Thursday, August 22, 2013

Empty Nest

Well that's it. Everyone is gone. My dear MIL left Tuesday afternoon, after which I RAN as fast as I could, or drove as the case may be to the LAKE. I needed it. Oh yes I did. Our house is now so, so empty and I hate it. Don't get me wrong. I love my alone time. My quiet time. But I love my family more and that includes Mom. She's seriously considering selling her house in Nebraska and moving out here to live with us permanently. We shall see. For my part it would be a huge adjustment. I know that and I'm not pretending it wouldn't be, but it would also ease a lot of stress and worry having her so far away from us.

So I stayed two nights at the lake and came home this morning to prepare for Bible study here tonight. We're actually having a potluck/birthday party for a lady who is turning 52 next week and has never in her life had a birthday party. Can you imagine? It's a surprise for her. I've ordered a cake and knitted her up a couple of washcloths and I have some homemade lavender soap to give her. Another lady has ordered balloons and everyone is bringing food. Our group won an ice-cream social from our benevolence ministry, (by donating the most food items during our foodbank drive). We're going to have the social tonight too. Groan. Just thinking of the potluck, birthday cake and ice cream with all the fixings makes me feel full! But I know we'll have fun.

Tomorrow, bright and early I'm headed back to the lake for the weekend plus a few days! Fun times. I have to enjoy all of these days I can because would you believe I saw geese flying south for the past two days? It seems a bit early and I'm afraid it means a harsh winter. Last year it was the end of September before we noticed them heading south.

I did take a few pictures of the beautiful moon that my blog friend Teresa posted about. She has lots of interesting facts in her blog and you can find her in my sidebar. My photo's aren't nearly as good even though I believe we have the same camera. She's much more talented as a photographer than I am. I think she said it's called an "alternate blue moon".

And then we had lots of smoke from the forest fires around us and there was a spooky halo around it the next night.

We have pretty solar lights behind the trailer and throughout the campsite that throw pretty "sparkles" of light all night long. Do you like them?

Here are a few more pictures of our kids at the lake. All three generations of men in our family. Of course pretty Piper in her floatie and Grandma helping Kyleigh float around on her "noodle".

Oops! A picture out of order at Red Robin. Uncle Alex and his faithful co-horts for the weekend. They were never very far away from him.

I have no idea why the captions are messed up in this post and not above or below the photos. Why are they beside them and not even next to the correct photo? Who knows. It's blogger! But I think you get the idea.

We had a wonderful, wonderful time and now it's back to the regular schedule of life. Bah Humbug!

Have a wonderful weekend my friends and enjoy every moment with the precious family and friends that God has blessed you with.



  1. Hi Betsy. I am so glad you enjoyed your company so much! I know a lot of folks, about our age, who are dealing with the issues of parents moving in, or moving closer. It is a comfort to know that you can be there very quickly should you need to be.
    Piper is as cute as a button! Enjoy your time at the lake. I know how much we enjoy our time at our lake. It is so nice to be there and unplug!!
    Oh, how wonderful the party for your friend will be tonight. I can't imagine never having had a birthday party!!!!

  2. Oh I hope you get to spend lots of time at the lake...enjoy your peaceful time there. :)

    I know what you mean about you'd rather spend time with your loved ones than have alone time.

    Well, I am in my late 40's and I have never had a b-day party either! :) How very kind of you all to throw her one...take lots of pics for us to see, please.

    Aww love seeing all the happy faces of your sweet family. I am looking forward to more pictures when you go to Japan, too.

    Sending hugs and blessings your way sweet friend.

  3. hi Betsy, I love all the photos of your family, you just looked like you had such a great time. I know you are sad that everyone is back in their own place, but at the same time I am sure you are enjoying a bit of alone time just to regroup. Love your Moon photos, it has been spectacular hasn't it?
    Hugs to you,

  4. Oh Betsy, I bet your missing all the kids and grands. I sure miss having my little girls where I can see them often. We're also discussing taking in some family - I'll tell you more about it soon. Enjoy your time at the lake and I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Looks like all had a great time.

  6. Betsy~
    I know what you must be feeling. I love my alone time too, but I miss my kids also and wish they lived closer. Getting to be with my two granddaughters more has definitely been a blessing, but I still miss my kids and sometimes dream of moving out of state to live nearer them.
    Great pics of your family:)
    PS: Did the geese tell you that ALL of the PNW would have snow this year?? LOL--I am such a little snow bunny and we never seem to get enough :)

  7. Hello, I found you via according to matt and his jammie dodger on pinterest. I have a blog too called Nice to meet ya! I know about family leaving - I am English and live in Sydney Australia!

  8. Thank you all for your nice comments!
    Aimee-Those geese were rather close mouthed when it came to revealing the weather for the winter but rest assured, you can have any snow we get here in Spokane as far as I'm concerned.

    Marianne-Welcome! I'm glad you found my little blog. Please visit often.


  9. Hello Betsy, Very Lovely Family photos at the Lake I see you've had lots of company. I am sure you will treasure the photos all year long. Where did the Summer go?? Hugs Judy

  10. Hello my dear fri d Betsy. I love seeing all your family together. It makes me so happy to know you had such a happy summer. I also can't believe how fast summer has passed. Beautiful pictures of the moon. Miss you. Hugs :)