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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two More Packages!

Hats, Mittens, Cowls, Washcloth, Scarf & Headband

Two small packages contained a lot of goodies.  See the cowls on the left?  Yoshie hand spun and knitted those.  (Not the same Yoshie that is staying with us!)

Meanwhile, Yoshie, (the one who IS staying with us!) and I spent over six hours sewing tags on the items that arrived on Friday.  I had been caught up with the tagging until Friday thank goodness. 

We also took her to the top of Mt. Spokane yesterday.  It was beautiful weather for the trip since sometimes it's pretty cold up there.  It was perfect-about 74 degrees at the mountaintop.
 This is my wonderful husband with Yoshie at the very tip top of Mt. Spokane.

These were beautiful flowers on the mountain top.  I wish I were a better photographer to do them justice.  The purples and lavendar colors were so vibrant.  After this we visited a lavendar farm and that, my friends, is when I had found my camera battery had died.  The farm was so beautiful.  Rippling hills of lavendar.  I bought sachets for both Yoshie and myself.  I also bought a plant to put in my garden.  I used to have lavendar at our old house, but had to leave it behind.  I'm excited to have it again to use in cooking, sachets and other misc. gifts.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday.  I'll be back soon with more updates.



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