Thursday, December 15, 2011


Guess where I am this week?  One guess would probably be sufficient!  This is the view from the condo we're staying in.  Isn't it beautiful?  We're about 30 feet from the ocean!
 I thought this flower was absolutely stunning.  It was by the highway and I made Dennis stop so I could take a picture of it.  Flowers are absolutely everywhere!
These next two pictures were taken on the Road to Hana of Elvis Presley fame.  There are 617 curves and 67 bridges on this highway that is about 60 miles long.  The drive can be very scary at times but the views are worth all of the "white knuckle" driving.
We're having a wonderful time and have three more days here in Paradise before we have to return to the cold and snow in Spokane.  I'll see you all again next week!



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