Thursday, September 21, 2017


Hello my friends!  We have rain!  Blessed rain!  I know that many people are inundated with water, but we desperately needed rain and it has been coming down sporadically for several days now.  It's wonderful.  I think it is forecast to be over with as of today for the foreseeable future, but it helped with the smoke and dust so much.  Our air quality is "good" for the first time in months.  We are so thankful for that.

My prayers are definitely with the people in the south and in Puerto Rico right now and with the people in Mexico too.  So many needs.

I finished this crocheted twin size blanket last night.  I washed it this morning and Dennis and I will deliver it to the Veteran's Home to our friend tomorrow when Dennis has a day off of work.  He has two more days off before the end of October and he will have used up his vacation days.  I have so enjoyed having him home on most Friday's for the past couple of months and it will be hard having him at work all week again!  These are just simple granny squares joined with the "join as you go" method.  Double crochet around four times for the border.  I thought Bob would appreciate a simple border.
I have worked on a few dishcloths and a baby blanket that is in the trailer at the lake so that's all the photosI have to show for progress.

I did decorate for fall this week though.  I sorry the photos are a bit dark because of the rain, but here you go anyway.

I bought these two sprigs of leaves and flowers and the pumpkin at the dollar store yesterday.  Total spent $3.00!  I think it looks nice.  That's a picture of Dennis and I at our 25th anniversary party which was *gasp*, 14 years ago!  Oh my goodness!  It was Hawaiian themed and we went to Hawaii a few months later.  We wanted to wait until it was snowing here so we could really enjoy being away. :-)
On the shelf under the TV.  I know, we should probably hide those wires, but they don't bother either one of us so they just hang there.
I bought the pumpkin at the 70% off sale a few years ago at Michaels.  The leaves are from the dollar store last year.  A big bag for $1.00.  You'll see them throughout my fall decorations.  Of course my grandchildren's pictures stay out all of the time so I can see their sweet faces.  Oh, how I love them.
The "Give Thanks" block was bought at Hobby Lobby this week.  It was $2.99 and 40% off of that.  When I got to the check out stand, she took ANOTHER 40% off because of what she called wear on the corners.  I think it's supposed to be like that.  I didn't ask for anymore off and offered to pay the normal sale price.  So I think I paid around $1.00 or so for it.
This was a dollar store find this week too.
I made this pumpkin a couple of years ago out of a book I had read and had two copies of.  I love it.  The flowers are from the garden at the lake last week.
A sign from a few years ago and the crocheted autumn leaf garland I made a while back.
The ceramic pumpkins are from last year at Michaels and the burlap one is from the dollar store.
I've had all of this on the table by the front door for a few years.  Nothing new to see here! :-)
Oops!  I guess this isn't a fall decoration.  It's Sophie!  She's been here for a week now.  Nita and Larry are on a New England cruise and Hurricane Jose is putting quite a kink in the ships cruising plans.  They have had to skip at least one port because of high seas and when Nita emailed me yesterday, the ship was rocking and rolling out at sea.  I do enjoy having Sophie here.  She acts as if she's at  home, which I guess in a way she is.  We spend a lot of time with her between here and at the lake.  They are due to be home Monday morning and I leave on Tuesday.  I'll miss her cuddles but when I get to Omaha I'll have Mandy's two cats and sweet Polly dog.
I probably won't be posting for a couple of weeks because my phone will only do pictures, but I will try to keep up with your blogs.  I'm going to be flying to Omaha on Tuesday until October 10!  Piper turns 5 on September 29 and I get to be there!  Gosh, it's been a long, long time since I flew anywhere.  I feel as if the world is being opened up to me again.  Maybe I will be able to go to Japan and see Alex again sometime.  Please pray that my heart does okay on the flight and the vibrations don't cause the tachycardia to kick in.  I have no fears about it because I've been doing so well.

I've also gone to acupuncture three times this week for my feet and she's worked on my back too.  They are both feeling better, but especially the muscles in my back even though she can do nothing to the bone itself, I am so thankful for her.  She's such a sweet young lady and she's so good to me and very thoughtful.

