Monday, December 31, 2012


I've finished a couple of projects while here in Portland. Please excuse the wrinkles etc. as I have no way of blocking/starching anything here. But, I'm excited to show everyone what I finished.

First is the Farmhouse shawl I started on our drive to Portland last Saturday. It's for me! Yep. I'm keeping this goodie. It was just supposed to have 1 row of crochet edging, but I added 10 because of my long arms. I wore it to church yesterday and it was cozy and warm on a very chilly morning. I made it specially to wear when knitting by the fire in the evenings.

Next are Teresa's Scandinavian hearts. We bought the thread when we went shopping together on Friday. I made all 12 out of 3 skeins of thread in about 3 hours last night. I'm looking forward to starching them them when I get home and finding a way to decorate for Valentine's day with them. I may try to make a few more as gifts. They are quite addicting! Thanks Teresa!

Have a lovely Monday and Happy New Year! Stay safe everyone.



  1. Hi Dear Betsy! I would love to see your modeling your shawl! Wow, you whipped out a lot of hearts! They also bring a lot of color to your tree! Starch them good!

      *H*A*P*P*Y* *N*E*W* *Y*E*A*R*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Hullo there Betsy, what a wonderful thing to find a fellow believer via the web...

    I have popped over here from Anne of Copper Beech craft's blog as saw your post on her sidebar!!

    ... and have peeked around your blog and love what I have seen!!

    Such amazing handiwork - this piece here is really lovely, I crotchet so can appreciate this!!
    I hope you might pop over to my blog also and join as a for of encouragement too as I have you :D and really love your favourite verses too I do calligraphed illuminated verses on my blog as well as cards.
    God bless your 2013, in every way,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Very beautiful Betsy, the shawl is so gorgeous and I LOVE the HEARTS :)

  4. LOVELY work, Betsy!!! You inspire me! My new SIL's mom broke her shoulder at a New Year's youth group party at church so she has been staying with us so that we can help her out, although she is doing amazingly well. I am hoping to get more stitching done in the days the Christmas decorations put away today. Have a fantastic time at the beach! xx from Gracie