Monday, April 20, 2015

Home Again, Home Again!

I made it home at 1:00 a.m. this morning.  A few hours late and a few airline changes later because of flight delays, etc., but home none the less.  The same cannot be said of my luggage.  It remains flying around the country somewhere or another.  Nita's suitcase is hopefully keeping it company and they will decide to return home to Spokane in the near future!  Goodness I missed Dennis.  I don't think I'll do that again, although I LOVED cruising so much I have already put a deposit down on the next cruise.  Now I just need to talk him into going with me!

Here is a quick recap of the first part of the week and then I'll do a follow-up with the second half later in the week.

We stayed Saturday night in Houston.  It was pouring down rain the entire time we were there and we ended up literally running next door to get a taco at Taco Bell for dinner instead of walking to a nice Chinese restaurant we had been told to try.  We still got soaked but we just went back to the hotel and put our jammies on while the clothes dried.

Here is the view of our stateroom.  We had an outside balcony which was wonderful to sit on to watch the view and docking the ship, etc.

Notice the queen size bed.  We were supposed to have twin beds.  When we reminded the room steward he quickly took care of it and within a couple of minutes, viola, there were two beds instead of one.  I was face-timing with Dennis when thesteward brought my life jacket to me before the drill you're required to attend.  When he realized I was talking to my husband, he took the phone and told Dennis that he would take very good care of me all week and personally make sure I was at the proper life boat if the situation warranted it! Very funny, but also very nice.  I can't believe the amazing service everyone on board provided to us.

Tiny bathroom and shower, but adequate.  My bathroom at the camper is actually bigger!

Of course I found a knitting group on board and Nita, (on the left), even brought her crocheting!  She's never done that before but did for me.  :-)  There were 10 other women that met each morning at 9:30 when the ship was at sea.  That's Nita my cruise-mate on the left.

Sorry this is a bit blurry.  This lady with me is from New York City.  We enjoyed each others company a lot.  We met in the Skywalker lounge which is on the 17 floor aft, which I learned means rear of the ship.  The view up there was spectacular.

The Piazza.  Oh. My. Goodness.  This was the central meeting area with boutiques and the International Café there.  It is 3 floors high.  Beautiful day AND night.

Another view of the grand staircase.

The champagne waterfall.  Yes.  Your's truly did go up and pour champagne but I didn't drink any.  I really don't like the taste of champagne at all.  I believe there were 750 champagne glasses in the waterfall.

My dessert one night.  Ooh la la!  How fancy.  Going to the lake and having somemores will be quite a difference won't it?  Ha!  Would you believe I only gained 2 lbs. this week?  I think some of that was water retention from flying too.  I walked and walked and walked everyday and didn't feel one bit of guilt for the food I ate.

Having a cup of tea on the balcony one morning.  It was SO HOT and HUMID.  Oh my!  I had my hair back most of the trip.  Not a flattering look but it was a matter of survival. 

Beach day in Roatan.  This was so much fun.  I have never seen water like this, even in Hawaii. A clear aquamarine color that is indescribable.

The beach.

Another beach view.  Look at that water.  Those aren't shadows.  That's the bottom of the ocean.  The water is that clear.  And warm.  It was like taking a warm bath.  Lovely.

The next two pictures were taken from our bus in Belize City, Belize.  We were on our way to take a ride in an airboat.  I couldn't believe the abject poverty we saw.  This house was a mansion and beautiful compared to most.  The average hourly wage is $1.50/hour.  Until 3 weeks ago gas was over $9.00 a gallon.  Just imagine.  Working all day just to buy a gallon of gas to go to work! 

It was a humbling bus trip.

Soldiers with machine guns driving around in these trucks everywhere.  The yellow building looks really nice because it is in the tourist area.

The view from my hidey hole where I would go during the day to knit when I needed a few minutes of alone time.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I don't think most people even knew this small pool existed.  There were so many pools and hot tubs around the ship, but most people used the two big ones on the pool deck.
Thank you to all, who prayed for me this week.  I so appreciated it.  My wish is for everyone of you to experience what I did this week.

I'll be back later this week for a final installment.  :-)

Many blessings to you all,


  1. Oh my, I must go cruising somewhere! Thanks for your memories.

  2. I so enjoyed seeing all your pictures and wanted more! Guess I'll have to wait for your next post. Looks like a fun time and lots of beautiful ocean. You were missed (by me). I'm sure Dennis missed you even more. Glad you're home safe and sound.

