Monday, April 8, 2013

Rainy Days and Mondays "Usually" Get Me Down

Happy Monday morning, "almost afternoon" to you my friends. As the post title says, usually rainy Mondays are a little depressing, but not today. Because, tomorrow my friends, tomorrow I'll be on my way to see little Miss Piper. And her Mommy and Daddy of course! I was planning to go on Wednesday, but moved it up to Tuesday because, well, because I can!! :-) And Hubby was okay with it since he's teaching a class at church Tuesday night and will be home just in time to fall into bed. So, we wouldn't have seen each other much tomorrow anyway and this way my friends, I get to spend one more day with Piper. Oh how I love that little girl. Do you know she tried to kiss me through the computer the other day when we were Skyping? I can't wait to get a really wet, mushy baby kiss tomorrow afternoon.

So what that meant for me was coming home from the trailer yesterday instead of today because, of course, I still had a myriad of little things to do before leaving. Like laundry. And ironing. And packing. It was pretty wet and cold at the lake this weekend anyway and when we went back out yesterday after church to pack things up, it was SNOWING! That's right. Last weekend I got sunburned with temps in the 70'sF and yesterday it was snowing. Ick! We were nice and toasty warm in the trailer though. Saturday I crocheted and hubby and I watched a three movie Elvis marathon. Hubby is a great fan of Elvis. I personally think those movies leave a lot of acting out of them! Bad, bad acting, but it was nice in a way. Much cleaner and no foul language like today's movies. There were three of us couples out braving the elements there this weekend. Friday night I made a meatloaf and a new potato recipe in the oven. We also had cheese bread and green beans from last years garden. Saturday night we had spaghetti. All of the comforts of home and no stress. And I actually started and FINISHED Debbie Macombers new book that I told you about in my last post.

On the crafty front I managed to finish the front of one pillow top and started the back of it. I'm just going to crochet multi-colored stripes for the back. I forgot how time consuming these little squares are when you have to weave in ends after each round. But, I have all summer so no worries.

I also almost finished a baby hat at church yesterday morning and last night. I know I could make them faster if I didn't put the little cables in them, but I like how it makes the hat stretchier and so it can fit almost any size baby.

I found these little tins at IKEA last time I was in Portland. Aren't they fun? There is another one in the set that I have filled with hot chocolate packets and have at the lake. Another has tea bags in it. Now what, I wonder, should I put into these two?

And here is Chloe's packing. Her food and halter & leash. Oops! I forgot her treats. I need to get some of those or Polly will be wondering how Grandma could have forgotten her goodies!

Well, I just heard the dryer buzz at me so I think it's time to begin my ironing. I've already filled the gas tank in my car and ran a few errands this morning. This is the third load of laundry. I think after my ironing is done I may have some time to do a little crocheting on my pillow top. Tonight's menu is chicken and homemade dumplings. Yum. I'm hungry just thinking about it.

Lunch on Wednesday with Gracie, Teresa and Taci too. I am such a blessed lady. I've made some wonderful friends here in blogland and it's such fun to meet up with these three ladies whenever I get to Portland, which seems often lately. :-) I consider each of you to be my friends too, and as such, blessings to my life. I wish I could meet each of you and have lunch and just get to know each other better than these written words can share our lives.

Have a wonderful day everyone! And remember how much God, the creator of the universe loves each and every one of you. Always.

Edited to ask a question. Does anyone know how to get one of those "reply" buttons by the comments so I can answer you when you leave a comment? I've looked around Blogger but can't seem to find that option. Thanks for your help. Did you notice? I'm doing a bit better with the pictures thanks to your help!)




  1. Have fun with your wee one! Love the crochet you are working on.
    I almost bought that book at Sam's yesterday. Did you like it?
    xo Kris

  2. Have a great time with Piper!

    Don loves watching old Elvis movies because they are so bad that they are fascinating!


  3. First of all an extra day with your favorite little girl and lunch with the ladies, how perfect is all of that! Have a safe ride and have a wonderful time.
    Hugs to you sweet Betsy,

  4. I love your Granny Square blanket! I haven't visited your blog for a while and was looking back on some of your posts...I also have a son named Alex will be 23 this year and he also lives away from home, in another state. I know how much you can get to miss your kids. Of my four, three are grown up and gone and only my 16-year-old is still around. It's so nice you get to go spend some more time with your granddaughter! Enjoy your time with your family.

  5. I am with you on wanting a reply button, but haven't made it work yet. Still looking! Have fun!

  6. Yea on your upcoming trip southwards to your sweet baby grandblessing! Wishing you a safe trip and a fun time:)
    I'm not sure about the reply thing--when I am on my laptop, I don't see it. When I am on my smartphone-there it is...go figure! Of course you know blogger likes to make things challenging for me...but one day I will figure it all out!

  7. Yes my dear friend you are doing wonderful. Your pictures look great!
    I'm so happy to see you on Wednesday and how excited Piper will be when she sees you tomorrow. Drive careful and ill see you on Wednesday :) hugs.

  8. Your pillow top is very cheery! I am making slow progress on my shawl, but enjoying working on it. I downloaded a copy of Debbie's book but have been reading other books first. Have a safe trip tomorrow and I plan to see you soon! Xx Gracie

  9. I'm going to miss you! I can't wait to meet Piper, I can't believe I haven't yet! Love you, be safe.

  10. Have a great trip and enjoy all of those sloppy Piper kisses :)
    I just used regular spray enamel on my cups. Since I am not using them for food, I did not have to be real specific about the paint. I found that rustoleum worked the best. Also wiped them down with solvent before I painted and primed them.
    You will have to check my pinterest to see the very final project.
    Have a wonderful trip :) Hurry over to the west side so we can have lunch too.

  11. You are one busy lady. I know I don't have to say enjoy your time because that is exactly what you are going to do. Best wishes and blessings, Tammy