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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good Morning Thursday!

I'm feeling MUCH better!  Still not 100% but other than a lingering cough, dizziness and a bit of a stuffy nose, I'm ready to join the land of the living again.  Until the next bug attacks!

At noon I'm off to get my new haircut highlighted.  I've never, ever put a drop of dye on my hair before but I'm told it will make the gray blend in more.  I'll see how it goes, it may be the first and last time I do it.  My daughter has been trying to convince me to do it, among other people, so I'm up for one time anyway.  I've had the appointment since before I got sick and I'm glad that I don't have to cancel it.  I hate to mess up other people's schedules.

I have a quick tah-dah moment for you. Last night I finally finished the blanket for my friend.  It turned out to be 46 x 56 inches.  I listened to Carol and added another row and I think now it's just about perfect.  I couldn't have done more without a trip to the yarn shop so I'm glad it worked out the way it did.  Here's a picture for you of the completed blanket.  We have snowy skies today so I turned on all the lights to capture the colors a little. Please excuse the glare.
 And a close up of the picot stitch border.  I think it looks good don't you?  The color is bright yellow but it looks cream in the picture.  All of the colors look pretty washed out for some reason.  I'm a horrible photographer!
Then I quickly made a baby sweater, hat and socks for a friend who's having her second great-grandchild next month.  She's not much older than I am!  She likes to give these sets whenever she attends a baby shower.
 And one more pair of sockies made late last night.  I'll start another sweater today.
Would you believe I have NO projects on the hook or needles?!  I finished everything before I went to bed last night.  I don't believe this has happend in a long, long time.  I always have something going.

Now, I'm off to get my hair done. Sure hope I don't regret this.  52 years with no dye and now I'm caving in to pressure.  :-)  Have a marvelous weekend everyone.  Stay warm and dry if you're in the cold climate areas and cool if you are blessed to live in a warm place.  Like Hawaii.  My dream home.  I want to move.  Soon.  Before next winter.




  1. love the blanket and the baby items. good job on both. glad you're feeling better.

  2. Hi Betsy, I bet the hook and needles won't stay empty for long!
    The blanket looks great, the edging is perfect, you friend will be so happy with it! Beautiful baby outfit.
    Hope you are happy with your new hair colour. I used to bleach my hair until my late twenties, then I had highlights (which meant it took absolutely ages to comb my hair!) but haven't coloured it for many years. So far both DH and I have only got a few grey hairs (which is weird because our siblings have all gone grey). My friend reckons it is something in the water here!
    Carol xx

  3. I can't get over how fast you are! Love that blanket edge.

    Good luck with the stylist (I guess it's done now. ) I colored my hair for almost 20 years and about 3-4 years ago decided to let it all grow out. Now it's silver!

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