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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Home tomorrow!

Life has been busy since I arrived in Portland on Tuesday. Polly and I got here a few hours before Mandy & Brad arrived home. Piper stayed with me yesterday and didn't go to day care so she could get some good naps. She slept almost four hours in total for me during the day. Poor baby was exhausted from traveling. 7 1/2 months old and she is trying to walk. The pediatrician said today that probably within a few weeks she'll be walking on her own without ever crawling. You'll see a picture if her below. I also have some pictures of flowers here at Mandy's. Can you see the bees in the yellow flower? The peony bush is loaded with buds.

The necklace was my Mother's Day gift from Mandy & Brad. It has a disk with all 3 grandchildren's names and a disk that says Grandma and also a heart. I LOVE it.

I had a much anticipated lunch today with my sweet, sweet blogging friends Gracie, Teresa & Taci in Gresham. We had a wonderful time and over two hours passed in a flash. Look at the lovely goodies we gave each other. Gracie brought us each a hand crocheted hot pads. Mine will be much used in the trailer this summer. Taci made us crocheted bookmarks that I plan to use in my devotion book. So pretty. And Teresa gave us each 6 eggs from her chickens. Yum!! I gave the ladies each a dishcloth and a coaster with sheep in a road that says "Rush Hour". I thought that would be good for these ladies who live so close to Portland!

I stayed an extra day at Mandy's request but plan to go home early tomorrow. I hope to be driving by 6:30 a.m. I have lots to do tomorrow at home and the plan is to go to the lake tomorrow night. :-) Not even one night to sleep in my own bed.

And now, I'm off to bed so I'll be ready for my 6 hour drive home tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend my friends.


  1. Hi Betsy, what fun we had today! Thanks again for the beautiful and colorful dish cloth and fun coaster. Drive careful on your way home and enjoy your weekend at the lake. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. You ladies are all so beautiful and talented too! I LOVE to see you all get together and share your creations!
    What can I say about your precious Piper? She is just such a cutie and I know she is a real joy to you:)
    Gorgeous flower photos Betsy...and the bee (LOVE the bee)!
    Praying for a safe drive home for you...

  3. Hi Betsy! Thank you again for the beautiful dishcloth that I will use as a doily [too pretty to scrub dishes :-)] Piper definitely looks like she is ready to take off walking! And I loved seeing Mandy's flowers.
    Blessings to you and yours as you drive home tomorrow AND head for the lake...Woohoo!!!
    Love with hugs from Gracie

  4. Hello Betsy Piper is such a sweetheart. Love your Mother's Day gift. Such lovely gifts you gave each other at your lunch. You ladies are all so lovely and I so enjoy your blogs. Thankyou for the sweet congratulations over on Taci's blog. I am so thrilled to have won. Love Anne x

  5. Hi Betsy, I am so glad all of my favorite friends get to spend the day together, Laughing, sharing gifts and just hanging out with one another outside of blogging, I just love reading all of your stories!
    Have a safe trip!
    xx, Shari

  6. I love reading about your lunches with the ladies and how you bring each other little gifts. Your Piper is a doll. It's amazing how quickly they grow. Have a wonderful weekend and be safe!

  7. What fun you ladies all have together!!! Fun gifts! And the baby has changed SO fast! Walking soon, wow!!!
    XO Kris

  8. Hi Betsy, you girls had such a lovely time together and what perfect gifts.
    Beautiful photos, Piper is gorgeous, love the bees you captured as they went around their business.
    Safe journey home.
    Carol xx

  9. Betsy, so glad your visit was fun, filled with love and lots of good times with your family and friends. As for Miss Piper, make sure if she doesn't crawl before she walks that at least she crawls at some point during play time, here is the therapist in me coming out. Crawling is essential for brain development in the area of reading and palm development for fine motor skills. It doesn't matter if she crawls for her primary means of mobility, just that she crawls around a bit now and again.
    Hugs to you and sorry if I went on and on.

  10. Looks like you girls had a great time! I saw Teresa's post too. I was there in spirit...wish it was for real! Your get-togethers look like a ball. Would love to see you all in person. The flower pictures were gorgeous!

  11. That Piper is a cutie and looks like she is raring to go. So lovely that you blogging ladies are able to get together so often. And so now to be able to share your talents and gifts with each other. I do hope you've had a safe trip home. Blessings, Tammy

  12. How fun...Piper is the cutest...what a smart, advanced little princess :) I had so much fun meeting you my dear friend and I'm so glad you made it safe back home... And to the lake :) hope you are having fun and enjoying your summer vacation :)