Thursday, August 9, 2018

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes...

Hello Everyone!  Well, as everyone seems to know, we on the west side of the U.S. are experiencing lots of wildfires and smoke.  This was the view last Friday, yes a whole week ago, at the lake.  It has just gotten worse.  In fact with hot weather, (the temperature is predicted to be 107F tomorrow), and air in the "unhealthy" range, we came home on Sunday and haven't gone back.  The extreme heat is very, very unusual.  This summer has NOT been a good one.  This morning I couldn't see the houses across the street from us because of smoke.  None of the fires are threatening us, it's just the unrelenting smoke from all of them burning, even the California fires are affecting our air quality.  We do have several fires within 20 miles or so of us in three different directions!  Making matters worse is the fact that Spokane lies within a "bowl" which causes air inversions.  It usually affects us most in the wintertime with the air lying in the bowl and not blowing away.  This summer it's the smoke that isn't leaving us.  So, I feel truly blessed to have air conditioning and I'm staying inside for the most part.
 Yesterday, although we couldn't see the blue sky, I was able to take a photo of my "Rose of Sharon" bush.  I love this bush.  It starts blooming around the 4th of July every year and blooms until the first frost.  It's my favorite color and I look forward to the first blossom every summer.
I did finish another pair of socks, made with Knit Picks Stroll Tweed in the Thirst Heather colorway.  I used the Hermione pattern again.  I really like that pattern as it gives the sock texture and some grip so the leg isn't always falling down.
I made some mittens for the school children this week.  Four pair....
 and another five pair.  The big ball of Loops and Threads Impeccable yarn makes a LOT of mittens!  There is probably enough to make two or three more pair from that same ball.  I needed a break though so...
I made Miss Piper a hat to go with the rainblow wristwarmers I made her last week.  She wanted a pom-pom so I got out my Clover pom-pom maker and made my second ever pom-pom.  I think I'm addicted to them.  Those little gadgets make them so easy to make.
 I have another pair of socks on the needles.  I know it's a Knit Picks yarn, but I've lost the label somewhere. These are also made with the Hermione pattern. Should I put pom-poms on the toes! Ha!
The girls are becoming my knitting companions.  Whenever I'm home and in my chair, both of them are sitting with me.  I really am enjoying having them here.  I've always loved both of them and I've missed having an animal sit with me.  Chloe is too big for a lap dog!  Frannie (14) is on the left and Amelia (16) is on the right.  Sweet girls.  I feel terrible when we are gone to the lake because they are truly "people" cats.  At least with us.  The minute a stranger walks in the door they become ghost kitties!  I can't find them even when I look.  As soon as the door closes behind the visitor when they leave, both are right back with Dennis and I. 
I'm still having photo issues with the computer, but Dennis is patiently working on the problem.  Hopefully this particular issue is resolved now.

There really isn't a lot happening right now.  I've just been staying inside, watching podcasts on utube, some Netflix and knitting mittens!  It seems like a waste of summer, but this darn smoke is awful.  Then I feel terrible for complaining because there are so many people losing everything from the fires.  I have also been spending a lot of time in prayer.  There are so many concerns right now throughout the world.  I am grateful to have the luxury of time to pray for others.  Many times, as I knit and feel the yarn run through my hands, I pray for the person that will be wearing the item I'm making.  I think of the prayers woven through each stitch and hope the recipient will know that someone cares about them.

I hope each of you also know that I also care about each one of you. If any of you would like me to pray for you, please feel free to send me a private email at  I would be honored.

This was my Mom's favorite Bible verse.  I think of it often.

"I lift up my eyes to the mountains-where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 121:1-2

another favorite of mine,

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends."  John 15:13

I hope I would do this if it were required of me.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends and BE SAFE!



  1. The smoke from Canad came in this afternoon, I pray for rains so the fires go out. You are getting lots done anyway! :)

  2. We had alot of smoke in the air today...saw it when I looked out the door at work. Didn't go on a walk this evening with Phil as my eyes are already itching and asthma attack not an option. Megan did go out and water the plants as she had the day and even cooked dinner! Health advisory here too. I can only imagine what it's like living closer to the fires or fighting the fires in this heat! I like the first pair of sox you showed. It's chilly enough indoors this even that a pr of sox would make me a bit warmer but I don't want to change out of my sandals cuz my feet didn't want shoes after I got home from work! Have a good week in spite of weather and smoke conditions. Thankful we've got it better than others and thank God for helping us through the ups and downs in life! Hugs my friend, Becky

  3. I’m sorry to hear that your part of the world is having so many weather problems. It does seem to have been a challenging year for weather in many places in the world this summer. Here in the UK we’ve had a prolonged heatwave which is very unusual but thankfully it is raining today, slow, steady wonderful rain :)
    As always I admire all your knitting but particularly like Piper’s hat and wrist warmers, so colourful, I am sure she will be very happy with them.
    I hope you and your husband stay safe and that the weather will resolve itself very soon.

