Friday, February 3, 2012

Finally Friday.

Good Morning Friends!

It's been long long week at the Queen house.  Dear hubby has been fighting a really nasty cold all week.  I can't remember the last time he was sick.  Seriously.  He never gets sick.  It's been years and years.  Now me, on the other hand, I catch every bug that even comes within a city block of me.  I can already feel the first symptoms of a cold trying to attach to my body.  I've been dosing myself with zinc losenges and using the "Netti Pot" to rinse my sinuses.  People tell me both methods will fight off off a cold so I've been preparing for battle!

Our dear granddaughter has been in the hospital all week and finally got to go home last night.  She still has pneumonia and they are waiting for test results to come back for Kawasaki Disease.  Meanwhile, the doctor thought she would rest more at home where things aren't so frightening.  She didn't need the I.V. system anymore so they let her go home.  She has to go back daily to have her lungs checked and make sure she's not getting worse again.  BUT, it's a praise that she got to go home again!  God is good.  All the time.

I have managed to get a little crocheting and knitting done this week, but not a lot.  The first picture are more baby hats for the local hospital.  They are lavendar-not pink.  I'm not sure why they look pink!
 The second picture are blessing gowns and a burial bunting I made for the hospital, but I may send them to one of the charity groups I'm part of on Ravelry. I put a 12 inch ruler in with them so you can see the sizes more accurately.  One white with blue ribbons, one pink with white ribbon and a blue gown with blue ribbon.  The bunting is pink with white ribbon.
I can't make very many of these without getting depressed so I think I'm done for awhile.

I just began crocheting a blanket for a friend in a nursing facility.  She's not even 50 years old and it gets a bit depressing for her there.  I thought a colorful blanket might bring some cheer to her room.  She's hoping to make enough progress to be able to get her own apartment someday soon and the blanket would be useful there too.  I want to make it fairly large so I think it  may take me awhile.

Hubby wants to take me out to dinner this weekend to celebrate my birthday.  Hopefully we'll both be healthy enough!  I don't want to spread my germs to others.  I'm thinking Applebees.  What do you think?  They have healthy options and I'm still trying to shed some pounds.  Only about 50 lbs. to go!!!!  Applebees has entrees that contain Weight Watcher points so you know what is okay to eat and what to avoid.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I thank you all for your prayers for our little granddaughter.  We're hoping she's on the road to recovery and will be up and running around again very soon.




  1. Betsy, I enjoy following your blog and seeing all the beautiful things you make. I see you on Ravelry as well and was wondering what hints you might have for shipping to all these different locations? Thank you in advance....

  2. I usually just use the USPS. Instead of boxes I use mailing envelopes that I buy in bulk at Staples or Office Depot because they really cut down on the weight of the package. The counter person at the post office suggested that and he's been right. They also know that most of what I mail is for charity and they really try to find me the least expensive option. They've even offered to pay the postage for me a few times!

    I'm glad you're enjoying the blog! It's nice to know someone is actually reading it.



  3. Thank you very much for that helpful information. The boxes really do add weight even for parcel post. I will have to look into getting some envelopes and just send fewer things at a time. I also think sending to groups that are closer to your state makes it less expensive to ship....

  4. Hi Betsy, hope your cold has gone, I blame your DH not me lol! I sorted mine out with Echinacea, it works like a magic for me. I don't know why I don't take it straight after the first sneeze!
    Glad to read your grandaughter is well enough to go home, it is a worry when you can't be there, hope she continues to improve.
    Lovely baby items, yes, I could imagine they would make you sad whilst you were creating them.
    Hope you had a lovely birthday dinner.
    Carol xx

  5. Hi!
    I wanted to email you, but I can't seem to find your address. Can you send it to me?
    I pray that you are feeling better real soon! Thanks for the sweet comments. I really appreciate them!