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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Happy Sunday!

It's unusual for me to post on a Sunday, but here I am.  It may be a busy week so I thought I would just stop in and say hi in case it doesn't happen later in the week. :-)

We were able to spend the nights Friday and Saturday at the lake.  Oh my goodness!  It was wonderful.  We walked some and Dennis got some jobs done out there.  We drove in early this morning, around 7:00 a.m., took our showers and headed off to church.  Lunch out with friends and now we're home.  Dennis is mowing and I have some ice on my back while I write this.  Hopefully we'll be going back to the lake for a few hours this afternoon before coming back this evening.

You can barely see the grab bar across the screen door here.  This is Larry and Nita's trailer and Dennis installed it for them yesterday to make it easier to open & close the door on the camper.  We have one on ours and it was very helpful for them so he's surprising them with one of their own!  You can see Lori carrying a garbage can FULL of pinecones to the golfcart to take them to the burn pile.  Mattie is laying on the mat outside the door.  The corner of our trailer can be seen across the way with just Dennis' legs in view!  Spring clean-up has begun.
We were planning to put new handrails on the steps of all three trailersr to make it easier for Larry and Nita to go in and out.  Here a great consultation was going on between Dennis and Paul outside our trailer.  Ultimately they decided to put the handrail that Dennis is holding on the stairs going down the hill and I bought new handrails for all of us on Amazon that "should" work better for everyone.  They are supposed to arrive this week.  There is always a project or two happening at the lake.
My Knit Picks order arrived and I had so much fun going through it when the box arrived.
First of all is five pair of socks worth of Tweed fingering weight.
Three skeins of Chroma Twist.  I've never used it before and it looks like fun!  And on the right is a Hawthorne fingering skein.  There was a great sale going on and I got all of this yarn for around $65.00!  I think that was a fantastic bargain.  Enough for nine pair of socks unless I decide another shawl should be made with some of it. :-)
Thursday morning was spent at the hospital with Larry and Nita while he had surgery on his knee to repair a tear in something or other!  I think it was the miniscus.  When the surgeon came out to talk to us she said he has "bone on bone" in two places and the tear was much larger than they thought.  A knee replacement is in his very near future according to her.  He looks happy here but not so much afterward.  He hasn't been able to keep anything down since surgery and that is VERY unlike Larry.

Since Nita just had a hip replacement about 6 weeks ago, I've been spending lots of time at their house.  Grocery runs, etc. have been the order of the day.  I have NO time to deal with a back that keeps giving me issues.  I have too many things to do.  That's a lot of the reason why my whole back issue is so annoying.  The pain I can deal with, but the spasms incapacitate me.
Chloe and I were walking down the street to get mail when the young, (college age), boy next door called her over.  He loves her and it looks like the feeling is mutual doesn't it?  They had a nice love-fest before we meandered on down the road.  
I have finished the first leg on my "Petty Harbour" socks and started the cuff of the second sock.  It's
working very well for me to do both socks at one time.
 I just finished the 5th square on this bigger nine-patch square while driving into town this morning.  These little squares are quite addicting.
And now I hear Dennis washing the lawn mower so I know he'll be ready to go back to the lake in a few minutes.  I hope you all have a lovely week and I'll be reading your blogs to say hello.  I must admit, I'm quite jealous of Debra, (Araignee on my sidebar).  She just attended the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival this week and I would have loved to see the cute baby sheep and dog and sheep trials she posted about today.  Maybe next year.  I really should have gone when Mandy lived in Maryland.  It would have been so convenient wouldn't it?  Oh well.

Take care my friends and enjoy the week.

"Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth.  He will not grow tired or weary, and His understandinng no one can fathom.  Isaiah 40:28



  1. Phil had trouble starting his lawn mower yesterday but it finally started....after I prayed that it would start! Sweet! love all that yarn you have and looking good forward to what's in store for you this week! Hugs and blessings!

  2. What a blessing you and Dennis are to Nita and Larry! The handrails will be a tremendous help for both of them. Sorry to hear that your back continues to give you trouble and such pain. Your socks and little squares look amazing. Happy knitting.

