Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Day One Progress

In one day this…

Turned into this…
Progress is being made. I think. It does get worse before it gets better right?

The electrician was out yesterday to scope out the work and refresh his memory from the bid that he did in June. This morning another man was out to run exhaust fans to the outside from the bathrooms. Apparently our bathroom ventilation fan was just going into the attic, which is a big no-no for mold. I haven’t looked at what’s been done so far, but there’s been a lot of hammering and sawing going on! I’m staying downstairs. 😏  Our guestroom now has a toilet, washer and dryer sitting in it! It also has all of the towels and cleaning products, etc. from the bathroom. It’s amazing the difference in one day.

This morning I took Mom for her physical and they gave her the Covid booster while we were there. Then we went and had breakfast together before going to get haircuts. We had planned to go grocery shopping, but decided to stop by Mandy‘s house because it was time for her break and we were just a few blocks away. Poor Lizzie was devastated when we went to leave without her, so we decided just to bring her home for the afternoon to play with Zoey and we’ll  take her back tonight. We’ll do the grocery store run early tomorrow morning. I think Mom had had enough for one day anyway. She was pretty tired. 

I finished the sock that I’m sending to Kathy B for her group that make socks for amputees. This was some leftover sock yarn. I remember that it’s from Knit Picks, but I don’t remember the name of the yarn. I also made up the cuff pattern and the foot is just a simple vanilla sock with a kitchener toe. Kathy, I will try to get it into the mail soon.

I began Mandy‘s Christmas socks and I’m about halfway down the calf right now. I won’t be posting a picture of them until after Christmas because I know she reads my blog.

I also got the Christmas tree out of the box and set it up. Since we had given away our tree when we moved out of the house thinking we wouldn’t have a house for several years, we had to get a new one. This one came from Lowe’s and I must say it’s the easiest tree I have ever set up and it actually looks pretty nice. I did “fluff” the branches more after I took this picture, so those gaps aren’t so noticeable. Obviously I haven’t decorated it yet. Just moving the furniture and putting the tree up took everything I had, with both of the puppies helping and all of the banging and sawing going on upstairs. Decorations will happen tonight or tomorrow. Maybe. I’m learning in my old age that not everything has to be done at one time.😍

Tomorrow is December 1! That is just crazy. This year has flown by even faster than usual. I hope all is well with you my friends and please get your booster if you haven’t so far. The omicron variant sounds like. It might be pretty nasty.

Blessings and love,


  1. It looks gruesome in the bathroom now but will be very exciting in a few days! The new tree looks good!

  2. I look foward to seeing what the new bathroom will look like. Older houses have different things in them including fans. We have on in our master bathroom. I don't think it has mold on it. It's gotten cooler when I came home from Bible study and a bit of shopping. That's what happens when there is a bit of breeze and clouds. I am home and getting things done this week, including oatmeal bars to be made this afternoon and finish the prayer shawl with making tassels and wash it. Send it away to friends this week! Finally! We have a tree that has lights on it. Most likely get it put up this weekend! Hope your mom feels better tomorrow! Hugs and blessings!!

  3. Got my booster a few weeks ago. Crossing my fingers and toes that it is working. So far, so good. 👍

    Yes, work looks awful until it is done. You are going to love your new bathroom.

  4. Oh gosh, memories of our kitchen remodel 12 years ago! They sure can destruct pretty quickly - it's the putting back together that takes more time. Glad they caught that vent. I am married to a former plumber and venting into the attic is a big no-no. It will be so nice when it is finished. I love the updates.

    Sock is gorgeous, you and those puppies are so cute with the playdates, and the tree is very pretty!

  5. Those workers sure got right into demolishing things in the bathroom. Let's hope they are as diligent with putting the new stuff in.
    Your new tree is lovely and full. Can't wait to see it all decorated.

  6. You have a wonderful view out that window! I'd be gazing out instead of getting my work done!
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  7. Wow your tree looks really big! Have fun decorating it....I'm sure it will be beautiful. We got a smaller tree a few years ago and it works well for us, but then we're older than you guys!!! Looks like your bathroom is coming along great!

  8. I hadn't realized...or had forgotten...that you were having your bathroom re-done. It may be a mess for a week or so, but you will be happy with the new one. I enjoyed catching up and reading your last post too. Sounds like you had such a wonderful Thanksgiving and a nice, long weekend with Alex and Tara.

  9. That is progress! Sometimes the clearing out is the worst part! I really liked the green...just looks so vintage!! Yeah for a good day out and about and a tree up!!

  10. Pretty tree even without decorations. I hope the bathroom remodel goes smoothly.

  11. I feel for you I do Betsy! Having been through bathroom renovations in both our bathrooms I just know about, the dust, dirt, fuss and general upheaval. Look forward though dear blogfriend because the end result will be fabulous! I didn't mind the big clean up at all afterwards as I was so delighted with the new bathrooms and it was such an improvement. Well done you for finishing your new baby grand-daughter to be blanket just on time before your son returned to London. It really is beautiful! You must have worked really hard to get it done on time. Generous sized tree! I am looking forward to seeing it in its Christmas glory. Keep well. Amanda x

  12. I had a physical reaction when I saw your bathroom photo...lol. I hope you have better luck than we have had with our kitchen but then again you've got actual experts doing the work. With The Mister it's DIY or die.