Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Home and a Computer!

Hello Friends!

I think I've learned this week that I can post to my blog through my phone with words only. No pictures. I don't know what has happened since last week, but blogger won't let me upload from my phone. So if I blog from the lake it will have to be just talk-no photos. But here I am home for a day or so, I have my desktop so I can post a few pictures for you. I woke up to snow on my car this morning at the lake! It melted by 6:30 a.m. so it was short lived. You can see the fog/mist this morning in the picture. The lake is warmer than the air temperature today. It was 75F there yesterday. What a change! We had a rip-roaring wind come through in the afternoon bringing rain and snow at the higher elevations. There was a tragedy on a local lake during the wind. It overturned a small aluminum fishing boat and the couple in their 50's were tossed into the water. The man drowned but the woman made it to shore. So sad. It's a week of terrible weather in our country isn't it? My heart goes out the the people in Oklahoma. Having lived my first 32 years in Nebraska, I know the ferocity of tornadoes firsthand and they terrify me. When Hubby was offered a job here in Spokane, my first question was, "Do they have any natural disasters?" We had spent most of that spring in our tornado shelter with our children as it was a particularly bad tornado season that year.

I had a busy day last Friday. First of all, I'm not used to driving 6 hours with no one to talk too. Not even Chloe was with me for company! I arrived back in Spokane from Portland by 1:00 and switched cars with Hubby. His new truck had a tire that he had added air to twice in the three days I was in Portland. Switching cars meant unloading everything out of mine and putting it all in the truck. Then home to unload it all again, start the laundry and off to the tire shop. There was a nail in the tire and they repaired it at no charge. Thank you Perfection Tire! Obviously with the truck being new, we hadn't purchased the tires from them and they still repaired it free. Great guys.

Next came a stop at the grocery store, back home to finish laundry, re-pack for the lake and guess where I was by 5:00? Sitting in my chair with a glass of ice tea and my knitting while watching the skiers on the lake!

Saturday in the early afternoon the park delivered 6 truckloads of crushed granite to our site and our friends, Larry & Nita whose site adjoins ours. That is their motor home that you see. In the picture of Nita and I with our dog babies you can see our trailer on the left. The guys shoveled and shoveled and the backhoe came in and flattened it out some. One it rains on the granite it will harden to be almost like rock. This has expanded our sites about 5 feet to the back toward the lake. They have been doing this with all of the sites that want more space. This way we can move our fire pit farther from the trailers which will be nice for safety and for smoke getting inside. After they finished shoveling granite they built our new gazebo. Hubby and I bought it half price on clearance last fall and have had it stored all winter. This will be very nice and keep the bugs off of us while we eat and play cards, etc. Monday and Tuesday I sat at the table and did my Bible study and it was so peaceful. The week days are so nice there. No week-enders to make lots of noise. :-) Last night it was just myself and our friends, Willie & Dixie in the entire park. Solitude is nice. Willie baked lemon bars in the middle of the storm and invited me down for dessert last night. Yum!

One last photo of little Miss Piper in a different Mother's Day pose than the last one I showed you. This picture is destined for the trailer, while the other is on my bedside table at home.

I've been busy building my stock of dishcloths. I'm still not sure about selling them. It takes some of the joy out of making them to sell. I love to give things that I make away as gifts. I also forgot to take a picture of a half done sock. The first sock is finished to after the heel turn. I need to start on it again and get it done before I get "one sock syndrome"!

Have a lovely day my friends. Remember to hug your loved ones a little tighter today and everyday that you have them. This week has been a reminder of how a "normal" day can quickly change your life forever.




  1. Welcome back to the cyber world:)
    How awful for that poor woman to lose her much pain for so many this week.
    I didn't know that about crushed rock--I might have to check into using some here.
    Beautiful crafts as always!
    PS: Rain here; snow in the mountains. Brr! Cute little Piper:)

  2. I love the picture of the lake with the peaceful. You have such a lovely place, it would be so much fun to sit with you and have some tea and do a Bible study. :)

    I am with you on making stuff to sell. I loose all joy when I even think of that. I would much rather give it away as a heart gift instead.

    Praying for the lady who lost her husband, so very sad. And for all those in the tornado areas...these have been some really difficult days lately.

    Enjoy our peaceful time on the lake knitting.

    Blessings always dear friend.

  3. Hi Betsy, sorry about the iPhone and blogger not letting you use photos. You could try deleting the app and then re-installing it - I've had to do that when an app gets corrupt for some reason - and it worked after a fresh app was installed. Love your new gazebo.. I want one for our deck!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Hnnn...I have found that Blogger for Iphone is sporadic at best. I try not to use it if I can get away with it.

    You have been a busy lady! Love the new gazebo.

  5. So good to read/see your news and see you enjoying the lake, and crafting and Miss Piper :-)

    I'm headed down to be with my oldest sister in CA tomorrow. My 90 yr old Believing brother-in-law died gently at home in hospice care on Tuesday.

    Love with hugs,

  6. What a nice post Betsy! I have not figured out why my photos did not appear yet? They were there on my post when I hit publish, but gone when I went back? My husband is away and I can't fix it without his help. Darn!
    Your sites there are so wonderful. And I know just what you mean about being there in the middle of the week when it is so quiet. I love to be at the lake midweek!!
    Have a wonderful upcoming holiday weekend!!
    XO Kris

  7. Hello Betsy, Love seeing all your wonderful photos. I am sure it is very peaceful down by the lake especially during the week. Love you new screen tent. I am sure you will gets lots of joy using it this Summer. I love your wash clothes but I especially love those swirly ones??? Have a Lovely Holiday Weekend. Hugs Judy

  8. I so agree with "hold your loved ones closer" over the last two weeks we've learned of two ladies losing their husbands, one missing from his boat, the other died diving in Sardinia, so sad.
    We haven't had snow but it feels cold enough!
    Lovely photos, great new gazebo, I'm sure you will have a lovely summer by the lake.
    Beautiful photo of Piper.
    Carol xx

  9. Hi there Betsy,
    ah some fun pickies here love the beautiful dishcloths too.. well done! and if as you are making them to sell think of the pleasure it will give those who buy them!

    After all how can they not help giving delight whether a gift from you, or a gift from the buyers to others or themselves??

    .. all around God blesses.. trust hat may help?
    I always think too you could pray for the folk who end up with them?

    .. pray the LORD will bring them to Himself and guide them..
    See a list of endless possibilities! :D

    love and every blessing, Shaz in oz.xx