last year. The silk and silver and cashmere yarn. I'm making the pattern up as I go and I so wanted to have it done by the time we leave so I could wear it over there. But I'm afraid that won't happen. It's barely 11 inches and it needs to be at least 60. Oh well. Who knows it MIGHT happen. Stranger things have.

Okay. I really need to get busy. I can't wrap any of the gifts because of TSA, so I'll take paper cut to the proper size and tape. Lots of other little stuff I need to get done today too.

Have a lovely day my friends.


"Be still and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth." Psalm 46:10


  1. Gadzooks.. you're busy! How about shipping the gifts to your son so you have room in your luggage for your clothes? :-) I went to a birthday party at the Bridal Veil Church yesterday and was invited to join in their potluck after the service. It's always fun to see what people bring. Have a safe trip!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You have a lot going on! I hope the snow didn't slow you down too much. I would have reacted the same way to the dead bird, I think! I hope you have a wonderful trip. I am sure everyone will love the gifts you are bringing. :)

  3. Teresa-I'm glad you enjoyed your lunch. Church pot lucks have the BEST food. I'm afraid if I ship the gifts to Alex they won't get there in time so there's no choice but to take them with us.

    Jennifer- the snow didn't last long here in the valley. It was gone right away. Dead bird..ick! I'm glad you don't think I over reacted. :-)


  4. I love huckleberry products! Bought some huckleberry tea in Sisters, OR last year--yummy stuff. And, yesterday, I opened the little jar of huckleberry jam I bought at the coast. YUM!
    Sorry about the snow, but maybe you will be jetting to Japan before more hits your area...
    PS: I couldn't have removed the bird either...

  5. When there was a dead bird in our wood stove, I do not remember being the one to remove it :)

    The huckleberry products will be lovely gifts!

    You can always buy more yarn in Japan, so just carry on what you need on the plane, right?


  6. Aimee-I love Huckleberry products too. It's a different, almost nutty taste. Yum.

    Gracie-Dennis took care of the bird as soon as he got home tonight and now there is a beautiful fire burning in the stove. :-)
    I've never been able to find yarn anywhere in Japan although I obviously haven't looked everywhere!


  7. Hello Betsy, You have been very busy preparing for your lovely trip.. I think the Huckleberry gifts are yummy looking especially those chocolate candies... The knitted sock are great looking..
    Snow already, We've not gotten any yet but you can tell it is much cooler for this time of year so I expect it will be coming soon..
    I am sure you will enjoy that fire wood this coming Winter.. Nothing like a comfy chair, a fire burning in the fireplace and knitting.. Have a great trip. Hugs Judy

  8. Wow Betsy, you've been so busy! The gifts you've got ready to take to Japan look lovely. I've never tried huckleberry.
    Your scarf is BEAUTIFUL! Persevere with it because it will be great when finished! xoxox

  9. I see all your last minute stuff before the big trip is keeping you busy and probably will right up until you leave! I have never tried anything huckleberry. You don't see them down this way. I can't believe y'all have already had snow! Looks like you're all ready to hunker down with a cozy fire when you get more. Enjoy your journey and take lots of pics!