Thursday, January 23, 2014

Busy Thursday

Hello my friends!  I loved all the comments on my last post and I thank you for all of the encouragement on my involvement with CASA.  I know several of you are in the professions of either social work or caring for children in foster care in some way.  Your words mean so much to me.  I've been out of the workplace for several years and haven't had to study for anything for ages so this is a giant leap for me.  So much to learn.

It's still cold and frosty here.  Remember the hoarfrost from my last post?  It's still here, only thicker now.  Many of you were concerned about my driving in it.  It doesn't seem too bad on the streets except in the outlying areas so I haven't had any problems.  The sidewalks and outside steps however, are a different story. Very slippery.

This morning I cleaned all three bathrooms, dusted and vacuumed the house and I have laundry going now.  I have to do my normal Thursday & Friday chores today since I'll once again be in class all day tomorrow and Saturday.  I also baked a Rubarb cake as you'll see in the following photos.  It is a time-consuming task as there are several steps, but it's oh so GOOD when it's done.  We'll have it for our treat after Bible Study tonight.  I usually do my baking on Thursdays so we can have help eating the goodies.  Hubby & I definitely don't need to eat a whole cake ourselves.

The first step. Read the directions. And there are lots of instructions with this cake.
Yummy rubarb from my garden last summer.
Even more butter!  You can never have too much right?  If you're paying attention it's almost 1 1/2 cups of butter total!
The topping. It looks really dry and crumbly and that's exactly what it's supposed to do. :-)
Batter, then rubarb mix, then dollops of batter.  Looks gross doesn't it? Don't give up when you've come this far. Stay with me now!
Crumbs broken up on top.
And viola!  Baked perfectly.  It still may not look like much, but believe me, it's delicious. Even people, (like me), who don't like rubarb normally, like this cake.
Of course the kitchen was a mess, because this uses lots of bowls, spoons, etc.  but it's all clean now and back to normal.  Have I ever mentioned just how much I like this sink?  Big enough for the biggest pans and baking sheets.
This is my current project.  It's going to be a doily and it is progressing very slowly.  I finished the blanket and delivered it yesterday? Happy, happy.  Debbie loved it and was so glad to get it. I'm happy because I saw her true gratefulness.  That's always fun.
This afternoon I may get all of my cotton fabric scraps out and see of I have enough for a "quilt as you go" quilt. It will probably take years to complete but that's okay.  I've also been doing a bit of reading in the evenings in front of the fire but most of my spare time this week has been doing this....
Studying for this weekends class.  I think I may be too old for this. Teaching a old dog new tricks and all...but I WILL persevere, if only to earn the faith you all seem to have in me.  :-)

Stay warm, wherever you may be and I'll be back again soon.



  1. Best of luck with the studying!

  2. Your cake sounds delicious, Betsy. Your sink is awesome! I wish I had just one big sink in my kitchen. I have a big double sink, which is fine, but I'd prefer one big one. Good luck with your studies!

  3. The cake is a unique recipe and I can imagine it is yummy! The doily is beautiful, Betsy. What you are learning in CASA training will surely help you be a good advocate for children whether you serve as a formal advocate or not for CASA, I am proud to have a friend who is willing to help children and others in need. XX

  4. Hi Betsy, that cake looks yummy! You know how much I love doilies and I use them all over my farmhouse.. can't wait to see yours all done. I am wanting to make a really big doily for my baby grand.. I've done several doilies but not for a long time. I'm proud of you doing the CASA thing.. I was never good at schoolwork.. so I could never do that.. glad you are! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. You are not too old to learn Betsy:) You can do this!
    Mmm--rhubarb! Pretty--doily! Keep warm and keep safe!

  6. Good luck Betsy! You will be great!!!!
    xo Kris

  7. We all can learn new things thru our lives, that's what keeps us sane and happy. Your cake makes me hungry. My husband likes strawberry rhubarb pie. His grandmother use to make it. Fresh strawberries and rhubarb from her garden. Mine didn't taste the same so I've not made one for awhile. Maybe I will this summer again. Doily is pretty, I like them as well. Hugs!

  8. My dear friend Betsy I'm so proud of you for sticking to it with your CASA classes. I'm sure you will do great and you will be great CASA Representative. There are so many kids who will benefit from your help.
    Your cake looks so delicious I would just stop by for a bite except it will all be gone by the time I can get there. We are missing you here :)

  9. You are not too old my friend. And everything you need to know you can look back at in your notebook and notes and find the answers. I love that you are going to be a voice for children in need. I have met many a wonderful CASA worker here and they have such amazing Joy in them, they are as in love with the children I work with as I am. You are going to be FANTASTIC!
    Hugs to you sweet, wonderful Betsy,

  10. You will be such a wonderful blessing to so many little ones who have no voice. You will be their voice. Awesome! You can do this, He will give you all that you need. :)

    Oh I love the doily. Pineapples are my favorite motif of all time. Looking forward to watching your progress on the doily.

    Yum on the cake, too. :)

    Blessings always sweet friend.

  11. Hi, Betsy! That rhubarb coffee cake sure does look good. rhubarb is something I've never had or even seen down here in Texas. Never even heard of it until a few years ago. Your doily looks suspiciously like the same one I'm working on! Hmm... Could it be? We'll see!

  12. My oh my...that looks delicious Betsy. I am not really a fan of rhubarb but it looks really good!! LOVE LOVE LOVE your amazing! it's the perfect sink! ( silly of me to go crazy over your kitchen sink but I like it...really, I do)
    Good luck with all your studies, stay warm and be safe if you venture out!
    It finally snowed here yesterday but it's all melted away. It was a rared moment I will treasure. Pictures posted on the blog. If you have time, come see....xx Shari

  13. Hello Betsy, I am catching up. Sorry I have been missing for so long. Wow that Rhubarb cake looks so very very good. Best wish with your studies. Your crochet doily look great. Me think our Winter has been similar to yours. It has been extremely cold and very snowy. I am dreaming of Spring. Hugs Judy