Thursday, August 9, 2012

Country Girl

Hello again my friends.  I've come back into the big city today to do laundry and buy groceries among other errands and tasks to be done today.  I've been at the lake since early Monday morning and when I drove into Spokane today it seemed very large and noisy to me.  It's amazing how I've gotten used to the birds and the motorboats on the lake and I don't like the bustle of town.

Hubby has driven out every night to stay with Chloe and I and comes back to the house every day to check on things.  We have Bible study tonight and then Chloe and I are heading back out tonight.  My life is fairly boring for having a blog, so I might not keep writing here.  I don't think anyone could really be interested in my ramblings since I do pretty much the same thing every week.  :-)

I finished the Christmas stocking for Piper.  I think it turned out fairly well.

My friends, could I ask for some prayers for my daughter?  Her visit with the Dr. this morning showed her blood pressure continuing to rise and they are concerned about toxemia.  She has six more weeks to go until her due date.  She is under lots of pressure at work and busy trying to get things ready at home.  I've volunteered to go and stay at their house to help out for the duration and she's going to talk to her hubby about it.  He likes me, (surprise, surprise), so he might even enjoy having me around!  Last time I stayed for a week when they moved into their house, he liked coming home to dinner ready, fresh baked cookies and the household chores all done.  With both of them working long hours, it was a treat.  Dear daughter does very well and keeps a spick and span house, but the pregnancy is taking a toll on her.

I was asked for a picture of our view of the lake and this is taken from our trailer.  Isn't it beautiful?  I love to sit inside and look out at the lights on the lake at night.  Last night I laid back in the reclining chair and tried to count the stars. (I gave up!)  There is supposed to be a meteor shower this weekend that should be beautiful out there where there are no city lights.
 Here's ourtrailer all set up and ready to go.  It's 29 foot long and has a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.  Plus a pull out sofa, (queen bed), and two rocking chairs.  See Chloe on her blanket?  She loves it there.  You can just see the corner of Larry & Nita's screen room where we eat most of our meals.
 This weekend we were able to spend some time with Yoshie.  You may remember her, she stayed with us for 3 weeks last summer and also met me at the airport in Tokyo with Alex when I went last September.  She requested lunch at our favorite mexican restaurant, Pueblo Amigos.  It's family owned by a couple from Puerto Vallarta.  They are so nice and the food is amazing.  Then, after evening church we took her to Cold Stone Creamery.  She was overwhelmed by the topping choices, finally settling on birthday cake ice cream, nestle crunch candy bar, sponge cake and graham crackers.  I had my usual Black Forest mix-chocolate ice cream, cherries, brownies and chocolate syrup.  Hubby just had his favorite strawberry ice cream and no toppings.
She is such an absolute sweetheart and we were sad that she didn't stay with us.  We were in Portland and Missoula though and that was too much time away.

We had dinner at the Thai restaurant in Deer Park, WA again on Tuesday.  Oh my!  The egg rolls were the lightest I've ever eaten. They melted in our mouths.  This is definitely a favorite for us.  We went with another couple from the campground that we've become friends with.

I've been reading through the book of James in the Bible.  A quick read through at first and now I'm going back and slowly working my way through again, pondering the verses.  What a lot of life lessons in that book.  I love my time with just me, God and my Bible.  And at the lake there are no everyday distractions that MUST get done.  I can take all the time I want.  Such a blessing.
Well, I'm off to trim roses, pick green beans, vacuum and iron.  Not a dull moment on my day in town!  See you next week.




  1. I enjoy reading your blog. You remind me of my mom. They were rvr's for several years until gas prices and the need for a home base for health care encouraged them to settle in a park model near Houston. They loved the rv life and still try to get away when church demands, grandkids, and medical appointments allow them to.

  2. You have a beautiful view. I'll miss your blog, I love seeing your projects.