Monday, February 13, 2012

A Foggy Morning

Good Morning Friends!

It's a gray, foggy day here in Spokane but I've had a productive morning.  I caught up on my Bible reading before leaving my bed today.  Somehow I was a few chapters behind and thought I would take this day to play catch up and do some research into some scriptures that have been on my heart lately.  I'm just going to throw it out there and see if any of you have opinions on this.  1 Corinthians 11:2-16  This passage just sort of "leapt" out at me recently and I've been praying on it and asking for clarification from the Lord.  I've never really given this much thought but for some reason it keeps peeking into my brain!  Please let me know what you all think if you're comfortable sharing.

I then got up, ran to the grocery store to pick up a few necessities.  I've done laundry, vacuumed, dusted and spent a few hours on the computer doing the mundane tasks I always put off.  For example, I keep a list of all Christmas cards I send/recieve every year with all the addresses.  That makes sending the cards each December a much easier task.  No searching for the correct address, everything is in one place and handy.  For some reason, every year it's February at least, before I get myself organized enough to update the list.  It only takes half an hour or so, why do I procrastinate?

Then I did some computer stuff for our ladies ministry at church.  It's all done now and this afternoon I can knit with a clean concious.  Did I spell that right?    We did have a very busy weekend, but I toted my knitting along and finished a boy baby sweater set and started another one.

I do love these sweaters.  It's a variation of the 5 hour baby sweater, although I've NEVER finished one in close to 5 hours.  It's more like 7 or 8 hours for me if I don't have many interuptions.
I picked up a small box of Valentine Candy this morning for my elderly friend at the nursing home.  She loves chocolates but she will eat the entire box in a very short time if I take her a bigger box.  This small one should be perfect for her.

Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you about my other friend at a different nursing facility that I made the crochet blanket for.  I delivered it last Friday and I how wish I had taken my camera.  The look on her face was priceless!  She just sat there smiling and hugging that blanket the entire time I was visiting her.  It made me feel wonderful to do something so small that made her so happy.

And now, I'll leave you with a last picture of my Chloe-baby.  I'm going to try to take her on a nice long walk in a little while if the rains stops long enough.
Isn't she precious?  She is so much company for me.  But, she has spoiled us for any other dog.  Hubby is already saying that we'll never have another dog.  She's so good it would be an impossible act to follow.

Have a wonderfully blessed day everyone and I look forward to reading your comments.




  1. Your knitting is so lovely! It makes me want to start doing baby knits too!...but for now I'll do bigger kids.

    As for the scripture, do you want my book length response or the quick. I may do both, but put one in an email.
    Paul is writing to the established church - not new believers...but they were having some problems.
    Keep in mind that God made the sexes different - and with different roles.
    The people of Corinth were bringing into the church pagan teachings. Prostitutes who entered into the temple of Diana showed their devotion by cutting their hair off.
    Hair and clothes are two defining elements of sex. God clearly has an order. God - man - woman. (I must add that a 'pastor' or 'priest' is not on that list. We have direct contact with God.)
    Women show their submission to their husband by letting their hair grow. In verse 15 it shows that the 'covering' spoken earlier is the hair. The women were told that their long hair showed the rest of the world that 1. they were devoted to their husband and God and 2. they were not prostitutes or worldly.

    It is a wonderful scripture to remind us in this present age of 'feminism' (ha!) that women do have a specific role separate from men. We shouldn't try to fill their role or look like them.
    The world would have us believe that women can be equal with men. It's not about equality ~ it's about a different role. We need to do our part and let men do their part. When men perform their Godly role and women, theirs, peace and harmony bless the home.

    Hope that helps to fuel the thoughts.
    Time to run!

  2. Betsy, I have had both long hair and short hair and neither has affected my belief in God. I think your other commentor may be right in saying that the passages dealt with the customs of that time.

  3. Thank you both Kaylana and Sparky for your comments. I have always believed exactly as you do. But I just can't seem to get past some sort of conviction that God is laying on me. I've asked several people their thoughts and I've been researching the verses as much as I'm capable of understanding. There is great conflict. Many scholars debate the usage of the hair as the covering referred to in the first part of the passage. Apparently there are two different words used in the original text. One means an actual covering of some sort and one means hair. I've always believed in the order of things. God, man, wife and believed the hair is the "covering" that is spoken of. But the more I dig, the more I'm finding that it doesn't seem to be a cultural thing, in fact, in some cases the authors are saying it flies in the face of the culture of the time.

    I guess what it boils down to for me is this, I want to obey God in everything I do. I want to find what Paul REALLY meant and what I'm finding is differing opinions. In fact, most churches wore coverings of some sort until the last 60-75 years.

    One article I read stated something along the lines of, "I don't care what the Bible really meant, it's not applicable for today's woman." I really, really don't want to have that attitude. I don't want to be guilty of picking and choosing what parts of the Bible I'll follow, but I also don't want to be legalistic and a keeper of laws that aren't meant for us.

    My big question. Why does God keep putting this on my heart?

    I'm confused.