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Monday, May 21, 2012

At the Beach

So here we are. At the Oregon coast. We always enjoy our time here. It's raining cats and dogs, bit since I'm still reclining lazily in bed, listening to the waves, I really don't care. Hubby is next to me and the world is good.

We had lunch in Portland yesterday with Mandy and Brad. They just returned on Saturday from a week in Paris so they had lots to tell us. We ate at one of our favorite Portland restaurants, Sweet Tomatoes. Yummy. Then we hit the road for our final lap to the beach. While driving, Alex called us from Tokyo. He was watching the eclipse of the sun and told us it should pass over the Oregon coast about 5:30 p.m. Needless to say, it was way to cloudy to see here but he had some amazing pictures of it in Facebook. If you're his, (or my) Facebook friend you should check them out.

We took a long walk after arriving and then played dominoes for awhile. We have absolutely no plans this week except to relax with each other.

I'm trying to figure out how to load pictures from my iPad to the blog, but the "upload" image button is frayed out. I'll try to edit it from my phone and see if that works.I hope you're all having a wonderful day, I know I will, jusypt being with my hubby.



  1. What wonderful times you are having! I am glad for you!
    I downloaded the Blogger+ app to my iPhone and iPad. I have used either one as my camera so have not had to download pictures from a camera onto anything else. Sometimes I send my post to Blogger as a draft and then get on my laptop to finish the process. I have just had the iPad/Phone since December and am still learning(: Enjoy your time at the beach for me too, please, Betsy.

  2. I've just got an Ipad!!! Switched it on for first time today (having got a wireless router) but haven't yet had a play (I'm on desktop).
    I shall be looking out for everyone's tips/advice and also attending some of the workshops at the Apple store.
    It has, at last, stopped raining. Still pretty cold but we have been PROMISED warm weather later in the week, well it is the Chelsea Flower Show week.
    I'm glad you are enjoying your time in Oregon.
    Carol xx
    p.s. just spotted in your comments that there is a Blogger app!

  3. Thanks for all of the advice! I downloaded blogger to both the iPad and phone so next post I'll see if it lets me add photos. It did let me make paragraph breaks!

    ThAnks again!