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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Not Much

Hello again.  It's Thursday, actually it's Thursday half gone already.  It's been a busy day.  Weight Watchers this morning.  A trip to the RV store to get a part for the new trailer and a ladies luncheon at church.  I was responsible for set up and clean up today and there were several ladies who volunteered to help me since I can't lift much.  I'm grateful to each of them.  I carried plates and food and salt and pepper!  All of the easy jobs.

Not much on the knitting and crochet front to report.  I'm still working on these socks when I'm in the car and NOT driving.  I have one sock done and have turned the heel on this one.  I just don't have a recent photo of it.  Almost done though!
Miss Piper's blanket is BIG.  This is it folded in quarters so if she see's this picture she won't know "exactly" what it looks like.  I ran out of pink yarn!  Michael's is supposed to get more in on their truck tonight.  I knew I was going to run out last weekend, so I called and they have reserved six skeins for me.  Hopefully I'll be able to pick it up tomorrow morning.  I do like how it's turning out and I think an almost 5 year old who loves pink will like it too. :-)
See that white speckled thingy in the center of the photo below?  That's a little bag I crocheted a couple of years ago to put my phone in when I walk Chloe at the lake or take walks on my own.  I rarely have pockets in my dresses and I get tired of carrying it all of the time.  Dennis insists I always have it with me in case I fall or something.  Well, fast forward to Tuesday.  I was sitting with three other ladies outside of our trailer and one of them saw mine on the table by the door.  She asked where I bought it because she had seen me wearing it and wanted one for herself.  The other two ladies chimed in and said they wanted one too.  They each chose their yarn colors and here is one completed and the yarn for the other two.  I never dreamed anyone would want one.  They're pretty simple and not very pretty but they ARE useful.  I put my phone, a tissue, the trailer keys and a doggy pickup bag for Chloe in mine.
Sunsets are sure pretty.  The color is because of the smoke that is back again, almost worse than before.
There is a garden of sunflowers next to the trailer.  They make me smile just looking at them.
Pure gorgeousness.
I tried to get a better photo of the bumblebee but he wasn't cooperating.  Still pretty neat to see.
Barry brought Lori and I each a beautiful bouquet on Monday.  Wasn't that sweet?  He's in his middle 80's and takes care of the huge garden at the lake every year.  This year he is slowing down a lot.  It's really sad to think of him not being there and plowing on his tractor.  He's even saying this may be his last year in the garden.
I finally finished this book.  Pretty good and an interesting viewpoint on Oxford, England where she when for her Masters Degree. 
My girls.  On Sunday, Brad, Mandy and Piper went flying around eastern Nebraska in Brad's new airplane, a Piper Comanche.  Look at that face!  Piper loves to must be genetic from her Dad.
This was this morning as they crossed the pedestrian bridge across the Missouri River from Nebraska to Iowa.  How I love these two.  I can't wait to see them next month.
Is this an attitude or what?  One foot in Nebraska and one foot in Iowa!  And a pretty skirt too!
She informed me the other day that she has all kinds of plans for me when I get there.  I can sleep with her in her big girl bed and then she'll sleep with me in my bed.  We're going to watch "Moana" and dress up while we do it.  We're going to play with her babies and have lots of fun.  I'm sure we will!

Dennis is off work tomorrow so we're heading to the lake in the morning and then on up to the farmers market in Chewelah, WA.  We've been just missing it all summer, so I hope we have success tomorrow.  I keep hoping that one of these days we'll run into Pammy Sue of "Scotty's Place" on my sidebar while we're in Colville sometime.  No luck so far but I'm not giving up.

That's about it here.  Not a lot going on at all.  I've been at the lake since last Friday, just coming home for church on Sunday, then back to the trailer until last night.  I feel like we need to enjoy every second we can because people keep telling me it's going to be a severe winter again based on the signs from the animals up here.  I hope they're wrong because I can tell you one thing for sure.  I won't be going out in the snow any more than I have too.

I told you I was going to have the laser treatments on my back in my last post.  Well!  I had the first one where they were supposed to stay well below my pacemaker, heart and leads from the pacemaker.  Just to be safe, I asked the girl doing the treatment where my T11 vertebrae is, (even though I already knew, I wanted to make sure SHE did.)   She didn't know!  She told me, "That's a good question, we'll have to ask the doctor," and proceeded to run that little wand all over my back clear up to my shoulders!  I asked her to stop and she didn't.  Now, I'm NOT a forceful person and I should have just sat up and said I was done, but I didn't.  I just canceled the rest of the treatments.  I don't know if it would have helped or not, but it's not worth messing up my PM.  When I talked to the cardiologists office this morning to schedule my November checkup they told me to NEVER do that again.  So, I guess I'll just have to deal with the pain.

Enough of that.  Just thought I would update you all.  I hope you all have a wonderful week.  Have school started yet where you live?  Enjoy the sun!  I'll be checking your blogs.

I have a quote that I would like to share with you that I read on another blog, (, this morning that I would love to share with you today.

"A little faith will bring your soul to Heaven; a great faith will bring Heaven to your soul."  Charles H. Spurgeon

"Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." Hebrews 4:16

Blessings to you all,


  1. And that's why medical accidents happen ... because people aren't fully trained or aware of what they are doing, even doctors sometimes, and still they proceed full speed ahead. Yikes! She should have asked before she did anything. Glad you are enjoying time at the lake. We've not had a dusty summer here at all and that makes me think we are going to have a rainy winter and although I love the rain, I just don't really love it here because every window and door leaks and we have a leak in the roof. Concrete buildings deteriorate and settle over time and you just never know what all the big and little cracks hold in store. The owner doesn't fix a thing so we just have to manage. Plus, the infrastructure in this country just isn't suited for much rain at all. Piper is a cutie. And a brave little girl. I can't do small airplanes because of major motion sickness. How sweet of Barry to bring you flowers. I do hope he will still be able to work in the garden beyond this summer. Sounds like it has been a great source of joy for him and for all of you there. Bless him! Sweet of you to make the little phone cases for your friends. I definitely like to be handsfree when I walk and only take the few essentials necessary. Take care! Happy Friday!

