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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Beautiful Days

Good Morning everyone! 

Do any of you remember the smoky skies I showed you last week?  Here was the view of Mt. Spokane off of our back deck last week.
Here is the view this morning, as of about 10 minutes ago.  Quite a huge difference and a very welcome one.  We had a bit of rain Sunday morning, just a little bit, but coupled with the wind, it was enough to blow most of the smoke away.  We still have some smoke, but much, much cooler temperatures... in the 80's and that is very welcome.  We broke all previous records for the number of days over 90F in a row.  85F feels like a cold snap and has people talking about fall!
My marigolds this morning.  They loved the heat and are doing a great job of brightening the yard.
I took this picture on my walk at the lake yesterday.  This little guy was sure I had some wonderful treat for him...I didn't have anything so he wandered away to join his friends.  I love that beautiful blue patch on his wing.  It turns from green to sapphire blue depending on how the sun strikes it.  Would you believe Dennis and I saw about 30 geese flying south Tuesday night?  Now THAT'S depressing.
Piper's blanket is growing.  The light pink came out, not without difficulty, since I'm using the "join as you go" method of putting the squares together.  It does look a lot better though with just these two colors.  I need more pink, but Michaels is out of stock.  I hope when they get more in that it matches.
Here are my two little hats for the Purple Hat Project.  They went in the mail yesterday to Seattle Children's Hospital.  I hope these little hats will help to be a reminder for parents and protect an innocent little one.  If you're curious about them, I wrote more on my last post and KathyB talked about it on her blog, Compassion Knits, on my sidebar.

The model is my little newborn sized doll that I found at the Union Gospel Mission thrift store a few years ago.  She's a great model for my baby makes and fits the average newborn size exactly.  It's a good way to know if I'm correct in my sizing when making things for charity.
I finished Kale's first sock last night.  A ten year old with feet as big as mine!  Here I am modeling it.  I began the second sock just before bed last night.  This is my "carry in my purse project since Pipers blanket is too big to carry around.
I've seen lots of different toes and heels around the internet but I love the wedge toe and regular heel flap.  The heels wear very well with the flap, unlike some others that I've heard about online.
Lori's flowers at the lake being guarded by the Seattle Seahawk garden gnome. (Did I spell that right?  It looks totally wrong. Ha!)
Larry finished restoring his 1926 Chevy truck last week and has now listed it for sale.  It is pretty!
Look at that blue trim!
He painstaking restored each board of the bed too. 
He loves this truck, but wants a new project to work on.  After all of the work he has done, I would have a difficult time selling it if it were mine.

Today is a busy one.  I went to the Spine clinic yesterday for a second opinion on my back.  I still had a referral until November from last year, so I just called them myself!  He was very frustrated that I wasn't referred back when I fractured my back.  Yes, the fracture is still there.  Now, because of the way I'm walking, my feet are also messed up. I went to acupuncture for them before, which helped immensely but because of my pacemaker, that's a no-no now.  So, today I'm being fitted for a back brace to help support the muscles that are trying to protect the bone.  They are also going to try a laser procedure to help get oxygen to the muscles.  This will be done on my back and my feet and I'll have the first one today.  I'm hopeful that something will help.  I've been trying to walk, yesterday I had almost 12,000 steps, but between my back and my feet, I'm still in a lot of pain.  Mind over matter, only takes you so far my friends!

We had planned to take the new camper out tomorrow for the weekend, but received an email from the campground that they were overbooked, (by the computer).  Apparently this eclipse is sending a lot of people into the wilderness.  I have a couple of other places to call today but we may have to postpone our maiden trip until Labor Day weekend.

I have to get moving.  Weight Watchers is in less than an hour and I'm sitting here with dripping hair!  And WW is another story.  I have stayed exactly the same, up 3 lbs., down 3 lbs., since the beginning of summer.  What's with that?! 

After WW, it's errand day.  The bank, Costco, Shopko, grocery store and then my doctors appointments.  I told you it was a busy day.  That's what I get for being at the lake all week.  I have to cram everything into one day.  Including blogging because blogger won't let me type from my Ipad or IPhone.  At least I can still read all of your blogs and comment.  I would be lost without my visits to all of you. :-)  I better get a move on and stop sitting at the computer!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the last few weeks of summer here in the upper hemisphere.  And for all of you "down under,"  enjoy your last few weeks of coolness.

And in these turbulent times, I pray this daily.

"Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; may Your good Spirit lead me on level ground.: Psalm 143:10

Blessings to you always,


  1. im tired just reading your plans! Haa hahha.
    The truck is so great looking. I LOVE The socks, toes and cuffs contrast is the best but I usually don't do it. ! Your purple hat is darling and wonderful tooo

  2. Wow, the truck looks amazing!

    You should still be able to have acupuncture just not with the TENS unit which sends electric impulses but regular acupuncture does not.

    Love the sock and the blanket. My favorite heel is the slip stitch one. The wedge toe fits my foot the best.

