Thursday, May 9, 2013


Hello Friends!

According to the weather channel, Washington State is the hottest state in the country. We even beat out Arizona and Florida! It was in the upper 80's yesterday and it is supposed to be even hotter today. I did turn the central A/C on yesterday as it was almost too hot to sleep the night before. It's very early for this and I'm pretty sure it will be short-lived, but I am enjoying the bright blue skies and cloudless days.

I've been keeping busy. I finished one of the dishcloths for May. It's supposed to be a bouquet of flowers, but I just can't see it, can you? The pattern didn't have a picture with it so I realize I was taking a chance but it sounded pretty. :-)

These two Granny's Favorite dishcloths were gifts for the nurses who did my tests on Monday. I was knitting on a dishcloth while waiting for my appointment and one of them commented that she had recieved one as a Christmas gift and loved it but didn't know where she could buy one. I asked her what her favorite color was and decided to make them each a dishcloth. The nuclear technician who did the injections was a man so I gave him the blue petals dishcloth from my last post. I know he's married and it's blue.....

I delivered them this morning and they were so excited and pleased. They asked me to make up a bunch and take them to the office and they would sell them for me. They told me that several of the ladies have mentioned them but don't know where to buy them. I won't make a lot of money, but maybe enough to help with my yarn habit??? It wasn't my intention to sell anything or try to market my dishcloths, I just wanted to say thank you to these three nice people who didn't laugh while I'm sure I made a fool of myself on the treadmill! :-)

Yesterday I went to Hancock fabric where they are having a huge sale on fabric and bought enough material to make two new sundresses. I've worn out all of the ones I have and desperately needed a couple more for summer. I made one yesterday and will make the other one this morning. I love the fabric of the first dress and I have it on right now. What do you think? I think it lools like a beautiful vintage fabric. And I got it for $3.99 a yard on sale! See Chloe there on the floor by my feet? She's never far away from me.

I took some pictures of counted cross stitch pictures that are hang around our house. They were all done well over 20 years ago. My eyes just aren't up to those tiny squares any longer. I thought I would like to share them with you. In the sampler with the people on it you will see our little family as it was in 1988. That was just before Alex was born and so there were just four of us. If you look closely you'll see Bobbie, our cockatiel on my shoulder and Brandy the dog is there too. My, what a long time ago that seems now.

The picture with the swing in the pink frame hung in Mandy's room for years. There were over 40 different colors of green embroidery thread in that picture!

Most things that I made back then were given away. I guess some things don't change much. I apologize again for the photos. I never claimed to be a good photographer, but at least you can get the idea.

And now I need to get busy with the vacumming and dusting so I can make my other dress. The fabric is pretty, but not as nice as the one I showed you. Have a wonderful day and I hope you'll enjoy your weekend.




  1. Oh your cross stitch photos are lovely. :)

    I don't see the design in the dish cloth either, but it's still a really nice dish cloth.

    So sweet of you to give a little love gift to all of the people who helped with your test. Sowing seeds of love everywhere you go. :)

    Blessings to you always dear friend.

  2. Wow, your x-stitch photos are awesome! My favorite is the quilts on the clothes line.. and the 2nd one continuing the line.. wonderful! I have a x-stitch sampler which I need to get framed. Looking forward to our next luncheon! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Betsy you look beautiful in your new dress, wow are you talented sewing, knitting wonderful dishcloths and those amazing cross stitch pictures. The detail in them is amazing. I love that you gifted dishcloths and now they are asking you to sell them, good for you it should help a little bit with the yarn habit.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Good day Betsy!
    You are SO amazingly talented! I LOVE the pink dishcloth---so pretty and springish! The fabric on your new sundress also speaks spring and summer to me--love!
    Your cross stitch is gorgeous too:)
    Have a blessed + happy Mother's Day this Sunday!

  5. So nice that you are sharing those dishcloths. I have a few that a friend made and they are the best.

  6. Well, Betsy...I thought I saw a flower or two in that dishcloth...but wether we do or not, it is a pretty pattern :-)

    I loved seeing your cross-stitch work! Beautiful! Through the years I made a few stitched gifts for others, but I love seeing the abundance of fine gifts you create. I appreciate your giftedness!!!

    Your new dress is lovely...I love the blues in it!

    We still have sun over our way coming your way :-)


  7. First....I am so in L O V E with all of your cross stitch....especially the ones with the quilts....that is all I have been working on lately so that one is my favorite, but all are truly lovely. Second.... You did a wonderful job on your summer dress, that is one thing I can not make!
    xx, Shari

  8. Betsy, thank you for your kind loving comment on my blog.
    Giving the dishcloths to the people at the Dr's office is a great thing to do. I am sure they appreciate the recognition you gave them for their job well done.
    I used to cross stitch too. I can still do it only if I do it in natural light. I cannot do it if I have to use a lamp to see by.

  9. So sweet of you to make these dishcloths for gifts. I don't see the flowers, but looks sort of like a basketweave and will certainly get the job done, Though everytime I crochet dishcloths for anyone, they exclaim "no way I could clean with this" and then they use it for a doily. :) Hope you are having a wonderful day. Tammy

  10. Oops! Forgot to say I love all the cross-stitchings. It used to be all I did until crochet took over my life I can't see the aida cloth without my reading glasses so don't feel my work is as neat as it used to be, plus I just don't have the patience for those big projects anymore. :) Tammy

  11. What gorgeous fabric and bargain price too, love your new sundress. The weather here isn't warm enough for summer clothes, in fact I've been wondering about switching the heating back on today - and gales forecast for the weekend too!
    I'm not surprised people want to buy your cloths, so pretty.
    I really love your cross stitch, especially the swing one and the those with the quilts. I'm very short-sighted so my near-sight is really good which means I can see the smallest of squares, for which I am thankful. Really must get some cross stitch started again.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and you can enjoy the sunshine.
    Carol xx

  12. Wow Betsy, 3 amazing talents in one post! The cross stitch is lovely, such a wonderful way to decorate your home. The dishclothes are great and I love your new dress xx

  13. Nice dishcoths gifts, and wow, the crossstitch pictures are so gorgeous!! Especially the one with the house and blankets on the laundry line ♥