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Friday, November 11, 2011

Good Morning to you all.

It's Friday!  Happy, happy Friday.  We have bright sunshine this morning but the forecasters say that will change this afternoon.  Rain and wind up to 50 mph gusts here on the valley floor but in the mountains, oh my, in the mountains where DH and I were supposed to be driving this evening on our way to Montana-one foot of snow and high winds.  Needless to say, we're not leaving tonight.  We may try to drive over tomorrow morning if the roads clear in time.  It's a 5 hour drive and I'm scheduled to speak at 1:30.  There are three other speakers so it won't be the end of the world if I don't show up.  Certainly not worth driving through a blizzard to get there, but I did want to see my grandbabies while we were there.  Oh well.  No use fretting about it.  If I can make it fine, if  not, it can't be helped.

I delivered the slouch hat last night and got pictures!  Are you ready?

Dean is so happy!  Debbie, his wife, had just finished baking chocolate chip cookies with the grandbabies and he promptly put some in a zip-lock bag and into his hat. (middle picture) He is eating the cookies in the last picture.  He says it will be good storage for sandwiches in the winter and ice to keep him cool in the summer!  He's quite a character and we love him.   A retired deputy sheriff, he now teaches at a driving school to keep busy and really enjoys being with the youth at our church.  He's a great role model and since the kids were all wearing these hats, he decided he needed one to fit in.  Dennis and I love to hang out with him and his wife.  What do you all think of the hat?  I had no pattern that fit his specifications so I made it up out of three different ones I found online for free.

Even if I don't go to Montana it's a busy weekend-we always seem to have alternate plans.  My best friends daughter's baby shower is tomorrow and our churches annual Thanksgiving Harvest dinner is Sunday.  So we'll be busy no matter if we drive or stay.
I almost forgot that I told you I would take a picture of my stack of wrapped Christmas gifts.  All done except for ribbon.  Now I can relax.  I think I've decided to stop sending cards this year.  It's just getting too expensive and I think most of our friends have also stopped. 

I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful weekend.



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