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Thursday, May 3, 2012


Another week has gone by-and oh, where did it go?  I've been busy at home and away from home this week.  It's been another rainy week in Spokane and I am truly ready for some sunshine!  I'm flying to Omaha, NE tomorrow to stay for 10 days with my mom-in-law.  This has become somewhat of an annual trip for me.  Not only do I get to visit with Mom, but I also see my family who lives nearby.  Thanks to facebook, last year I had dinner with three friends I haven't seen since high school graduation!  I'm hoping to be able to see them again this year while there.  Since my flight leaves early, early tomorrow morning, I have to be at the airport at 5:00 a.m.  Ick!  To think that when I was working full-time I was up that early every day.  Now I love my mornings in bed, reading my Bible with no rush, (usually) to begin my day too early.

Yesterday, I backed out of the driveway about 8:30 a.m. on my way to visit a friend in the nursing home and I had a really low tire.  So, off I went to the tire shop, (it's not too far to drive and the tire wasn't completely flat.)  I had picked up a screw somewhere.  Fifteen minutes later I was on my way with a repaired tire and they didn't even charge me.  The tires are only about 3 weeks old!  I'm so glad I noticed it though.  If I had driven all the way to the nursing home, it probably would have been completely flat.

Please continue to pray for my friend Heather if you would.  She is 33 weeks prgnant with twin boys and has been in the hospital for a long time on bedrest.  They want her to at least make it to 35 weeks.  She's like an adopted daughter to hubby and I and I'm so afraid she'll have these little ones too early and while I'm away.  We want them to "bake" a little longer so they'll be strong and healthy.

Okay, I'm off to take Chloe to the vet for a check-up.  I'll try to post next week, but I'll just have my ipad and I'm not sure if I can do pictures with it.  If there is anything of interest I'll try though.

Have a wonderfully blessed day and I'll be back to visit soon.




  1. Betsy, I have been reading your posts, getting caught up on some of your news, and enjoying getting to know you better! Your house is bringing sunshine into your neighborhood with its lovely new coat of yellow paint. What a special gift your house angel is! I have a little collection of sheep and love the sheep you are knitting in the baby blanket. Blessings on your NE trip and I hope you do blog from your iPad. I think you will enjoy it and I will enjoy reading your news! (:

  2. Have a safe journey to Omaha. My husband and I lived there several years ago and really enjoyed it. I am really enjoying following and reading your blog. I think it is so cool that you visit with those in assisted living centers who have no family. What a great act of service to those who so need friends. You are an inspiration.

  3. Hi Betsy, have a good trip to Omaha and fun with family and friends. I hope we get to see each other again soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)