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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Winter Wonderland

Happy Thursday morning to you my friends.  It snowed again last night.  Not much, but enough for me to get the shovel out and clear the driveway.  It is pretty though.
One of the comments on my last post from "Three Pines Ranch" was brilliant.  I don't know this person and would love to have her post again so we can connect with each other.  I have a hunch she lives close to Spokane because she knew about this little store named "Sew Easy too".  I hadn't even thought of checking there for the thread for Teresa's doily.  That was plain stupid of me because they always seem to have the things the bigger stores don't. This isn't the first time I've found something there that was unavailable anywhere else locally.

Take a look at just one small wall of embroidery floss.  This floss is SO unbelievably soft.  And the colors!  Oh my goodness!

There was even more of this floss that I didn't photograph.

This is the #30 thread that I needed.  Look at all of the colors available.  And I couldn't even find ecru anywhere else, let alone this color selection.
So this is the doily with #10 thread on round 28.  Sorry it's a bit blurry.
This is the doily with #30 thread on round 12.
Both of them together.
I'm not going to rip out the first one.  It's still pretty even though it's too big for Teresa's piano.  I'll finish it later and either give it away or keep it.  This tiny #30 thread is lots of fun to crochet with.  

Several people have posted about crochet hook and knitting needle cases/holders they've bought or made recently.  I've meant to show you mine but I keep forgetting.  Taci showed her new crochet hook case on her blog yesterday and it reminded me again.  I posted about this a year or two ago when I made it! but I'll share again.  I had found a case I like online, but at about $90 it was out of my price range so I made my own double pointed case.

Here it is rolled up.
Here it is open.  I still have lots of room left for more needles. :-)
A close up view.
I went to the cabinet place Tuesday and hubby put in the bottom drawer that evening,  I just love my pantry now.  Hopefully it will stay nice and neat.  He offered to put another drawer in the bottom, but I have jars of my canning, plus a couple of cases of soup that I think may be too heavy for a drawer, so for now we'll just have these four and can add another one later if we want to.
I've also wanted to share with you about a tea that was shared with me.  I've had trouble sleeping for several years.  I believe it's due to the hormonal changes of menopause but who knows for sure.  A fellow blogger gave me a sample of tea that her family, (kids included), drink everyday.  I drink one cup in the evening before bed and I sleep all night!  It doesn't make me sleepy but relaxed I guess. I don't know how to describe it.  Not drugged or anything.  I don't feel ANY different at all, but I sleep all night. I've shared it with friends and they like it too.  I bought mine from  I ordered one package each of whole organic chamomile flowers, cut organic oat straw, cut peppermint leaf, passionflower and mix it all together.  You get a LOT of tea.  I've given lots away and still have a huge jar.  I'm guessing I have enough to last a year or two even after giving lots away.  You just steep one teaspoon in a cup.  

I hope this helps some of you who also have trouble sleeping.  I don't know why it works but it does.  It's also supposed to help regulate blood sugar levels.

And now, my friends, I need to get busy crocheting on this cute little doily.  Thank you "Three Pines Ranch" for your help and please introduce yourself to me. Maybe we even live close to each other!  Wouldn't that be fun?  Vicki, aka "Stitcy McFloss" was a huge help too.  She went so far as to call a local Hobby lobby from her home in Kentucky to try to find the #30 thread for me!  Thanks a bunch Vicki!

Have a lovely day everyone and thanks for visiting with me.



  1. Oh Betsy... that doily is looking so beautiful! I think it's neat you'll end up with two of them.. maybe the bigger one can be a tablecloth for a small round table? I'm just so excited and thankful to you for doing this for me! OK, I'm off to Multnomah Falls to volunteer for the afternoon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. LOVED your color 'feast' on today's post! Maybe it is good that I don't know how to knit, crochet, quilt or embroider (yet) because I know I would be like a kid in a candy store:)
    Both of the doilies are beautiful-you are so talented!
    PS: The finished pantry looks awesome--enjoy it!

  3. That is some awesome embroidery thread :) Your pantry is looking great and so organised :) I really am in awe of your intricate work on the doilies. They are precious xxx

  4. I am in shock in aww of all that floss!!!! Never seen it displayed like that....I think I would go broke if I went in there! I think it's so sweet of you to making that doily for Teresa, she is so lucky to have such a wonderful friend like you...your so thoughtful!
    xx Shari

  5. Wow I love your doily...the sizes are sure different! Your pantry looks awesome so compact.
    I'm going to order your tea combo and see if it works for me. I'll let you know! Enjoy your snow we hardly ever get snow but summer is coming it's been in the high 70 s here in Vegas everyone is in shorts and flipflops

  6. Love all that floss my dear friend and the snow is just so pretty. I think you did a great jib with your crochet hook case. So pretty and you have lots of spaces. Hope you r doing well and that you have a great weekend :)

  7. Oh I love the photos of all the yummy floss! It makes me want to cross stitch! :) Ohhh you are using the awesome DMC thread, it's so nice to work with. I love your doilies! I am only on round 15, but I am enjoying making it with you. :)

    Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  8. I've never used size 20 or 30 thread. I always stick with #10, but I've never been making a doily for someone else that needed to be a certain size either. It just seems like it would be too tedious, but I suppose you'd get use to anything after a while. Your doily is looking great (both of them!). I'm starting a new one today that I've been anxious to get to. The pattern just dropped in my lap from a friend after I'd been going crazy looking all over for it. Things like that happen to me all the time. That's why I always say I'm a lucky girl. :) All that floss is gorgeous hanging there! Love the case.

  9. I bet you felt like you were in a beautiful and yummy candy store when you visited that shop. The size variation in the doilies is amazing. Teresa is going to love hers, hugs to you Betsy. You are a blessing,

  10. ooh that is a good looking pantry!
    love how your snowy front yard looks!

    oh, and in response to your question about the pattern for the beanie i was knitting and hooking... i wrote up a super rough pattern on the ravelry page for it...

    let me know if it doesn't make sense ha ha!

  11. Hello Betsy, The doily is looking very lovely. BE threads are beautiful to work with. I have created several projects using them. Your pantry looks very neat and tidy. Good work. Take care and God Bless. Hugs Judy