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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Happy Thurdsay!  Another week has gone past and I really am not sure where summer is flying to this year.  Soon, way too soon, that dreaded four letter word "snow" will be uttered by the weatherman and I'll be stuck inside again.

For now, we're stuck inside for the most part anyway, either at the trailer or at home because of this.  Smoke.  You know that view I photograph now and then of Mt. Spokane off of our back deck?  This is the same view.  No Mt. Spokane.  It's been covered in smoke for a couple of weeks now.  Apparently we're getting the smoke from the Canadian fires and the ones by the Canadian border in Washington, along with fires in central Washington.  Since we're only 100 miles or so from the border depending on the roads you  take, it's not very far away.  I took this picture about 10 minutes ago.
Here at the lake isn't any better.  This was the view yesterday and early last month!  See the difference? 
It does make it difficult to breathe and my eyes feel like they are full of grit and sand.  My nose and eyes water constantly too.  Ick!  There is supposed to be a change next week and the wind is supposed to shift everything out of here.  I'm hoping that happens, because it's been several weeks now and we're all feeling the effects of the nasty stuff here in Eastern Washington.

Neal and Jenny have our new trailer in North Idaho this week at Silverwood Amusement Park north of Coeur d'Alene.  See the smoky sky there too?  She sent me this picture of the trailer all set up.  Doesn't it look cozy?  I need to think of a name for it.  Any suggestions?
I'm looking forward to using it ourselves, but I'm very happy that our best friends are having fun with it too.  We're planning to take a drive up north from the lake on Friday or Saturday to check out a couple of campgrounds.  I would like to dry camp, (boondock), on DNR land, but we're a bit hesitant to be off by ourselves with all of the fires.  An established campground would have a better warning system to get us out in an emergency.

I did get some knitting done this week while sitting INSIDE the trailer at the lake away from the smoke.  These are for Hayden made with some leftover camo colored yarn.
Yesterday when I came into town I bought yarn and started this granny blanket for Miss Piper's new big girl bed.  Papa, (Dennis), bought her a new comforter set when we were there and hopefully this will match it.  She loves her new bed and calls it "the cloud" because it's so soft and comfortable.  I want to have this done when I go back there next month.  Wish me luck!
I also started a pair of socks last night for Kale, Hayden's big brother.  I had to buy yarn for them yesterday since I had no "boy" colors.  Look!  See!  They really are started.  Technically anyway.  :-)There are 16 stitches cast on that needle.  I just finished casting on all of the stitches and knitted one round so they are well and truly begun.
A friend just texted me a link about the "Purple Hat Project".  I haven't read the entire thing, but I what I have read sounds like a great charity project.  Here are the links if you're interested in checking it out.


Finally, here is our youngest son, Alex.  A friend of his posted this on face-book and I copied it.  This was taken Tuesday night in Aomori, Japan.  Alex has taken part in this festival in rural Japan since he was 14 years old.  He is 28 now!  It is quite an honor since they usually do NOT allow foreigners to be in the festivals in rural areas.  They take their traditions very seriously.  I truly think Alex is more Japanese than American!  He was born in the wrong part of the world as he loves the Japanese people and their culture so much.  And, can you believe that he was born on Pearl Harbor day, December 7?

He face-timed us the next night to show his Dad the mustache before he shaved it off.  Right after we face-timed he said it was coming off.  His girlfriend wanted him to grow it, but he didn't like it and in the place he lives it is NOT the thing a businessman does if he wants to look professional.  So off it came!
I don't have a lot of news this week.  Just trying to stay out of the extreme heat and smoke.  We will break a record today of temperatures about 90 degrees in a row.  That is so unusual for us here in Spokane.  I'm ready for a cool down, but not ready for fall yet.

Dennis has Fridays off for the next couple of months to use up his vacation or he loses it.  They are so busy at work that he can't take a week or two off all at once, so he's taking Friday's until the end of October, plus the week of our anniversary in September.  We're staying close by, probably at the lake that week or maybe somewhere close in our little trailer, so if they need him he can get to the office in a short time.  Frustrating, when we had wanted to go to the Oregon coast in October for a week.  Campsites are also hard to find right now because of the eclipse.  Even though it will be over by October, it is bringing many people up to the northwest and they are apparently staying around for awhile.

I hope you have a lovely week and are enjoying summer.  The evenings are getting shorter and we have to turn the lights on outside at the trailer again when we sit outside visiting.  Dennis is driving into town in the dark now in the mornings.  Unmistakable signs that summer is waning.  I am NOT ready for it, but the seasons will change anyway won't they?  I'll just have to follow along, kicking, screaming and pouting my way behind it!  Ha!

"Give praise to the LORD, proclaim His name; make known among the nations what He has done."
Psalm 105:1

Blessings always,


  1. Always love seeing what you make. I know Miss Piper will love her new doll blanket. Wow, you all have been really hit with that horrible smoke. So sad about the fires. I pray they end soon. Rain, lots of rain...well, not lots, don't want mud slides...but rain. It's been hot here, too...and no rain...I have brown grass, even though we keep trying to water it in the evenings when the sun goes down, it's just so hot. I have been keeping the air vent company. I send you ((hugs)). Blessings always sweet friend. :)

  2. Hi Betsy, I've just been catching up with your posts. That smoke is something else, how awful. We have had a fair amount of smoke here this summer too, but nothing like previous years. It's very hard to be outdoors with smoke, isn't it? I hope the air clears for you soon. It sounds like it's been very hot there, which is all the worse when it's smoky. Hopefully your weather changes very soon. Your new trailer is awesome! How nice of you to let your friends use it. You are a very good friend. I hope you have a wonderful time with it. Take care and have a good weekend!

