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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Finished CAL!

Good Morning friends! It's a chilly 33F here this morning, but the weather person assures us that it's the end of the really cold weather for the season. HA! We shall see. They are wrong a lot aren't they? Hubby says he wishes he could be wrong at work as much as a weather person and still keep his job! It is supposed to reach 80F next week and I'm looking forward to that.

I have a finished CAL doily to show you. Stitchy McFloss has a CAL and KAL going on her blog. Her address is in my sidebar. Feel free to pop on over to see what's happening. She's also in the middle of telling us an intriguing mystery all about knitting/crocheting and a bus! The first photo is while it was blocking and the last two the finished object. It turned out bigger than I expected at 21 inches in diameter. I like how the points are so pointy! :-)

Yesterday I got up early and did some necessary things around the house like dusting and vacumming. It's amazing how having two dogs here causes so much more dog hair. They are also both shedding their winter coats so I think vacuuming will be an everyday thing for awhile. After finishing my chores I was at the nursing home visiting by 9:00 and spent a couple of relaxing hours just visiting with the lovely ladies there. They are so lonely for company. If any of you have a spare hour or two to visit a local care facility I know your visit will be the highlight of someones day.

After that I decided to pop in at the Tuesday morning knitting group at Paradise Fibers. Their internet address is I know you would all LOVE this shop. Let me show you why. The first two pictures are of where we sit and knit and the others are just a glimpse of this two story paradise. There are spinning wheels, looms and fiber galore for both. These bins are just a fraction of the bins full of spinning fiber available. The spools on the wall are for the looms.

I could have filled many posts with all of the pictures of yarn displays and finished objects. This used to be an old carpet warehouse and it is now chock full of yarn and yarny things! SO much yarn, so little time.

Paradise Fibers is family owned and operated. The kids all knit and spin and Dad has designed a spinning wheel. They raise sheep just outside of Spokane, although they have fiber from all of the well known manufacturers. It started out as more of an internet only business. They were located in a questionable part of town that not very many knitters/crocheters were interested in venturing into. A couple of years ago they purchased their "new" building and now enjoy quite a lot of foot traffic along with their internet busines. No I'm not being paid to tell you all of this. I'm just sharing my local yarn shop with you. After I took the pictures I got home and was concerned about privacy issues and all of that so I called Kyle at the store and he told me to have fun sharing with all of you. They don't mind at all! Check out their website, you'll be amazed at everything they have in their store. I've never seen so many needles and hooks in one place. There are HUGE walls full of needles alone. And if you ever make it to Spokane, I'll be happy to take you on your own sightseeing trip to Paradise Fibers. It really is like a Paradise for knitters.

Goodness! I sound like a commercial don't I? I apologize. I just love this shop. I love supporting a family that is working together and they actually seem to enjoy us fiber peopel too. :-)

And now, I'm off to the lake for the day. Thank you for all of your prayers. I'm feeling much better and I'm scheduled for a heart treadmill test next Monday morning. I'll let you know if I survive it. I had one a few years ago and thought I was going to die right then and there!!! Thankfully I'm still around to chat with all of you.

Have a lovely day and know that I appreciate each and every one of you.




  1. That doily is EXQUISITE! And you are so lucky to have the epitome of a LYS so close to you. It's got everything! There must be a lot of crocheters and knitters and spinners in your town! Hope to see you soon.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Your doily turned out so beautiful! :)

    I am in love with your local yarn store. Wow. That place is awesome.

    Glad you are enjoying the story.

    Blessings always dear friend.

  3. Betsy, you did that doily so fast! I saw that CAL, but I figured it would take forever to finish that great big doily! It's gorgeous! Love it.

    That's a fantastic yarn store and so neat and clean-looking. The only one near me (besides the chain stores) is so messy. I hate going in there.

  4. What a spectacular store and how great is it that they re-purposed that old building?!

  5. Betsy, I saw this cal on Stitchies blog, can you tell me what kind of thread you used and how many balls it took to finish? Id love to start with all my material on hand.
    I love the story of you Yarn store Here in Vegas we only have 2 and one just announced she will be closing real soon, bummer for sure. Back to the big stores for me.
    Happy blessings,

  6. Betsy, the doily is amazing. I did the KAL doily and I love it, but the crochet one is exceptional. If I had that yarn store near me I would be in big, big trouble. Oh my it is so beautiful and spacious and cozy all at the same time. I think I might want to live there.

  7. Betsy!!! Soooooo BEAUTIFUL, the doily, Paradise Fibers and you and your loving heart...which I pray will survive the test Monday and for many years to come :-)
    May you and yours continue to be blessed in Jesus' name!
    Love with hugs from Gracie

  8. Beautiful doily! And that shop is gorgeous!
    I would love to sit and knit in there!!!
    xo Kris
    PS Have fun at the lake, and I will be thinking good thoughts for you on Monday!

  9. Love the doily. I have not done a crochet project in years.
    IF I ever visit Spokane, I will expect a guided of the yarn shop by you.
    Have a blessed week.

  10. hello Betsy

    Its been lovely to hear from you several times on my blog...thank you so much :-)
    It seems it is a world trait the constant errors the weathermen/people make make when giving the forecast. My Dad always depended on the signs and he was never far wrong. He used to say people just don't pay attention to nature its telling you what the weather is going to be like just look for the signs.
    Your doily is incredible Betsy so very fine.
    now then that shop what a place can tell them from me... this gal over here in Spain that I'd come over on holiday just to visit that shop. I could see myself spending hrs and hrs there and walking out quite broke LOL!
    Many thanks also for allowing us a peek into your family life. Those photos of your grandchildren are wonderful.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  11. Hi, Betsy!
    I absolutely LOVE your new doily! For some reason, it reminds me of a leaded glass window--maybe in a European cathedral or somewhere. It's beautiful!
    I've had the echo stress test before too--I thought the test would never end:)
    Hope you are enjoying your time in paradise (aka 'the lake').
    Blessings, Aimee

  12. Wow! The doily is absolutely incredible. I know I would have gotten lost in there somewhere after about row 12. HA! Your yarn shop is lovely. I certainly wouldn't mind spending lots of time there. Wishing you all the best, Tammy

  13. Hi Betsy
    I received your email but cannot reply to it as it is a no reply email address.
    However I really wanted to thank you for your offer are so kind :-)
    You never know one day I may just pass through that way.
    I'd really love to do that!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  14. I really liked your response in Claudia's post a day or so ago. You are a lovely Godly woman and that's worth a lot, sugar. Happy to meet you.

  15. OH. MY. GOSH!! That doily is AMAZING. Holy cow! It is so gorgeous!!

    And I love your yarn shop. It is a little slice of heaven.

    Take care of you! I mean it!!

  16. I think you must have been blessed with 48 hours in each of your days - how else do you find time to produce such wonderful work? The doily is just stunning, really beautiful.
    Paradise Fibers is a perfect name for the shop - well it looks like yarny heaven to me. I wish I lived nearby, you'd certainly need a big shoehorn to get me out.
    Carol xx