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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The day after the day after...

Good morning friends. Christmas is over.  Jamie and the kids went home yesterday and through my tears, I decided the best way to cope would be cleaning.  I washed all the sheets and towels and remade beds.  I vacuumed and swept all of the floors.  I cleaned bathrooms. Then I took down the tree and last night Dennis carried everything to the storage closet for me.  This morning I packed up the last of the decorations.  The only thing I have left out is my snowmen collection and they stay out until the middle of February or so.  I would much rather look at stuffed snowmen than the cold, white stuff outside. It's easier for me to  cope with an empty house if all signs of the visit are gone quickly.  That may seem an odd way of coping but it's what I've found works best for me.

Mandy and Piper face-timed a couple of times through the day yesterday and Alex face-timed from Tokyo, I think the calls were because they knew I was feeling really lonely after the grandbabies left.  They both face-timed every single day over the holiday weekend which I know isn't easy for either of them.  Mandy had family obligations at various places and just the time difference makes talking with Alex a challenge even when it's not a holiday.  Oh. How I miss my kids and tears are falling as I write this, but at least we know they love us.  And...we're flying to Omaha next weekend to have a late Christmas with our Omaha family.  Dennis will be there for his birthday with his Mom for the first time in years, so it's all good.  I'll get over the tears.  I always do until I think to much about the fact that none of them are here. :-)

I forgot to show you this yummy lotion that Cheryl, ( Homespun Devotions blog), sent me last week.  It smells like Peppermint and it's wonderful.  Please say a prayer for Cheryl's family, especially her sister Debbie and nephew Mark, as Debbie's husband LD passed away yesterday from cancer.  The family is devastated and grieving deeply during this season where everyone else seems to be so joyful.
 I bought this apple pie at a gluten free bakery and it was a hit with Kyleigh and Caleb.  They said it was really delicious but I can't for the life of me figure out why gluten free foods cost so much.  This one pie was $17.99!  They always go without when others are eating pie though, so I bought it anyway.  For those of you that eat gluten free, do the ingredients REALLY cost that much more?  It wasn't just the pie.  I bought bread, crackers, cereal and hot dog buns too and they all cost much more than "normal" food.  Don't get me wrong.  I didn't mind getting these foods for them at all, I just can't figure out how people can afford to eat like this all of the time. :-)  Isn't it a pretty pie?
 Our tree on Christmas morning.  It was definitely a white Christmas here and the snow is still falling!
I managed to make four matching dishcloths over the weekend for some girlfriends of mine that I'll see next week.
 and two more.
 I made my friend Teresa another hat a couple of weeks ago that I forgot to show you.  She texted me yesterday and asked if I would make her another one as she gave it to a homeless woman yesterday.  Well of course I will!  That makes 6 since last winter that I've made her.  She gives them away and I make more!  A great collaboration in my mind!  Teresa is a school teacher and an amazing one at that.  I would have loved to have a teacher like her when I was a child.
The sun was coming up over Mt. Spokane yesterday morning when I looked out the patio door.  I thought the pink was beautiful.
 Snow fell, and fell and fell yesterday.  It wasn't even in the forecast!  More is on the way. I need to go shovel the driveway again, but Dennis has forbidden me.  I shoveled yesterday and got into big trouble when he got home last night.  Tomorrow another 6-8 inches is forecast and then freezing rain after the snow.  Yuck.
Well, I'm off to finish some cleaning and then I need to knit on a scarf for a co-worker of Dennis.  I'm trying to find a nice easy one that will go fast!

I hope you're all having some relaxing time after all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday.  I'll be back soon and popping around to visit your blogs too.

Suddenly a great company of the Heavenly Host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, "Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peach to those on whom His favor rests."
Luke 2:13-14



  1. As more and more people demand GF foods, I think he prices will decrease. My friend, Cheryl's husband requires GF, so she has a special flour that she mixes for baking. I think the flour requires four or five ingredients alone, so that in itself adds to the cost of the items.

    Love all the knitting you've been doing & that you keep making hats for your friend.

