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Thursday, August 31, 2017

Smoke-It's still here...

...and I feel guilty even mentioning the smoke, based on what's happening in Texas and Louisiana, but it really is getting old.  As for the people in the southern U.S.  My prayers and my heart goes out to them in the terrible tragedy.  We have donated to Samaritan's Purse, who has many people on the ground assisting and they will be there for years to come.  They still have teams rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina so many years ago.  They come and don't leave until the job is done.  A very worthy organization if you're interested.  There are many more too, including the Red Cross.

As for the smoke, I had my oil changed yesterday and they showed me the cabin air filter.  It was full of soot, as was the engine air filter!  Of course they had to be changed too, but it does make you wonder what our lungs look like after breathing in even more than the car does!

On to happier things.  I finished Hayden's socks last week...
And his brother Kale's socks this week.  Both were made with half balls of sock yarn I had left over from other projects.  I wish I had some of those fancy sock blockers so they would look less wrinkled, but this is what you get.  Hayden's are for a third grader, but Kale's fit me!  And he's only 10 years old!  I think he's going to have some big feet. :-)
I also finished Piper's blanket.  When I measured it after washing it was 5 1/2 feet X 5 1/2 feet.  I thought it was 6 foot square, but this is plenty big.  I think she'll like the bright color since she chose it.
I made these dishcloths yesterday . The end of the skein was just enough for a matching coaster.  Very fallish wouldn't you say?  Since it's still in the 90's here and is predicted to stay there for the forecasted future, this is as close to fall as we'll be for a while anyway.
I cast on a shawl after I finished the socks yesterday.  Can you even consider these two rows as begun?  This is a Knit Picks yarn and the colorway is "Mountain" something.  I'll let you know in the next post and hopefully will have more progress to show in it.
I also began the first of what I hope is several blankets for the local Veteran's Home.  I usually try to take 8-10 blankets there before Veteran's Day.  This year a gentleman from our church has moved to the home.  He will be the first person to get a blanket from me.
This was Maddie last week at the lake.  Ahh!  A dogs life.  She slept like this for about 20 minutes and looked so relaxed and happy.
A faint haze of smoke, but mostly blue. This was last week.  Now it's all gray again, at least here at home.
Dennis had a coffee mug that Mandy gave him for father's day about 4 years ago.  It had his picture with all of the grandkids sitting on his lap.  They all had bed hair and were in their jammies.  It was so cute and he absolutely loved it.  He used it at work every day.  Last week he took it out of the microwave and dropped it.  He was so upset with himself.  Although I didn't have the same picture, I ordered him a new one with recent photos of the kids on it.  Here's Miss Piper, Kyleigh and Caleb are on the other side but I am not allowed to show their pictures on my blog anymore.  Suffice it to say, they are also precious and sweet.  Grandpa was so excited when he got this on Tuesday.  He actually had tears in his eyes.  He does love his grandbabies.
Miss Piper's first day of pre-school was on Tuesday.  She is SO tall!  I'm excited to see her in a few weeks.  She told me she is really liking her school and has made some friends there already.
Dennis is on vacation for a week starting tomorrow.  We had originally planned to go to Oregon with the new trailer but all of our favorite campsites are booked all the way into next weekend because of the holiday.  Then we decided to go up near the Canadian border for a few days next week.  Well, the smoke and fires may decide that's a no-no.  It's looking like we may not even get to use the new trailer until next year! 

We have to go up to the lake tomorrow and wage war with the squirrels again.  We've been fighting them for a couple of weeks now.  They've decided to make a nest in the insulation under the floor of the trailer.  We have a four seasons camper, which means it's heavily insulated for winter camping.  It also makes a cozy nest for rodents of all kinds.  We've never had an issue with any rodents until this year.  They won't give up.  We've tried all kinds of repellents and they just laugh at us.  Dennis has ordered some sheets of metal that he is going to put on the bottom tomorrow after he tries to make sure there are no squirrels actively inside.

I've got some laundry and cleaning to do before Bible study tonight.  I made zucchini bread yesterday from the zucchini's at the lake garden.  Yum!  It's not weight watcher friendly, but was still worth eating it!  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend.  My prayers will continue for the people down south.

"Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all of our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God." 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

Blessings always,


  1. The socks and blanket turned out great! As did the dishcloths - great yarn for them. Sorry you are still having the smoke issues - seems like that has been going on forever. Sorry you won't be able to get away in your new camper any time soon. That's a shame. Good luck with the squirrels.