I've got to get busy around here.  We had a potluck for the senior ladies at church today at noon that I was in charge of and tonight we're having a potluck at our house for 19 people.  Who planned that on the same day?  Me?  Oops!  I didn't look at a calendar before planning it and goofed up.  Oh well.  I just made double the food and it actually will probably end up being easier this way.  Tonight we're having a baked potato bar and chili since it's turned so much colder.

Did I mention that it was 34F this morning?  Last week it was 97F.  The roller coaster weather of fall has begun.  We're going out to the trailer tomorrow for the night and I'll start bringing some food and clothes home.  That way if Dennis has to close it up while I'm gone he won't have so much to do.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  If you're in England, are you going to Yarndale?  I think that would be so much fun.  Maybe that could be on my bucket list.  :-)

"But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law." Galations 5:22-23



  1. What fun fall items you have. I bought a couple cute birds for fall/anniversary decor yesterday at Baumans. It's been great to have the rain here too! Next few days temps into 70s. Been decluttering paper items today. Made iced tea to replenish the pitcher in fridge. Have a good trip to Nebraska and all goes well physically etc. God's guardian angels be with you too. Hugs my friend! XXxX

  2. Your decorations look so great! Don't worry about wires, I have them everywhere too. I live with an engineer and a boy who is obsessed with electronics, there's always something getting wired up around here! Your blanket for Bob is lovely, what a generous gesture. Nice to see Sophie too, she is a sweet little thing. I hope you have a safe trip to Nebraska and a wonderful time with Mandy's family!

  3. I love your fall decorations. I recognize a few from around my house. Great minds think alike. lol. Glad you're feeling better and I pray safe travels for you. And yum!!! A baked potato bar sounds wonderful. It's cooled down here a bit, too but back up next week. 😒

  4. So nice to have a tour around your Autumn decor, it all looks so warm ad inviting. Thrilled to hear about the rain, our prayers were answered. Hope you have a wonderful trip away, safe travels.

  5. Your autumn decorations make everything look so cheerful. Yes, fall IS my favorite season and we really don't have much of a fall here in Florida.

    But, NEXT year year I shall have FALL!

    Hope you have great travels.

  6. We were at Hobby Lobby today and though they were pretty, I plan to Lord willing get my fall decor at Dollar Tree. Yours is very pretty. Thanks for sharing!

  7. You need to blog more often as there is so much in one post I have to reread so I don't forget everything! You lead quite a busy and exciting life! LOL! I'm so glad you got rain and the air quality is good again. I wish we had your temps as we are still in the 90's until next week and then it will be in the 80's....I have no business being in the South! LOL!
    I love all your Fall cute and cozy looking. I need to get out the rest of mine.
    Sophie is so cute and so sorry about her owner's cruise as Maria is coming up right behind Jose so it's not looking promising but just so they are safe. Cruise prices must be cheap during hurricane season?
    I love your paper pumpkin you made. I'd like to try making one.
    The blanket for your friend is lovely and I am sure it will warm him and his heart too.
    So happy you are able to fly and be there for Piper's birthday! Don't get too excited now....we don't want your heart to get all 'fluttery'! LOL! I will miss you but I know you will be in 7th heaven! Have a wonderful time! Hugs ~ Sam

  8. Such a blessing to have the rain in its season!
    The Fall decorations you put up make your home look so loved!
    Speaking of love-the veteran's afghan is such a labor of love-nice work!

  9. Fall!!! You are really in the mood I see. I can't wait for the cool weather and low humidity to return. We got a taste of it early in the month but those hurricanes put an end to it. Happy travels!!