  4. It is so heart breaking to see all the fires that are happening. Prayers that it soon ends. Love seeing all the things you make. You are always so busy. I am with you on staying in, the heat is horrible. Not 107 horrible, but we have been in the 90's and very humid. So sad about the lake and all that is going on. I hope you all get to get back up that way soon, I know how much you love it there. Wishing you a day filled with many blessings sweet friend. :)

  5. I'm sorry it's been such a hard summer up there. We've had some smoke but nothing like that. I hope they can get the fires put out soon and that your weather changes too. I loved seeing everything you've been making. I don't think you're wasting your summer at all, for what it's worth. It seems to me that you're making the best of a very difficult situation, and as long as you're enjoying what you're doing, that's what really matters. :)

  6. Your cats are so adorable! You are very talented at crocheting. Thanks for the share, have a fantastic rest of your week. Keep up the posts. Great stitch work.
    World of Animals

  7. I know just how awful the smoke can be. We had wildfires near us in July of 2008 and the smoke was relentless. I hope you get a breeze to blow it out of there soon. And....some rain to finally put those fires out.

    I have something similar I do about prayer --- every time I hear a siren I pray for those that need help and that those responding to the need are safe and are able to help.

  8. Your cats are the same color as mine. Too funny. I remember knitting mittens as a child, mom or grandma did the thumb. It is very smokey here in Idaho also.

  9. Praying for safety for those in the fire danger areas and all those that fight the fires.
    Mitten mania. !!! wow. You are doing wonderful things for your knit summer. Im impressed!

  10. My heart goes out to all those affected by the fires. I also pray when crocheting and weave a little love into some of my makes. God has been good to me this year and given me Gerard to love for a little longer, I will be forever thankful for the miracles he has performed. Stay safe.

  11. Wow...that is smokey. The Mister started up the grill last night and that's what my backyard looked like. I thought one of the neighbors might call the fire dept.
    I love those Hermoine's in a tweed. I never knew that pattern would look so good in a solid. I am going to have to keep that in mind.

  12. Hello Betsey I have not commented in a while,Calways check in though smile the fires sound horrendous. My prayers are with everyone affected. We have had very hot weather here in UK - I don't like it but things could be worse.
    I love the rainbow hat and wrist warmers. You granddaughter is beautiful and lucky to have such beautiful knits and loving grandparents. Take care Anne x

  13. What a frustrating this summer must be for you Betsy. I know you love your lake place so much. And now, even at home, not to be able to go out due to all the smoke. Praying for some better weather (rain/winds) for you and others out west. I'm glad you can keep busy with your knitting and podcasts.

  14. Sweet friend, I had you on my heart today very heavily. I didn't even realize you were so close to those fires. I am so thankful you aren't in danger of the actual fire, but that smoke must be horrible. I know the recipients of your gifts feel the weight of the prayers you pray for them as you knit. I know I sure do. I think of you every, single day using my beautiful dish cloths. Your rose of sharon bush is just gorgeous ~ my favorite color, too. My dear husband planted one for me in our yard, and it bloomed three different colors. I hated leaving all of those precious shrubs, trees, plants, and especially the dear rose garden he planted over so many years for me. That was one of the hardest parts of selling our home and moving was leaving all of the work he had put into that yard. Life goes on, and we wonder why things happen the way they do, but there is so little over which we have any control. Thank you for your post tonight. It was so good to hear from you. You know I always long for your prayers, so if you have some extra ones to send up, my family and I would appreciate it so much. Sending much love to you, sweet friend.

  15. I do wish I could do something for the heat and the smoke out there. My California family have been stuck indoors for a while with a 2 and 4 year old. Prayers are on the way.
    Mittens and socks and more. Oh my.
    Blessings my dear friend and I am so glad that we were able to visit through your blog and my podcast.

  16. Wow, it's really smoky there! We have some haziness but not near that much. I'm so unhappy with our world burning up. I don't remember such fires when I was younger. Love your Rose of Sharon, I finally got one and it's in bloom out in the yard. I might go take some photos when it cools down a bit. I'm impressed with all the mittens you got out of one skein.. you need to buy more of those skeins in all colors of the rainbow! I'm sure glad to be home and resting up. The wedding tomorrow is outdoors.. eeek. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Hello, I am glad you have A/C also. The fires have been relentless! I love that you keep busy and truly make such lovely things! You are an artist! May the fresh wind blow in soon and clear the air! Enjoy this day! Hugs, Roxy

  18. It is so scary for all of your out west and of course so sad for those who have lost their homes. Your photo looks like it was taken in North Carolina or Virginia int he Smokey Mountains. Stay safe and inside Betsy.

  19. I feel so sorry for you and for all the people that are involved in these fires and the fire fighters. May God watch over you all. It would so hard not to be able to enjoy going outside. Nancy

  20. LOTS of smoke in my area, too, so much that the mountains are not visible. The large wildfires are frightening and my heart breaks for those who've lost everything. Love all your knitting projects.

  21. So sorry for the dreadful smoke you are suffering with! Your stitching projects are wonderful, and I so appreciate the Scriptures you share! In this time of transition I am in I have found myself being more intentional in praying and grateful for the time to pray, too. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement, dear Betsy. xxxxxxx