  2. Sometimes the house gets quiet when the kids leave, I understand.
    I leave my little tree up until Epithany- it also gives me extra time to finish off the holiday treats- then, back to the diet!
    I am going to try to crochet and knit more things to give away this year- you’re an inspiration to me.
    Have a good week!

  3. Betsy, I bet you could find the ingredients and make homemade gluten free foods for much less. Have you gotten a gluten free cookbook? Or you can google gluten free recipes. I'm on a low carb regimen and my sister has found recipes for cheesy biscuits and almond cookies using almond flour. We leave our decorations up until the day after New Years.. then it all comes down and it looks so bleak around here! I need to find a new crochet project.. I'm doing Lucy's new blanket but it doesn't start until in January sometime. I'm happy you get to go to Omaha.. you will be very happy there. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

  4. I love that your friend gives away her hats to the homeless and you knit her more. You are both angels.
    I have a bad case of snow envy. It's is cold here but no white stuff. I hate when that happens.

  5. Baby its cold outside. So cold yesterday and now it's the 40s. We still have our tree up til beginning of new year. Finally got it decorated the day before Christmas. Glad you spent time with family different ways. Our day was quiet. Your dishcloths are pretty. I'm hoping to knit more next year. I've got the bug! Enjoy your trip to Omaha and little Piper is most likely anticipating your arrival. Hugs and blessings and no shoveling for you. No repeat of injuries!

  6. Wow, you folks over the mountains sure are getting lots of snow. Ours is melting fast and it's supposed to rain tomorrow. Love those washcloths you made; I know the pattern but what is the yarn? It's perfect! Sounds like you had a good Christmas and will have a great celebration for New Year's in Omaha. Safe travels! Oh, and a blessed New Year!

  7. Dear Betsy,

    My husband has been a coeliac for years now, (22 to be exact) and I still cringe at the price of things which are gluten free. Bread is more than double the price and half the size of mine, but I never begrudge paying for it. We eat things mostly made from scratch with a few luxury items bought from time to time. I tend to use gluten free pasta, as it is simpler cooking the one lot. If I cook for more people then I do two lots of pasta. We look for specials with some basic foods, and tend to not eat a lot of cake or biscuits. However, it is harder when the coeliac is a child and they don't want to be different from everyone else. I now have quite a collection of recipes and I often substitute gluten free ingredients for those in the recipe. I always have a full meal for my husband in case the party or function we attend is not gluten free. I will not eat if there is nothing for him to eat. I think it will get easier for you as your grand-children grow and you are able to make gluten free items from scratch. Prices are expensive because there is so little food produced compared to the amounts of normal food. Gluten free pie pastry is not always easy to get right, but perhaps a pie with a gluten free crumble may be just as delicious without the pastry. I feel your pain at saying good bye to your loved ones. I miss my kids as I don't see them often due to distance and just love having them together at Christmas. I enjoy your blog. Thanks for writing it. Regards, Robyn

  8. Sending you a hug Betsy, I do know how it feels waving family off. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas with lots of lovely memories made. Love that your friends gives the hats away. Safe travels.

  9. I also cope with my family leaving that way. I do feel for you so much, Betsey. I probably will not be Skyping with my grandchildren for a little while as my son-in-law's mother is out there. I am going to miss their stories and their waves and smiles.
    Your knitting is so good and I love how your friend gives her hats away. What is the name of you dishcloth and hat patterns. I think I would like to make both (I know.....When?)
    Prayers, blessings and HUGS my dear friend

  10. Sounds like a great Christmas for you all... Glad some of the family got there to be with you --but sad to hear how hard it is for you when they leave... BUT--like you said, you will be in Omaha next week to see more family... That is a good thing...

    Son Mark had a rough month (holidays) after losing his wife in August... BUT--he has his first grand baby coming in January --so that will bring much JOY to him....

    We have had G's daughter with us --trying to help her find some JOY in the season after she lost her husband in November... It has truly been a rough year for our families....

    Happy New Year.

