Monday, February 11, 2019

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday to you all! I would like to start this post by thanking each and every one of you for your heartfelt wishes and thoughts regarding my nephew Brian. I’m told that the visitation yesterday was standing room only with lines out the door and the funeral was planned for this morning. He was a very well loved and respected young man and will be very missed. I’m sorry I had to miss it, but it’s good to know that the rest of the family is rallying around each other.

And reading other blogs it sounds like snow is hitting everyone. We have had around 15 inches or so just since Friday. Dennis has been snowblowing several times this weekend, including this morning before he went to work. A winter storm warning ended at 7:00 this morning and another one is set to begin this afternoon. We have another 15 to 18 inches predicted by tomorrow afternoon and snow is in the forecast every day for the next seven days. 

And that’s exactly what I get for talking last week about what a mild winter we’ve been having. People are threatening to hunt the groundhog down and shoot it. He predicted our winter was almost over. Ha!

This is what fell overnight. About 7 inches.

One of our neighbors was out snowblowing this morning.   I’ve been hearing a lot of snowblowers during the last couple of hours.  The snowplows had come through twice during the night and there was already a layer of new snow on the streets. School hasn’t been canceled though. Some had a 1 to 2 hour delay, but it takes a lot to cancel school here.

If another 15 inches fall tonight we will have well over 3 feet of snow on the ground. And, of course, I have another doctor appointment up on “the hill” Wednesday morning with the spine doctor. Now you have to understand. I grew up in the midwest, we live near the mountains here. When I say “the hill” this is no midwest hill. It’s steep. Very steep. I’m hoping the snow plows are out in full force before that appointment.

I have a hat done and packaged up, ready to go to the post office for this year’s crochet challenge for Warm-up America. The recipients will be Walter Reed Hospital for veterans and servicemembers and their families. You could choose to either crochet an afghan or knit this hat. They provide the patterns for you to use. This was a very easy hat and only took me about two hours with worsted weight yarn.

I have also finished one wheelchair blanket for the veterans home and started another one yesterday morning.
This one is finished, but not washed and blocked yet.

I still have several more inches to crochet around this one.

You can’t tell in this picture, but it was snowing pretty hard. The robins were all fluffed up very fat and huddled in masses in the trees in the backyard yesterday. One tree had at least 100 robins in it. I felt so sorry for them. Our temperatures never got above 8°F all weekend and the lows were much lower. They probably don’t know what’s happening. I’m surprised we have robins in February anyway, but as I said, until now it’s been a mild winter

This area was all clean when we went to bed last night. It just keeps coming down.

Judy asked about the pattern for the sweater Piper was wearing in one of my last posts. I tried to find it and I think it is called the “girls all-in-one sleeveless top” by Marianne Mel. It is a free pattern on ravelry. I have been very bad about answering your questions and I will try to be better.  I always forget when writing a post to go back and check for any questions you might have had. If you’ve asked me a question and I haven’t answered it, please ask again and I will try to remember to answer it next post.

Stay safe and warm everyone.

“He sends His command to the earth; His word runs swiftly. He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes. He hurls down His hail like pebbles. Who can withstand His icy blast? He sends His word and melts them; He stirs up his breezes, and the waters flow.”   Psalm 147:15-18



  1. Just saw this new post! Very snowy here, too, and I sure know what you mean when you say hills. There aren't nearly enough plows in our area which is the reason our schools, etc., close. I think lots of teachers live far away also.

  2. Catching up on blog posts Betsy. First of all, so sorry to read your last post about your nephew.

    You are certainly getting hit with the winter weather - be safe and warm! Thnk of being housebound as found knitting time! I love that picture of all the birds huddled (and puffed up) in the tree.

  3. Wow.. your snow always amazes me! Rain started here last evening and is melting the snow although we still have some and I stayed home from my DAR meeting this morning as our driveway is still snowy, icy and slippery. I love all your knit and crochet projects you showed today, you will need a LOT of red, white and blue for your veteran's projects! I hope you're able to get to your spine doctor's appointment! Take this time to enjoy your needlework and by all means, do not shovel any snow. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Oh you did get snow. More for us on the way now. Cancelled Firemans doctor appt tomorrow. 45 minutes there and back just not worth the risk. Love your heart in the middle of the lap blanket

  5. Those red, white and blue projects are beautiful. I love the heart in the center of the blanket.

    Best wishes getting through the snow to your doctor. We live on a steep hill too. Thankfully, the township has been VERY good with brining and plowing this winter and the road has only been bad once.

  6. Perfect Bible verse for those of us snowed in! The promise of spring! :)

  7. Fortunately, it hasn't snowed much here, but the wind has been howling. I hope you're able to get to your doctor's appointment safely.

  8. WOW! Your photos remind me of all the snow I had to shovel back in NY, and why I so appreciate how pretty Mt. Hood is...especially since I don't have to shovel any of its snow :-) I admire all of your stitching and pray you will stay safe and cozy. xx

  9. Now that's alot of snow, Betsy! We only got a smattering of snow on Sat and no more. May get snow overnight tonight but not sure it will happen as it's above freezing. i'm not holding my breathe! Megan is waiting to hear of her transfer to another Safeway, hopefully starting by end of month. More hours and in the bakery! She worked in floral dept where she helped unload flowers from a semi trailer all her shift! Brrrr...and she brought me home some flowers too! Sweet!! Gotta head for bed and have a blessed week. Love all your items you make and give to others. I'm sure they appreciate it! Hugs!

  10. No snow here in Oz of course Betsy as its waaay too hot. Had winds though hot fire spreading ones.some highways closed with fires so praying for fire fighters... homes etc.
    Pray you make Drs appt ok... God willing. Love your verse thought at first it was from Job. Good snow ones there too! Yes spring is coming!
    Prayer hugs Shaz. PS love the knitting hope.pray the wee robins are ok too.

  11. So much snow, my goodness. I really do hope that you will be able to get to see your spine Doctor, that hill sounds steep! Love all your projects, a real boost for veterans who deserve a little joy in their lives.

  12. The snow is so beautiful. I'd love another storm before spring but it's probably not going to happen. It's been raining like crazy. It sure feels like spring. Wet, muddy spring. Ugh.

  13. Well, It's Tuesday here and still not a snow flake around. Threaten to shoot the groundhog crack me up!

  14. Oh, wow, I LOVE the heart you put in the middle of that one afghan! Is this one big granny square? My aunt taught me to make these for babies. I just keep going around and around about 40 times, and it is just the perfect size. I never thought to make a heart in the middle! This is just adorable. I love it. I am still thinking of you and your dear family as you miss your nephew and everyone works through all of the grief. SO, so sad. I trust the Lord will clear up the weather for you before you have to drive up that huge hill. May He always watch over and protect you, sweet friend.

  15. I don't think we have had as much snow here but it has been pretty rotten weather. I think the school kids have used up all their snow days. Pretty hat and sweater. Tae care going up the hill! Nancy

  16. Sweet Betsy, my survey is now working. Y'all come back now ya hear!

  17. Dear Betsy, I am so sorry about your nephew. What a wonderful man he was and even after death thinking of others and how he could help. I will pray for you and all his family who will miss him so much.
    You are getting a lot of snow! and now I know where all the robins are! What are they doing...send them down here! LOL!
    Love your hats and blankets and what a great cause to donate to.

  18. Again I am so sorry about your loss Betsy, your nephew sounded like an amazing young man. Hope you are safe in all that snow!