    1. It's because of the "chi" needle in the forehead. It sends electrical currents through my body, which in turn sets off the tachycardia. Last time it lasted 3 days and since you can't do acupuncture without the "chi" needle my cardiologist said it's a no-no. :-(

  3. Prayers sent your way that the new treatment will work sweet friend. The blanket and socks look awesome. Wishing you good news and many blessings. :)

  4. Hi Betsy, it sounds like you've been busy. I loved seeing what you've made lately. Those socks are really cool. If I could knit, I would be making tons of socks. I'm glad the weather has been nicer and the smoke less. I hope the brace and the laser treatment will be the keys to finally helping your back get better. You've had such a hard road with this. Take care and enjoy your errand day, if you can. I have to go to Costco tomorrow and I'm already feeling a little overwhelmed just thinking about it. :)

  5. I see you're keeping busy, my friend! Good job on the socks and purple hats. You always amaze me how fast you can knit! Piper's blanket is going to thrill her, I'm sure! I know you're looking forward to your trip to see her. I'm also glad to see your smog and smoke clearing out, ours has too. That day of rain really improved our air quality. Good luck on your doctors visits! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. I'm going to have to show The Mister that truck. He loves restored cars and trucks. He used to have a '36 Chevy and a '75 Mustang in the driveway until I shamed him into selling them. He liked having them more than he liked restoring them and they became a big eyesore.

  7. We're enjoying blue sky and white clouds too. About time. Gnome is spelled correctly. Nice and cozy looking sox. My friend abd I hope to visit our friend with cancer tomorrow. Will check traffic and how she's feeling. Praying your pain subsides with the brace. Hugs my friend and I really enjoy your comments on my blog!!

  8. Honestly Betsy, I don't know how you've managed all this time -- to do all that you do daily -- with a fractured back. I can't believe that the doctors haven't taken the whole matter more seriously and haven't done the right thing to get you some healing. It just doesn't make sense at all. What the heck are specialized doctors for? There is absolutely no legitimate reason for you to still be dealing with all this.

    I'm glad to see the smoke has cleared. It does seem that folks are really looking forward to celebrating the total eclipse. We saw the partial eclipse here a couple of weeks ago but don't think we'll see Monday's event. It's great to have that baby doll for trying on the hats you make. When I make hats I always wonder if they are the right size, but then again, baby heads come in all shapes and sizes. :) I'm not a car person, but I do love to see a vintage vehicle and that truck is gorgeous!

    Happy Friday!

  9. Ahhh Great post as always Betsy.. will email you re my thoughts on spine, woke up praying for youtwo days ago and prayed during night, Lord burdens you for folks sometimes like that.. so praying for mercies in abundance.
    I'm loving those socks, gorgoeus plus!!!! And yes that's big feet for ten year old. :-)
    Mm can relate to the WW issues. It's tricky, prayer helps and I've cut out chocolate for ages now...hard that bit. But it's crept down a teeny weeny bit so,trying to be positive.
    Love the truck. How cool is that!!!??? Hope he's put a good price on it.
    Re blogger and iPad etc.
    Blogger is owned but Google, google is android mobile device format and doesn't get on with Apple since Apple did an update about ten months ago. I'm annoyed by it too and struggle posting for same reason. Iv've complained to Apple about too.
    Bug bloggy hugs and many prayer sdear sweet Betsy, all the waaaaay from wintery Downunder, so glad your smoke has cleared.
    Shaz in

  10. Oh my husband would love that truck! So nice that (most of) the smoke has cleared from your area. My brother and his wife were going to go camping in Wyoming for the eclipse until they heard that the highway u there from CO is expected to be one big parking lot. You've got so much going on1 But still find tie to knit for charity and for others - love those socks. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. Hope the new treatment gives you the healing and relief that is possible.
    That truck is impressive!

  12. Hi Betsy, I am glad that your smoke filled air has gotten a lot better but sorry to hear that you are still suffering from your fall. Hoping you will make progress to getting better soon. The pink and white blanket is so cheery and pretty. The baby hat I tried to make did not turn out as lovely as yours. LOL Your marigolds are pretty! That is one of my "go to" flowers! Enjoy your day! Nancy

  13. Those fires have just been horrible Betsy. Glad you skies cleared up. I am so sorry about your back and the difficulty it is having healing the way it should. I wish you were close I would work on you to relieve some of the pain. BLess you for going through this for so long. Stay away from all those party animals watching the eclipse. Maybe another weekend would be more peaceful. Sending you a hug.

  14. There are so many grain silos here in the part of Nebraska where I am! When I see them I often wonder if Dennis' company has been involved in manufacturing them. While here I hope to publish a post and catch up on reading others' posts, but have been having fun, attending the county fair, folding clothes, shucking corn, processing other vegetables and yesterday my niece took us to the Master's Hand shop in Tekamah, NE, for lunch and shopping. I am praying the new treatment will quickly promote healing of your back, WW will help you be successful in maintaining a healthy weight, and that I too will live out the verse you quoted. I love seeing the beautiful flowers, duck, cleaner air, and your wonderful stitching work, too! Blessings always, dear Betsy. xx

  15. Oh, my, Piper's afghan is just BEAUTIFUL! Pink and white are such a wonderful combination! SO pretty!! And, that is such a neat idea to use the doll to size the hats! You do such an amazing job, and your heart is just so giving and kind. God bless you over and over for all you do for others. And, I do hope and trust that you will get relief, dear friend. I pray for you and am so concerned and hoping that one day they will tell you the fracture is all healed!

  16. Wasn't it great to see blue skies again? So sorry to read about your back and hope you can get some relief soon. Enjoyed seeing your photos as well as your projects. Take care.

  17. I'm just starting to get caught up on blog reading after my summer of fatigue. I want to first thank you so much for your words of encouragement and kindness. They've helped more than you know. I'm glad the smoke has cleared and you are seeing blue skies again. I hope you get some relief for your back and foot pain. I'm having trouble with my feet because of RA but I muddle on. I can't get over how much better and active I am now. The Hubs keeps reminding me not to overdo because that triggers RA pain. I love all your projects. You are one busy lady. Take care, friend.
    Hugs, Sharon