  11. Hi Betsy, Our son and granddaughter left Wed. Our other son, wife and granddaughter leaves on Saturday so I understand how hard it is to say good by. We are thankful we do have two living near ua. Your dishcloths are so pretty and the hat is too. I agree you should not be shoveling. Your hubby just wants to take the best care of you. So cold here. Some snow but not a lot yet. Hope to have help getting our tree and decorations put away tomorrow before they leave. Stay warm and well! Nancy

  12. Oh, sweet friend! My heart just goes out to you so much as you miss your dear loved ones! That is SO hard. Sometimes, I just don't understand why life has to be so hard. Loved ones have to live so far away and break our hearts, and I don't blame you one bit for putting all of the reminders away. You sound like me...I clean when I am down, too. I love to clean, period. Everyone thinks that is so weird, but cleaning is absolutely therapeutic for me. THANK YOU for your precious, kind words and for asking for prayers for my family. I tell you, we just cannot believe LD is gone. I have cried so much the past few days, my eyes have swollen. We were SO sure God was going to raise him up and leave him with us for a while longer, and when this happened, it hit us like a punch in the stomach. SO hard to understand, and once again, we have to just realize that God is God, and we are not, and there is not one thing we can do but try to accept that His will is better than ours. I am so thankful our dear LD is no longer suffering, but, oh, my, that doesn't take away the pain of missing him and his advice, guidance, wisdom, stability, and the blessing he was to all of us. My dear sister and nephew are just beside themselves, and I am trusting God to get them through all of this pain. I am so happy you like your lotion...I love anything from Bath and Body Works, but that fragrance and the Vanilla Bean Noel are my two favorites! Your beautiful dishcloths are just SO pretty...I LOVE mine and use constantly. I think the circular ones are pretty enough to be doilies!!! Sending much love to you today and much gratitude for your precious friendship, love, support, and prayers. I hope Jesus comforts you as you miss your loved ones.

  13. I know what you mean about missing children when they are gone. We do the same thing with taking down the decor when the "party" is over.

  14. I send you ((hugs)) sweet friend. I totally get that you need to clean up and clear out so you don't get sad when you sweet family leaves. :) Prayers sent to your friends. I hope you are feeling better. Wishing you a most lovely day and a Happy New Year filled with many blessings and much joy. ((hugs))

  15. Oh Betsy Honey. We cried on Tuesday when the kids flew away. Like my little birds from a nest they flew. I should NOT have watched them walk into Ohare and through the doors. It DID ME IN. You and i and many more are in the same boat. They love us. We love them. Times are different now. Thank God we love each other so. Troy had a huge headache after we got home Took him all night to rid himself of the throbbing. I personally fell his heart beats were throbbing from sadness into his brain! I comforted myself with cats and knitting. Yesterday we went off to the barn and it helped. It was soooo sooo cold, but the horses and volunteers always cheer me. Hugs hugs hugs .

  16. Betsy, I used to sob and sob when David left for school. I felt like my heart was cut out, I can only imagine with grandchildren it is worse. As soon as he boarded the plane I would come home and do his sheets and bathroom. His bathroom mess always made me a little mad at hims o in a strange way that helped me. We love our babies so much, no matter how old they are. I am taking down all decorations this weekend, I like to start the New Year fresh. Sending you lots of love my friend.

  17. Hi dear sweet Betsy,
    Am sure the dear Lord is comforting and helping you through the missing grandies patch dear sis.
    Re gluten free. Think cost is related to production issues in part and also much smaller quantities sold.
    In making it they have it gurantee there is no gluten in it, so all machinery, cooking area etc used in production have to use no gluten in production. Making from scratch is cheaper, but not easier.

    Praying for Cheryl’s Family. God’s ways are best, not easy, but always best.
    Hard it is ... but what blessed comfort do we have in the LORD.... we will see our loved ones again, in Christ Jesus.
    It’s not a forever goodbye. Goes for Grandies too. 😉
    Hugs prayers dear sis.❤️
    Shaz in Oz.x

  18. The snow looks so beautiful! Sorry to hear about the loss your friend is experiencing.