  3. Sorry to hear you won't be at the coast in October so we could have dinner together there. :-( We also have the same horrible air here with smoke in it. My sister and brother are at Waldo Lake and we're stuck at home due to Dayle's bad back. :-( My younger sister is in Africa on a photo safari. I guess I'm pouting too. Stay well so you can go on your trip. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. The smoke has shrouded my area, too. ifmitmdoesnt blow out of here before the eclipse, there will be a LOT of disappointed people.

    Love the socks and blanket projects. You're making good use of your indoor time.

  5. Wow...that is so scary. I've never seen smoke like that before and I hope I never do! It's a good thing you've got so many great things to keep you busy inside.

  6. It is eerie and irritating to live in the smoke, and so sad for those who lose property or family members in the fire, isn't it. I remember how anxious I felt near forrest fires in northern CA years ago and I am sorry you are in similar circumstances now. As always I admire your stitching projects and learning about Alex's adventures. I hope you and Dennis are able to enjoy your three day weekends. I am so glad to be visiting my niece and her family on their farm here in NE. This is county fair week and we plan to go tomorrow afternoon to enjoy the exhibits and see a melodrama. May the Lord bless you! xx

  7. What gorgeous knitting! I'm almost done with a crochet baby project. I think I want to make a baby blanket now.

  8. It was very hazy here today as well and my lungs hurt even though I took my inhaler and pill. More inhaler before bed. Can't wait for it all to go away. Good thing the weather will be a bit cooler on the weekend. There's a fire in by Detroit lake that is affecting us as well now! We will persevere through all this! Easier to drive in it than the snow, though! Your camo sox are nice! Hugs and take care, my friend! (A ch-oo ) love you!

  9. Yikes! That is scary. hope it clears soon for you. My brother in CO has been plagued with smoke too. Glad you have plenty to keep you busy/occupied while having to stay inside.

  10. My mother loved the song WHEN SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES. I don't mean to find something good about the awfulness of your air quality.
    Name for the camper? Camping cottage? something biblical? maybe The house of GOD dwells within TENT curtains?
    As for the sock finish WOW.
    I bet Hayden will love them
    finally, I just heard of the OKLAHOMA purple baby hat project and I'm on board. I can send them to ALlison and she will take the ones I make to her yarn shop which is a dropoff. I'll knit them in my moms honor. She loved babies.

  11. Mm, we had smoke aroudnnd here, yesterday Betsy, we have burn offs in spring to get ready for summer, it was hazy all along the skyline as dad said there was no horizon line, not as bad as yours but been that bad.
    The smell was there too, know what you mean!
    The worst fires I recall were here just south of here when I was at high school, we didn't see the sun for three days and more, I was having major exams and studied in the bath tub in my swimmers!!!
    Then next lot were in Melbourne it was called black Wednesday cos many homes and some lives very sadly were lost and we had soot raining down on our homes, but fires weren't that nearby, over two suburbs away in Dandenong hills but smoke etc. was that dense.
    It does sting your eyes.
    I pray you're okay health wise dear sis and not affected by it.
    Maybe re names for camper it could be "Bon Amis", it means good friends in French and the camper is housing good friends and a good friend to you when you use it! Of course it's not any where near equal to our Best Friend, the lovely LORD Jesus.
    Lovely knitting as always, and crotchet for little Miss Piper in her cloud!!! How cute. Your socks fascinate me, if I could knit properly, I think I would try them. Comfy socks are like hens teeth :D
    Hugs and prayers for wisdom inall things, dear sis,
    Shazin Oz.x

  12. Yipes..... Glad those fires are not near to you all... The only good thing about smoke is that I have gotten some good sun pictures... BUT---overall, smoke is not good! Take care --and stay inside and keep on knitting!!!! Gorgeous....

    I had no idea you had a son in Japan... Amazing that he was born on Dec. 7 ---and feels such a connection to the people... Interesting for sure!!! Is his girlfriend Japanese? Sounds like he is there for LIFE... Neat!

    Love your new camper... Nice that your new friends are breaking it in for you. I'm sure you will find some good campgrounds....

    How are you doing healthwise? I'm okay--other than not being able to sleep.. Going to the doctor on the 17th.


  13. Oh, it is SO true that the seasons will change, whether we like it or not. Such it is in life, also. Time is going by way too fast for me, too. I love the blanket you are making for little Miss Piper! That is so sweet that she calls her big girl bed a cloud! I hope the smoke lifts soon, so you can enjoy your beautiful view, sweet friend. Praying for you and hoping you are having lots of pain-free days. Sending hugs and blessings to you today!

  14. Hi Betsy, I do not want summer to end either altho I am tired of watering! That is so neat your son playing in the Japan festival. How are you putting the crochet blocks together for Piper? I wish you could help me with my crocheting. I have been working on that Turn itself Potholder or Magic potholder. I can do the single crochet but I don't know how to turn! I am so sorry you are suffering from all that smoke. I hope relief will come soon. Nancy

  15. Hi Betsy! I have sure missed you! First of all, the fires! Oh how scary. The air is such poor quality, and I am sure you want to just stay in the house! And your new trailer! I love it. I looks a lot like ours. I can't wait to see the inside photos of it. You are very generous to share it with your friends!
    I love the socks, and loved seeing your son. He sounds like quite a young man!
    Miss you!!
    xo Kris

  16. Hope you got some of the rain that we had on Saturday night; it sure helped the air quality! It was crazy, wasn't it? Nice socks! The UW Medical Center has taken purple hats in the past.