Thursday, August 23, 2012

Finished Shawl

Good Thursday Morning to you again my friends.  This week has passed much like the last one except for my Portland trip.  Oh, what a wonderful time we had.  Jenny took lots of pictures and I'll have her help me download them on the computer tonight so I can show you some of them.  We talked all the way to Portland and all the way home!  The shower was great.  The ladies decorated in an airplane theme.  There were white plastic tablecloths with runways added down the middle with yellow tape.  Plastic airplanes were waiting for take off!  Hundreds of paper airplanes were strung along the ceiling with puffy tissue paper clouds amongst them.  The baby's name will be, (is), Piper, after the plane her daddy learned to fly in.  What fun we had.  We each made a page or two for her first alphabet book.  Printed at the bottom was, "The letter ____ is for.  Each of us was given a letter.  I had "G" for Grandma and Mandy had "M" for Mommy.  Then we drew a picture representing the letter.  They will be bound into book form for her. 

We also printed our wishes for the baby on a sheet of paper with "Piper" on it and an airplane in the background.  Those were also given to Mandy to give to Piper some day.  We're getting so excited.  Her due date is four weeks from today!  I can't wait to hold my little granddaughter in my arms.  I talk to her when I'm with Mandy, so I hope she recognizes my voice when she's born.  :-)

I got home about 4:30 on Saturday and we were at the lake by 6:00.  That was even stopping at Applebee's to eat dinner!  Hubby was packed and ready to go.  He has "lake fever" as bad as I do!  I just came home this morning for Bible Study and then it will be back to the lake tomorrow.  Our best friends, Neal and Jenny, (my traveling partner) are planning to bring their camper up Friday and Saturday nights.  Yeah!!

This first picture is of Mt. Hood as we drive down Interstate 84 on Friday.  Look at that blue sky.  Quite unusal for my trips to Portland which usually include lots of rain.
 Here is my completed shawl.  I think it's a bit small though and I may buy one more skein of yarn to make it bigger.  It's made with Caron's Simply Soft yarn and although it is an inexpensive yarn, it washes up easily and looks nice through lots of washings.

 The flowers are sitting right by the stairs into the trailer along with our little fountain.  (I have the shawl draped over the fountain in the photo's.)  It's quite cozy at night sitting there looking at the lake and listening to the fountain bubble.
 Here's one of Chloe being shy.  She was sitting up looking at me until she saw the camera and down she went!
I've got to run now.  A friend that lives in Oklahoma is stopping by to see me for a few hours this morning.  Dennis baptized both her and her husband and performed their wedding a few years ago.  She's about our daughter's age and is also like a daughter to us.  She will be back on Sunday evening for a cookout with us and a few other friends.  Meanwhile, the washing machine is calling my name! 

Take care and I'll see you again next week!  Please leave comments if you can so I know you're there.




  1. Such good days, Betsy! I loved the shower ideas. Your shawl is so beautiful, and that particular brand of yarn is very good for wash and wear, I think. My friend made a baby bib with the the Simply Soft Baby Caron's yarn that is great for the grands. So glad you are enjoying the lake, and thank Cloe for her picture even if she was shy :) Enjoying God's blessings with you,
    Gracie xxx

  2. Hi Betsy, wow, that shower was really extra special it sounds like. I hope the grandma shower catches on. You're so lucky to have your trailer at a permanent lake place! Your shawl is stupendous! I'm enjoying working on mine. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Thank you Gracie and Teresa!

    I agree with the imaginative shower theme. It was lots of fun. I forgot to say that we each made a paper airplane that was added to a mobile for Piper's room. I wish I thought of things like that!

    I did buy another skein of simply soft and I'll "unbind" the shawl and add a few inches so it will fit around me better. Or maybe I should lose a few pounds! :-)

    Thanks for the lovely comments, I really appreciate them



  4. Is that Lala's Simple Shawl? I knitted one several years ago and its my favorite shawl.

  5. Yes it is! I've made several and always give them away. Hopefully I'll keep this one. :-)

  6. Hi!
    I'm a little late getting in here to comment. We had one super packed weekend with several birthday parties, a wedding (Nathan did the music on the accordion, more on that later) and a picnic plus the usual church and Bible study and grocery shopping over the fleeting days. Whew!

    I wish I could have seen all the piper decorations. My kids would have been ecstatic!

    Hope you had a great weekend!