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Friday, June 3, 2016


It's Friday night and we're at home.  Unusual but not all bad.  Dennis just finished mowing the grass.  Isn't it pretty?  I think he does a wonderful job.  This first picture is a little dark, but I like the sunset showing Mt. Spokane way in the background to the left of the blue spruce tree.
A little brighter picture.  Notice the empty garden bed on the left?  I had green beans planted here and they were doing great.  They came up in 6 days and were about 3 inches tall.  Every morning I would go out and a few more were gone.  Something was eating them off at the base.  Nothing, (no animals), can get into the yard and I'm told cutworms are bad this year so maybe that's it.  Tomorrow I think I'll buy some marigolds to plant in here just so it's not empty all summer.
Papa's shed and our new flowering pear tree.  It survived the winter just fine.  If you remember, we lost a flowering pear in this same location last fall in a windstorm.  You can just see my geraniums in the half barrel.  The front yard is even prettier, but since I'm in my nightgown I probably shouldn't go out and take a picture!  Ha!  The lavender in the front is blooming so pretty.
I did cut some roses and brought them inside.
Another view.
Two pretty buds.  I wish I could bottle this scent.  Heavenly.
On my walk this morning I came across this rosebush.  It belongs to the office administrator at our doctors office.  He lives just a block from us.  Isn't this gorgeous?
A brown iris at the lake.  This thing is the biggest iris I've ever seen...each bloom is about 8 inches tall.
Here are four blankets I put together over the weekend. Nita made the squares, I crocheted around them, joined them and put a border on.
All done.  I washed them last night and this morning I delivered them to the Crisis Nursery along with two other blankets I made a month or so ago.
I wanted to share my little tea rose that Jenny gave me while I was in the hospital last year.  I handed it over to Lori and she planted it behind our trailer.  I've had many of these over the years and have always killed them.  Lori has an amazing green thumb.  This not only survived the winter, planted in crushed granite, but it has about 10 buds on it!
Duck prints I found on the beach yesterday morning during my walk.
I spent 8 nights in a row at the trailer and came home yesterday.  We have some missionaries and their family staying with us tomorrow night and I had lots and lots of laundry to do after being gone for a week.  This morning I visited a friend at a care center where he is getting 40 days of I.V. Infusions for a severe infection in his foot.  He's diabetic and you can't mess with those infections when your diabetic. After that I went to knitting and had a fun time visiting with the ladies there.  It is good to be home too.  I'm torn between my little "tiny home" at the lake and the "big house" in town.  They both have draws of their own.  I love walking at the lake.  Not so much at home.  I had over 14,000 steps and over 7 miles yesterday.  35 flights of stairs.  (That's what happens when you have lots of laundry and hang it outside.). Today I barely got 10,00 steps so far and it's after 9:00.  All of this walking, walking, walking and I weighed myself this morning.  In two weeks I lost a measly .6 lbs.  Not even a pound!  It's so discouraging but I will persevere and keep it up as much as I can.

I need to clarify something from my last post about the boat ride.  It's not our boat.  :-) It belongs to Paul and Lori and they generously share with all of us.  Dennis has his boating license so he can drive the boat for the water skiers.  They have even offered to let us use it when they aren't there, but we've never done that and now with the tachycardia it caused I can't imagine ever borrowing it on our own.  Also, the golf cart is owned by all three of us couples.  One was found on Craigslist that was fairly inexpensive and we all chipped in a third.  We share costs of the upkeep too and it all works out pretty well for us.  Just wanted to clarify that we really don't have lots of "toys".  What we have is pretty much shared amongst us all.

I hope you all have plans for a wonderful weekend.  My sweet husband is taking me out to breakfast tomorrow after we FaceTime with Mandy and Piper.  We'll run a few errands and then have a bunch of people over for dinner.  I think I'll make my homemade chicken and noodles, they seem to be popular.

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful." Colossians 2:15

Blessings always,


  1. well Betsy am glad things are travelling along well there, your flowers are truly breathtaking .. love lavender too my plant is huge and spreading more each year, the most amazing lavender plant I have ever ever seen...

    I saw some ideas re cut worm's .. we get them here, too so know what you mean, beans are a particular favourite of theirs it seems to me..
    here is a link with some good ideas..
    Also saw a video that says if you soak a planter if small seedlings in a bucket or large container of water the tiny grub-like worms come up and you can just squash them :D
    Bit big to do it with a garden bed though.
    Love your wee blankies too, and enjoy your visitors, I am sure they will love their tucker and fellowship as well.