  3. That photo of Chloe made my day! She is a dog in bliss!!!

    I agree with you about those blanket squares. They are just too much fun!

  4. Your yarn is quite lovely. I went over to the Knit Pick website since I had never been there before. I requested a catalog because I'm sure I will order sometime in the future. Knitting Warehouse is another good website to order crochet and knitting supplies.

  5. Your Knit Picks haul makes me happy! I should pay attention to their sales more often.

  6. Dear Betsy a record two comments on two ost in ten mins.. but one was written three times over a week so perhaps no record.
    Glad you’re at lake. Praying fir miracles for your back spasms. Are you able to,take magnesium. Magnesium is a great muscle relaxant and helps with my leg cramps and jumping legs, so may help your spasms??
    Hugs and prayers and LORD ... am praying most earnestly bless miraculously on your back dear sis,
    Hugs Shaz,xxxx

  7. Great catch-up post Betsy! Love all your new yarn from KnitPicks. I really like their yarn, but I stayed away from their site during the last sale -- I need to hold off buying yarn for a little bit....

    So sweet of Dennis and you to do so much for your friends (of course, that's what friends are for). Happy you are finally able to get to the lake AND spend the night!

    Just sorry your back is still bothering you. Hope you can have improvement quickly.

  8. What a joy to see your neighbour with Chloe, a lovefest indeed! The yarn order was another great joy, beautiful colours. You will be in my prayers in the hope your back spasms will ease. Enjoy the lake.

  9. I love your Isiah quote today Betsy.
    Im sosorry about your back. you are a dear to help your friend so wonderfully. Things like this matter so..
    and I LOVE your yarn haul!!!!!! I think you got a great bargain!

  10. There you are in pain, and yet, you keep doing for other. You are such a bright light of His love. Love seeing all your pretty yarn and projects. So glad you are able to go to the lake. Enjoy sweet friend. Blessings always ((hugs))

  11. So nice to have a lake getaway.
    I am so glad that my yarn fast is allowing Knit Picks to have plenty of yarn for you, friend. lol
    It always warms the heart to see what makes our puppies happy.
    Have fun with your new yarn and at the lake

  12. Good Morning, I am so glad you got to go and enjoy the lake!!!!! I know how much you enjoy being there... Did you sell your smaller RV?????

    Bet you had a good time going through all of the new yarn.... That order is like Christmas Morning for you. Right???? ha

    I talked about a new book you would enjoy reading on my blog today....

  13. I'm so happy that you had time to enjoy the trailer and the lake. We have a small two night trip in our future . . . it's just nice to get away even if it is only for a couple of days.

  14. Who can resist loving a sweet dog! Coco thinks everyone should pay attention to her. I am sorry to hear your friend is not doing well. I hope he is doing better by now. That yarn looks like you will be doing a serious lot of knitting! Glad to read that you got to spend some lovely time at the trailer. So nice that you have good neighbors! Nancy

  15. It is so nice to stop by and be able to catch up with you, sweet friend. :) I am so grateful to you for your encouragement and kindness to me. Thank you for following my new blog and for your loving support. I am praying for you and Dennis and SOOOO happy to know you are enjoying your time at the lake. Sending love and hugs your way!

  16. I'm so glad to hear that you're getting to spend time in your lake trailer and that you're getting things all spiffed up for the season. Your yarn purchase is great and I look forward to seeing the things you make with it all. You are so good to spend so much time helping out your friends while you're having back difficulties. I hope you come this way someday soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Hello dear Betsy! I so love your trailer posts!!! How nice that your Dennis is so willing to help others. And you as well! Even through your pain.
    I loved your yarn haul. Oh my! I need to place a Knit Picks order soon. I have used all of those yarns, and I like them.
    Take care of you!
    XO Kris

  18. Sounds that you had a wonderful day!
    Handrails are useful for all to get some grip for climbing.
    Your knitting kit looks good with beautiful colors. Nice to see you have started with your projects.
    Prayers for Larry and Nita to get well soon:)