Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Monday!

What a beautiful day we're experiencing today in Spokane.  I think I need to get out and enjoy it this afternoon since the next three days are supposed to be rain.  Boooo! I am not one of those people who like fall.  I think it's because I know that winter comes right behind fall and I absolutely detest snow.  We had such a long cold spring this year that it doesn't seem possible that summer is over.  It seems like it just got warm and now it's getting chilly at night.  No furnace yet but it did get to 44 a few nights ago and that's pushing it for open windows!

For those of you that think all of Washington State is like Seattle and rainy all the time, Spokane is on the other side of the state, right on the Idaho border.  We're considered high desert and don't get much rain here.  Usually we have at least 3 months every summer with NO rain at all!  Every time I tell someone I'm from Spokane they ask me if I get tired of the rain.  :-)  When I tell them we're in the desert and hardly get any rain they are always surprised and ask me if I'm sure!  Well I've lived here 18 years and it's been like this most years!  So yeah, I'm sure.

I thought I would show you some miscellaneous pictures from my trip the next few posts.  Not much to do with the Hat Project, but interesting, (to me anyway!)  I hope you enjoy them too.

This is Alex an I on the train to Tokyo right after I landed at Narita.  At this point I had been up about 22 hours.  Don't you just love all of my chins?
This is me with Anri, Alex's girlfriend and most likely my future daughter-in-law!  Add a few more hours onto the awake time from above.  At a certain point you're just not tired anymore but in a fog.  We were at a very nice restaurant in Tokyo but for the life of me, I can't remember the name of it.

This is Harumi, our "adopted" daughter.  She stayed with us while completing her bachelors degree in the states.  I told her she had to have the baby by Saturday because that was the only day I would be able to see her in Tokyo.  Always accomodating, Harumi delivered Harutaro by an unplanned c-section on Friday.  She plans to bring him to visit us before she returns to work.  I'm looking forward to her visit very much.


Isn't he beautiful?

These are ladies in Alex's english conversation class that he teaches in the evening.  They made me some wonderful food on Tuesday evening.  It's kind of like a Japanese pancake with lots of goodies inside.

Alex and I took a walk near his apartment.  These water lillies??? were all over a pond in the park.  They were so beautiful.  It was raining lightly and it made all the colors even more vibrant.
I hope you enjoyed these pictures.  I'll try to return tomorrow with more to show you.  Tonight we're having friends over for dinner.  I'm making homemade chicken and noodles, baking powder biscuits, pretzel strawberry salad and green beans from the garden.  I made a rubarb pie yesterday for dessert.  I had frozen the rubarb last month from the garden.  I better get busy if I plan to get it all done in time.  See you all soon.


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  1. Loving reading through these but better get on thanks for sharing so much Betsy , love Shaz.x