  2. Hi dearsweet precious friend and duster in Lord. Your nothing much is pretty productive, your days soundas bisty as mine are. Love Miss Piper's photo shots and her blankie well that's enough to make any almost five year old squeal with delight!!
    Think your wee baggies are very great idea, clever plus!!
    Hugs and may prayers dear sis. I'd get a technician who knows basic biology of the spine this one needed to go back to grade 7 biology class!!
    Praying ❤️
    Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Love those photos of Miss Piper. She is such a sweetie pie!

  4. My friend Sue crocheted a similar case for her phone: she loves it.

    Oh my, the dahlias are gorgeous!

  5. Look at your 'flying family'! What fun for them...not me....I like my feet on the ground. Love the picture of Piper with one foot in NE and one in IA...too cute! Your sock is really looking good! I've heard smoke does make for some gorgeous sunsets. I'm trying to 'make hay while the sun shines' as we will get rains from the hurricane here next week....not bad here but still it will rain for several days.
    Piper is going to love that blanket!!! So pretty for a 'pink loving girl'. I love her 'plans' for you....she's so funny. My grandson, Grayson, slept in a box last night on his bed....but it wasn't a was his 'spaceship'! Aren't grands a hoot? Your little 'hand bags' are a big sweet of you to make them for your friends. All the flowers are gorgeous and I think I will look for some Lucado books as I've never read any. I hope you make it to the farmer's market....have a nice road trip! Hugs ~ Sam

  6. Hi Betsy! I think we must live very close to each other if you have a clear view of Mount Spokane from your place :) I live and blog in North Idaho, and the smoky skies have been terrible here too! Was so thankful for the bit of rain that came a couple of weeks ago and cleared some of it away, but it does come and go. I'm sorry to hear of your problems with your back! Do you go to Costco in Spokane? I go there about once a month myself, and like you, since we live out aways, it is busy trying to get everything done in one trip. Piper's quilt looks amazing, what talent you have :) Happy to visit with you today... enjoying the cooler weather today before the heat hits again on Sunday!

  7. Nice work on the yarn projects; the flowers are all gorgeous!
    I'm sorry for the medical fiasco-I'm afraid it is more common than we care to think!

  8. I love your Heaven Soul thoughts. They are wonderful and I 'd not heard them
    Piper is too dang cute. Her mom's a pretty lady.
    I love sunflowers. Good for you for making such a practical bag. No wonder your friends want them. That's great!

  9. Oh, my word! I am SO sorry to think of that inept girl taking a risk of messing up your pacemaker!! That is just awful! I, too, have seen much incompetence in the care of my dear mother. You wouldn't believe some of what happened. It is SO frustrating. Thank you for sharing the quote from my blog! And, that little Miss Piper! She is so cute! She surely has big plans for you and her, and I trust God will allow each one of those plans to unfold the way she and you want them to!!! God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  10. Your sock and blanket look great and that is so nice of you to crochet some hands-free pouches for your friends. You are spreading love with your crochet skills. I have my baby blanket to work on today. Michael's didn't have anymore yarn in the colorway I'm using, so Amazon to the rescue, 3 skeins arrive tomorrow. Piper and her mother are so adorable. You're so lucky to be able to go see them. Have fun when you go! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Busy girl you are!I need to check out Micheals soon for a few things for our anniversary party. The blanket it adorable. I like your phone pouch idea too! I've been busy this week even with a day of vacation still kept me busy most of the day at home and an evening out and then taking my girlfriend out to lunch after we shopped a bit at Fred Meyer today. Have a blessed weekend!

  12. I love Piper's pink and white blanket as I know she will also. It sounds like you get a lot done to me! The sunflowers are so cheery and that was a beautiful bouquet that you received. How thoughtful and kind of him. Piper sounds like she is lots of fun. I don't blame you for missing them. The pouches are so useful. I wear a lot of sweatsuits but sometimes the pants do not have a pocket for my phone. It is a good idea to always carry your phone with you. Please take care. Nancy

  13. Well that woman should not be doing laser treatments. Some people feel they really help. My husband does them on Max and I know that is the only reason he is able to walk. I don't think you should have to put up with the pain. There are other people who can do the treatments, there is acupuncture, there is a good PT, OT or massage therapist that can do myofascial release. But seriously laser treatments are supposed to be=ring extra blood flow to the area to help with healing. Okay onto Piper and Mandy, they are adorable. I can't believe how big Piper is! you are going to squeeze the stuffing out of her when you finally get to see her. Enjoy your weekend.

  14. I was frightened by you comments on your laser treatments thank goodness you cancelled your appointments. It was a joy to visit and see your beautiful daughter and of course Miss Piper, how big she is getting. It is wonderful that she has such great plans for your visit, you must be so excited. I know I as seeing my little ones. Love the blanket, a great make.

  15. I love hearing about the neat relationship you and Piper have. I know you are SO happy that they are closer now!!!!!

    Unbelievable what you went through taking that one treatment..... Amazing how one doctor won't talk to another---or even know or care what your history is.... GEESSHH.

    Praying for the flooding in Texas and at my son's home now... He's already gone through way too much this month... Prayers for Mark.


  16. Miss Piper is simply ADORABLE!!! I KNOW you'll have a good time with her visit.

    Sorry to hear about your back pain. Glad you stood up for yourself .... you don't need to mess up your pace maker.