  10. Your fall decorations look very nice. I have some on the front porch but can't seem to decide what to do in the house. Canning applesauce today. Does that count! Oh, you must be so excited about your upcoming trip! I know you will have a wonderful time! Glad to hear you got rain to clear the air. Stay well! Nancy

  11. So good to hear about the RAIN!! Your Fall decorations are so pretty. Have a safe and wonderful trip - enjoy!!

  12. Have a safe journey and a wonderful visit with your family.

  13. Oh, Betsy! You have such a sweet, kind, caring, loving spirit! I always love visiting with you. I am so excited for you and your upcoming trip! Praise God for how far He has brought you, and I am just believing with you, in Jesus' name, that you will have NO trouble of any kind on the flight there or the flight home, that you will be safe, that your husband will be safe, and all will go well with many precious blessings and moments with your dear loved ones. The afghan is beautiful. I never can figure out how to crochet the granny squares together! I need to try to figure that out one day. I have made afghans with just one continuous granny square, but it surely becomes big and bulky to work with near the end! I would love to learn how to just make many small squares, the crochet them all together. Your fall decor is so pretty!!! You did a great job! Many blessings to you, sweet friend. I will miss you while you are away, but hope you have loads of fun and good health!!

  14. Everything looks so nice! I was just thinking about bringing out my Fall decor to spruce up my home a little bit. The poodle is so cute!
    xx Beca

  15. Betsy I will miss your posts. IM glad you let us know there will be a gap. What fun you will have with Piper. !!! Your home is darling. Someone is going to be really happy with that patriotic twin size blanket. You made it with LOVE

  16. Wow.. you are such a busy bee! I bet the man who gets your blanket is going to be so happy with his new cozy wrap. I enjoyed seeing all your fall decor.. I have to wait for Kristi to get back from Hawaii to find my bin of fall decorations.. lol. I'm so excited for you to be able to fly to see Piper and the rest of your family. I just know you're do fine. Have fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Crazy weather, eh? But it's sure great to have a bit of rain. It's been cool here also but not in the thirties. Have a great trip!

  18. Yay! For the rain! :) Love your blanket. I love the way you have decorated your home for Fall. I love Fall...pumpkins, the changing of the leaves...splashes of color everywhere with a chill in the air....oh yes, Fall is my favorite season. Wishing you all safe travels and I know you will have an awesome time. ((hugs)) Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  19. Hello, I hope you are having a wonderful time. And I know you will miss having your hubby around on Fridays as we so love having them home. Your blanket is so very nice I know he will love its cozy warmth and the red, white and blue colors!
    You are so very kind and I am glad you are having some alternative medicine, and that its helping!
    Love, Roxy

  20. Bob's blanket is gorgeous! Love the colors and design. Very nice autumn decor! Autumn colors are definitely a favorite of mine and I've already spotted some of them outdoors:) Said a prayer for you to have a safe flight. Enjoy your time there!
    God bless, Aimee

  21. Dear Betsy! I have just caught up on your posts I missed while traveling. May God bless your trip to NE in every way possible. I am excited for you, but am sorry we have not been able to get together for awhile. Thanks for your posts which catch me up on your latest and also inspire and encourage me. I often read them more than once. Know that you and yours are regularly in my thoughts with love and I am thinking hugs to you as well :) xxxxxxxxx

  22. Ah Love your little fur baby..
    Hi, I found you at a friends blog coveredwifeoftim.
    LOL all these years crocheting and I can do any stitch but can not make a granny square.

    Blessings, Reenee @

  23. Trying to catch up with your posts.... YES---the events in September were horrible.. I am glad that you got some rain... Are the fires still going though? I haven't heard much lately...

    So glad you are going to Omaha... Piper will be SO SO happy and so will YOU....

    Sounds like you are a busy lady.. Love your Fall decorations... Since we just got home from our big trip to Utah/Arizona --I haven't even thought about Fall decorations yet... ha

    Have a great trip.


  24. So happy to read your post. I've fallen behind on reading. I really like your Fall decorations, especially the book pumpkin. I would love to do one of those. I know you will/are enjoying your time with Mandy and Piper. We spent the weekend with our GA grands a couple of weekends ago while Mom and Dad had a weekend away. I'm lucky they live close (roughly 3 hours away). I've never flown and have no desire to.

  25. You sure have been a busy lady! I love the afghan you made for your veteran friend! We are so thankful for the rain, and an end to the fire season. Hope your trip has been wonderful!!