    Thanks so much for sharing your news with us, too. BTW we are getting some rain a real squall with 35 to 50 knot winds with it though praying for all not to be damaged around us and north of here.
    I went for walk down to the beach this morning as was bad enough then.
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  2. The blankets are lovely and I am sure will be of great use to the centre. So nice that you have such good friends that you share equipment and things, certainly makes for a better life for you all. Take care.

  3. I'm glad you got to spend a whole week at the lake.. the duck prints in the sand were cute. You got lots of blankets done! I'm on my last row of the edging of my white shawl. Might not need it on Tuesday with the heat we're having. I can't wait til that event is done and dusted. Amy and the girls arrive tomorrow! Have a fun time with your company and big dinner. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Oh I love your flowers, they are so pretty. Your yard looks so lovely. The blankets look warm and cuddly. Keep on enjoying those fun times at the lake sweet friend. :) Blessings always. :)

  5. IT is wonderful to have two places you love and you never have to clarify a thing, you deserve all the wonderful things provided for you Betsy, you do so much for others you deserve treats yourself.
    Have fun with your friends,

  6. Betsy~
    I enjoyed your pictures. What a beautiful yard you have~ so peaceful.
    Thank you for stopping by and encouraging me today. It was such a blessing to me.

  7. Betsy~
    I enjoyed your pictures. What a beautiful yard you have~ so peaceful.
    Thank you for stopping by and encouraging me today. It was such a blessing to me.

  8. Your backyard is so neat and tidy. A shame about the beans. It's wonderful that you have your little getaway at the lake. Awesome little blankets -- may you and Nita be blessed for your work. Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Oh, those roses!
    We lost our beans too, to the cold and rainy weather and something ate my basil right out of my pot. Makes me thankful I'm not a farmer because I have no luck with growing things.

  10. those blankets are amazing! Have you seen the blog;

    she is trying to get 100 donations in her dad's honor. Just tell her you donated the items and she can count them in her goal.

    I used to lose pumpkins to cut worms. Little devils. They'd go right for the blossoms

  11. Too bad about your beans... Aren't there some kinds of sprays you can use for things like that? Very sad.... Hopefully, nothing will hurt the Marigolds. They are hardy for sure....

    I was upset to hear about your fall at Home Depot. SO SO SO sorry... Hope you feel better soon... AND to my friend, here's my advice: Stay out of the hard-juice!!!!!!! ha ha ha (Love you)


  12. Look what the cat dragged in...ME! Your roses are so pretty. We just bought and planted two climbing rose bushes this past weekend. I can hardly wait for them to grow. I've always loved roses and had several bushes in our yard. If these do well this year, I'll get more next spring. I also planted two hydrangeas, but they are looking sickly already. Oh dear. I cut off all the dying blooms and leaves. I hope that helps them and they take root. I thought about you Saturday. We were in Chewelah and the sign said 16 miles to Loon Lake. I wondered if y'all were there. I've been crocheting a ton lately. A few more days and my Christmas Blanket will be done. I'll start another blanket when it's done, but I'm not sure what pattern I'll use yet. Maybe I'll dig out one I have had started for months and finish it. Who knows. Take care.

  13. Your yard is gorgeous. I wish mine looked half that good! Did you do all the landscaping? It is really gorgeous. I have roses but they have no smell...dang it! Yours are huge and beautiful and that bush...WOW! The blankets are so pretty. Now I am going to ask do you get so much done and take care of 2 houses? I can't even take care of one! LOL!

  14. Oh, the blankets are so pretty! I know they must have brightened the days of the ones who received them! So thankful you are home safe, and I am sure it is hard to choose between the two homes you love so much. God bless you, dear, sweet friend, and fill your days with His goodness!

  15. Dear Betsy, just am having a good long visit with you...what did Betsy Adams mean about you falling at Home Depot? What happened? Did you post about it? Are you banged up? I am sorry something munched your beans before you could. I have been fighting slugs and snails for my rainbow chard and basil plants, but they survived the ten days I was camping. Hooray! I love seeing the duck prints, fabulous flowers, sweet blankets, and Mt. Spokane. And I love your parting verse..a faith charge! xxxxxxx