  2. Bravo on finishing the 2 pairs of socks and Piper's gorgeous blanket! You're amazing! We also have the smoky smog here too. Ugh. Sorry you don't get to go to the beach but I am glad you still get to fly to see Piper. Good luck with he squirrel eradication! We had a rat get into our trailer. Yuck. Piper looks so cute ready for her first day of school! Enjoy the weekend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. So sorry you are still dealing with the smoke issue and yes, that is not healthy for you! So sorry about the mug breaking but how sweet of you to replace it for him. The socks look great and I am sure they will be appreciated. Love your blanket for Piper and the coasters and dish cloths...yes, definitely Fall worthy!
    Your friend from church will appreciate a blanket from you I'm sure. Have a nice holiday weekend whatever you do! Hugs ~ Sam

  4. P.S. I have heard many good things about Samaritan's Purse but not the Red Cross. Piper is cute in her first day of pre-school picture!

  5. I love the color of your new shawl yarn. And, can we talk about that project bag??? That is adorable.

    Hope you'll get rid of the pesky squirrels and can enjoy your camper all by yourselves. LOL

  6. Those are perfect guy socks!! It's hard to knit for boys but you nailed it. Piper is a sweetie. She is going to love that blankie.

  7. The socks were amazing, I have yet to master knitting socks. The blanket was a triumph, I am sure Miss Piper will be delighted with it, filled with love with every stitch. Hopefully you manage to find a solution for getting rid of the squirrels. Take care.

  8. Fantastic finished projects!

    Yes, the smoke has been constant and THICK. I hope people are also praying for those whose homes and livelihoods are being destroyed by the fires as well as the brave individuals who fight the flames and sometimes lose their lives doing so. Over 1000 fires are burning in four or five western states. The destruction is tremendous.

  9. The sox look cozy and I really like the dishcloths and their colors. I would like fall to come soon with cooler weather and rain. Where did you order the mugs from and do they do well in the dishwasher or do you wash by hand, which I tend to do with special mugs? I'm glad you got an updated one! Sorry you didn't get to come down to Oregon. Lots of fires burning in Oregon. I need to head outside and water my plants before it gets too dark. Piper is getting tall and so cute! Take care my friend and thanks for your prayers! xx

  10. Hi Betsy, Your needles must be flying at all times! How nice that the man from your church will receive a blanket from you. I am sorry to hear that you may not be able to use your new trailer this year. Glad that you could get your hubby another cup that he likes. I have a couple favorites also. I hope all your smoke clears up soon. How discouraged the people in Texas must be too. Have a lovely week-end! Nancy

  11. I love all your lovely projects. You are always so busy making things for others. Bless you. Prayers for everyone who has been hit with the flooding and storms. I hope the fires cease up your way and the smoke goes away quickly. Blessings to you and yours always sweet friend. :) ((hugs))

  12. Oh darn. I just wanted you to get out in that camper! My weight watcher maintaining with my one bite rule. You can have a bite of zuccinin bread. I actually ate two M and M s yesterday> Just two. No more. they were M&M ish

  13. Changing your air filter on the car certainly makes you wonder what's happening to everyone breathing all that smoke. It's just like here with the dust. Even if you can't see it in front of you, it's still in the air. A childhood friend in the Houston area had to be evacuated from her home. Watching the news about everything happening there is just heartbreaking. You constantly amaze me with all the wonderful things you create to give back. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

  14. Love seeing all of your great projects, Betsy. We could see smoke from our plane as we travelled home. I guess the skies are even murky in Illinois now. But I guess we can't complain as the fires and floods are much worse. Hope you have a good weekend without too much squirrel interference.

  15. Oh, my, the squirrels sound like a nightmare! That is just awful to have to deal with...I hope you can get them out and keep them out forever!! And, little Miss Piper is just so precious! I am sure she is going to love that beautiful afghan! I know you are so anxious to go and see her. God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  16. Gorgeous socks and love the mug too, how clever to do that Betsy.
    Sorry re smoke, I'm already starting to pray for our fire season as our spring begins, we've had such a very dry year, it's a real concern.
    Love the relaxed doggie pose, we need to rest like that through each day in the arms of our Saviour, wholly yielded to Him....
    Hugs and prayers for ongoing mercies with you, your dear dear ones and your health, dear sis,

  17. Sorry about the smoke Betsy. Seems so much of the USA is burning or flooded. Piper is so big going to pre-k. I know you can't wait to give her a big hug. Happy knitting.

  18. Those socks look wonderful . . . what sweet gifts. The smoke is getting to me too, but our daughter and granddaughters in southern Oregon have it really bad. They can't go outside without face masks. It can not me good on the lungs. They have all been having bad and dry coughs. School starts for them on Tuesday and I can see a lot of recess time spent in the gym.