Sunday, March 3, 2013

Going Home

We're on the road right now, heading through the beautiful Columbia Gorge on the way home to spokane.

I had a wonderful time with Piper and her parents since Thursday. Her cold is better, just a cough now, but her Daddy has it now. We left Chloe there since I'm going back on Friday and she enjoys her time with Polly much better than 6 hour drives in the car.

Next trip I'll be staying for a week and keeping her home from daycare to play with Grandma. :-)

Grandpa handed over the keys to his beloved Expedition to the very happy new owners yesterday. It was hard for him, but knowing how excited they were made it a bit easier. We've known this young family for years and it's nice to know how appreciative they are.

I'm posting a few pictures I just took of the Gorge as we are driving. It's hard to get a good photo as you're going 65 mph down the highway! Also Piper of course with her Grandpa and Grandma! We love that little girl.

Have a lovely day everyone and be sure to tell someone you love them today.


  1. Sounds like y'all had a good trip. Sweet pictures of the baby! So cute!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time. Piper is beautiful. Anne x

  3. Sounds like you had the best of times.

  4. Hi, I love you pictures! I have been very busy and so haven't been visiting many other blogs of late. You have a beautiful granddaughter! You are so blessed to be able to spend time with her. From a couple of posts back - I love your bookshelves in your basement family room. What a wonderful, cozy place to spent your winter evenings! Our family loves books too and we have many bookshelves in our home. Enjoy your week!

  5. Hi Betsy, oh Piper looks so cute with the flower on her head.. a real feminine little lady. I'm looking forward to seeing you for lunch next week!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Beautiful photos~ and such a pretty baby!!
    xo Kris

  7. Betsy she is such a cutie!!! We are looking forward t our lunch together :)

  8. I hope you are home safe and sound now and have a great week. I see you are planning to have lunch with Taci and Teresa soon. Have fun! Best wishes, Tammy

  9. Oh, she is a doll! So glad you got to visit with Theresa...and a wee bit jealous :)Be safe on your travels home!!

  10. Your granddaughter is a her pretty pink headband!
    Oh yes...the gorge is amazing!
    Blessings, Aimee

  11. Beautiful ! Gma Gpa Piper and Columbia Gorge :-) Thanks for posting, Betsy!