Monday, November 18, 2013

Home Again

Hubby and I arrived home yesterday and when we finally went to bed last night we had been up over 37 hours straight. We have learned though, to try to stay up until close to your normal bedtime when arriving in a different time zone and jet lag doesn't usually hit as bad as it can if you don't get right back to your normal schedule. That being said though, I'm sure both of us will "hit a wall" about 3:30 or 4:00 this afternoon. That always happens for a few days too, so I try to be really productive in the mornings when first arriving home. The strange thing is, it only happens when coming home, never when arriving in our vacation spot. I've been told that it's because of the direction you travel. And now, on to some photos.

Arriving at Narita airport after a one hour flight and 11 1/2 hour flight. I think those airplane seats get closer together on newer planes. My legs were practically at my chest!

The second pictures is our first morning in Tokyo at Maui coffee roasters for breakfast with Alex. Since we didn't get to go to Maui for the past two years, this is as close as we'll get!

The next pictures were at the Edo Museum in Tokyo where we were lucky enough to be there on the last day of the beautiful demonstration of koto playing by these two beautiful girls. The music was magical and made you feel as though you were in another world altogether. This museum has the history of Tokyo during the Edo period and is very interesting. Rickshaws were scattered everywhere we went in Japan. The athletic ability of these young people pulling them was amazing. Young men AND women!

We spent a few days in Kyoto too and Alex made reservations for us to visit the Imperial Palace there. These reservations aren't easy to get and we felt very lucky to be able to actually see the inside of the palace. The gardens were amazing! Those are handpainted panels that are thousands of years old. It's amazing how they have stood the test of time with the heat and humidity in Kyoto in the summers.

A look at our room in Kyoto. We stayed at a traditional Japanese ryoken across the street from the temple. You sleep in a room on futons. Teas is also served to you in this room. We were lucky enough to have a toilet and sink in our room but the shower is a communal shower and tub set-up. WAAAAAY out of my comfort zone. It has six showers and one big hot bath in the same room. I wanted to get pictures of the shower room for you but it was always occupied when I tried. The first two nights we were there I think I was the only female guest so I had the shower room and tub to myself. The last night was very busy so I skipped the shower/bath. There are exact steps you are to use when showering and bathing in these rooms and I'm always afraid I'll wash or not wash in the incorrect order. :-)Not to mention I'm not fond of being seeing in the "altogether" if you get my meaning by a bunch of tiny women!

Alex is wearing the traditional robe, that you wear to the shower/tub room. Each of us had one and if you visit my facebook page you'll see a great picture that Alex posted of the three of us wearing them. The last three pictures are bathroom pictures! Can you believe the door is only 14 inches wide? Not very big people in Japan!!! Of course the famous heated seats and fancy sprays, etc. and the last is the traditional Japanese toilet in the floor. On my last two trips to Japan I had no problem using these, but my leg muscles are getting old along with the rest of me! I stood in line waiting for the one "western" toilet in a lot of restrooms. :-)

I don't want to leave you with bathroom humor so here's a beautiful photo of a garden that we visited. Do you want to see a few more photos next post or are you done with Japan pictures? I don't want to bore you.



  1. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful trip! You're so lucky to get to know that fabulous land and with your son who knows it so well. We need to set up our Christmas bloggers lunch, when will work for you? Enjoy being home! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. What a wonderful adventure you had, Betsy: fabulous sights and sounds, and good visits with family and friends, as well as some challenging parts of traveling :) Looking forward to seeing you at Christmas!

  3. Hello Betsy, Welcome HOME... What an exciting adventure you had in Japan.. I am sure your son was so happy to see his Mom and Dab. Lovely photos. I especially love the garden ones. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm about the shower and such...LOL Happy you all arrived home safely.. Hugs Judy

  4. The pictures all look so awesome. I am so thankful you had such a wonderful time. :)

    Blessings always sweet friend

  5. Oh, how interesting! I loved hearing about it, and I am eager to hear more! Rest up first!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Betsy~
    Welcome back:)
    LOVE the photos! I adore Japanese art, gardens and food--just like my mom before me, so this was just "my cup of tea". Have I ever told you that my DIL is part Japanese and that my parents hosted students from Japan?
    PS: The toilet facilities in China are quite interesting too:)

  7. WELCOME home Betsy ... wow how exciting is all that... and am so with you on the communal bathing, ugh!! very embarrassing and protocol is so important over there would be breaking it all the time.. love the last garden shot and the ones of the palace must have been amazing but the time flew by very quickly.
    Yes do show antoerh post please!!

    .. oh, Betsy dear friend.. you need to pop over to this post my dear .. know you came over but this was one you needed to see :D And dont forget to email me after reading it hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

  8. PS.
    Betsy, I meant to say the bit about jet lag is this:

    - when you fly WITH your body clock you dont notice it (as well as arrival excitement)

    .. but flying BACK AGAINST your body clock, it hits you like a ton of bricks! worse with UK to Oz can tell you now :D their night time is our daytime, so total 12 hour changeover, love Shaz in oz.x

  9. Hi Betsy! Welcome home! I would love to hear all about your trip in upcoming post. I love looking at pictures from different countries but I am not really sure about that bathroom situation....that's just a little weird for me!
    Hugs, Shari

  10. What wonderful pictures! Love them - and would love to see more!

  11. Fantastic! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. It's always such a joy to experience other cultures. Not too sure about that communal bathing thing though. I need my privacy. But the rest I could definitely handle. I love squat toilets. So much easier to use when you are out and about rather than trying to hover over a regular toilet. We were supposed to go to Japan next month but decided it was too far for the amount of time we had. Definitely will get there one day. :) Thanks for sharing. Tammy

  12. Betsy, you trip sounds wonderful, I am so glad you had a great time. ANd I vote for more pictures. I bet you could not take your eyes off your beautiful son, gosh we miss them so much don't we? Thank you for the story about his broken back, it made me feel better that my boy only has a sprained ankle.

  13. I want to see more! the one of the three of you at the garden is going on the E-frame!
    Welcome home :)