  3. Looks like such a beautiful week. Glad you had a hidey hole! Those moments alone can be important!

  4. Welcome Home, Betsy! Amidst all your sightseeing and enjoying the warmer weather and the warm and beautiful aquamarine ocean water, I think it is neat that you got to be part of stitching group on board,
    too :) Your reaction to the evidence of armed soldiers and poverty reminded me of my reactions to similar sights when we were in Seoul, South Korea, in 1975. I am humbled when I realize how I have b I'm looking forward to the second installment post about your cruise :) xx

  5. Amazing that all that is on a ship! I hope you can get your husband to go next time. Welcome home!

  6. Welcome back, Betsy. You were missed but I am so glad you had a great time. Maybe your luggage wasn't through enjoying traveling? Love the photos. My Mom went to Belize on a mission trip once and she told about the poverty there but she said the people were some of the nicest she had ever met.

  7. Yeah, so glad you are back and had a nice trip. Hope your luggage catches up with you soon! Take care!

  8. Sounds like an amazing trip, hopefully your luggage will catch up with you shortly. Poverty is always difficult but it really does make you grateful for what you have and appreciate it more which is always a good thing.

  9. So glad you had a lovely trip. I so love that you found a knitting group! :) Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  10. Betsy I am so glad you are home from your amazing adventure safe and sound. The cruise ship looks wonderful, it is so much fun isn't it? I love to cruise and tha fact you had a knitting group make it all the better. I have been to Belize and you are right there is so much poverty. My neighbor goes every year for one week providing medical care for those in need.

  11. Welcome home! It looks like a wonderful trip. I hope your luggage makes it home soon too. Thank you for sharing some bits of your cruise; I've never been on one and I would love to try it someday. I don't think my husband wants to go on a cruise, though. I may need to tag along with you! :)

  12. Welcome home Betsy! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures.

  13. Welcome back!!! So glad you had a great trip and I think it is a wonderful idea for you and your hubby to take a cruise together:) Oh does that beach look nice and the ship is beautiful!
    Blessings, Aimee

  14. that looks like a perfect vacation. I didn't realize Belize was such a poor country?

  15. Thank you for sharing your trip ! Going on my frugal way, I know that I will never travel again, except for a last trip to Israel, for which I have put some money aside. So travelling through other people's eyes is lovely and my, you had quite a trip ! I'm surprised that Belize is so poor and dangerous, by the look of it. Losing luggage is a bore, I hope you receive it soon ! xx

  16. Hi Betsy.. what a fun time you had! I would love to swim in the clear pretty water.. especially the warm part! I'm still trying to recuperate from my trip.. so much walking and standing and the plane trips were pretty uncomfortable. And I fell flat on the way out of the hotel on the way to the airport. Ugh! Oh well! Glad you had such a good time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  17. Ah Betsy we have lovely clear water downunder and waves too which I love, am always amazed by those flat oceans.. overseas. Not at all common here. Have never been on a cruise and not sure I want to go on one, but so glad that you enjoyed it apart fro the poverty in Belize, makes you sad doesn't it ..
    Lord bless, Shaz in oz,x
    ps So glad to have you comment too,...thank you, dear sister in the Lord.

  18. The soldiers are needed in Belize City as there is a lot of crime there. I was there years ago and traveled the length of the Coast from Mexico to the tip of Belize where you could look across the bay and see Nicaragua. I've been there twice but I take "adventure" vacations so I can really see the countryside and how the people live. I even washed clothes in the river with a group of women. I could tell you some "close calls" I had involving a tree falling on my car, a marauding leopard treed in a village, scorpions, tarantulas and an anaconda so big I ran over it with my jeep because I thought it was a log and I couldn't see the beginning or the end of it. I made 2 trips there and rode horses through the jungle and saw ruins that had yet to be discovered or uncovered. I even got stopped in the middle of the jungle by the army/police and they searched the car looking for drugs. It was pretty scary because I was way out in the middle of no where! But they were perfect gentlemen. If I ever go back it would probably be on a cruise ship as I am a little old for that kind of "roughing it" but I am so glad I did when I was younger. I swam in the nude on deserted beaches and I am sure I won't get that opportunity again! LOL!
    So glad you enjoyed your trip!