Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sunshine Saturday!

There are a few puffy clouds up there, but overall it's a beautiful day.  Hubby and I have accomplished much today.  Well okay, to be honest hubby has done most of the work.  He's accomplished much and I've watched him.  :-)  We took both of our cars to get the oil changed early this morning.  While waiting, we walked to a restaurant a block or so away and had a very nice breakfast.  The cars were done by the time we were finished eating.  How's that for planning?

Hubby has been busy vacuuming leaves, edging, trimming and now he's mowing the yard while I puttered inside and out.  We're having our house painted on Monday and Tuesday IF, and that's a big IF, the weather cooperates.  Here is a picture of the paint color that they put on yesterday for a sample.  What do you think?  Would you believe that the bright yellow was the original color when we had the house built 10 years ago?  That's how much it faded.  Hopefully this will be a better quality paint than what the builder used.  We were going to do it ourselves but have decided we're too old, hubby doesn't have the time and I'm afraid of heights.  We would have to rent scaffolding etc. and not that much money would be saved.  So, I'll show you a picture of the completed paint job soon.

My ruhbarb is coming up nicely and I'll be able to pick some very soon. Hubby can't wait and neither can I.
These are little pocket necklaces that I'm making for another blogger to take to Namibia in May as gifts for the villagers.  I just found out about the project two days  ago and I've completed 9.  I would like to send her 20, but I need to get them in the mail by Tuesday.  She will put little trinkets in them before she leaves.
 Aren't they cute?  I love how they are using up all of my bits and pieces of yarn for a good cause.
The grass is greening up nicely and growing in just the past week.  I'm getting anxious to plant my garden, but I know that NO ONE plants gardens, flowers or vegetables in this part of Washington until at least after Mother's Day.  We could easily have lots of snow yet.  Last year we had snow in June!  The garden was terrible last year.  Not a long enough growing season.  I'm seriously thinking of just planting flowers and buying my veggies!  To work so hard and have no harvest is disheartening.

Okay dear friends.  I'm off to sweep the trimmings off the driveway.  That way I get to spend more time with my handsome hubby!

Thanks for the nice compliments on the never to be completed blanket.  I need to get going on it again.