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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Morning

Good Morning my friends.  Yes, it's Sunday morning and I'm at home.  A very rare occurrence because I almost never miss church.  My headache is still not cooperating though.  It seemed a bit better yesterday and then I turned my head too fast last night...or some silly thing like that, and it came back full force.  I didn't think I could handle the music so I stayed home this morning.

It has been a productive week for me though.  Besides the hats I showed you a few days ago I have another two finishes and two starts so I thought while I was sitting here alone I would share them with you, my friends here in blogland.

First up is my gumdrop blanket.  The pattern is loosely based on Lucy at Attic24 granny stripe blanket.
The edging is just a simple two round single crochet.  It hasn't the been washed yet as I finished it late last night so it still looks pretty stiff.  It will soften up perfectly after washing.  I have no idea where this blanket will go.  I'll put it in my "gift closet" and it will either go to charity or wherever I feel compelled to give it.  It think it would be great for a toddler or baby boy because of the bright colors. 
I also finished the top secret project for Mandy for Christmas.  I can't wait to show you all but it will be after Christmas!  Ha!  I'm very, very happy with how it turned out.

I made my first attempt at crocheting a knitting bag on Friday.  It took me most of the day because I ripped it out several times, but I do like how it turned out.  I love the bright, summery colors.  Since it was made with Sugar and Cream cotton it will wash very well and could actually be my knitting bag for the beach at the lake, if I ever get back out there. HA!
I also started a pair of socks using Knit Picks Stroll Fingering yarn in Northern Lights hand painted Merino/Nylon blend.  This yarn is so soft to work with.  I'm using a new pattern for me called "Petty Harbour", free on Ravelry.  Do you like my DPN holder and project bag I made last month?  It reminds me of my growing up years in the 60's and 70's!  The bag is the perfect size for socks.
I also started a new shawl, "Lala's Shawl", another free pattern on Ravelry.  I was given this yarn a few years ago by an older lady at church who no longer knits.  It was made in Turkey and is 100% acrylic but incredibly soft.  I have four skeins of it and I'm really, really liking using it.  I like how the soft stripes are forming in the pattern don't you?
So that's pretty much what I've been up to recently.  The weather was pretty nasty yesterday.  We went from hot, hot, hot early in the week to 53 degrees yesterday.  Dennis went to the lake and took the clean towels, sheets, and a few other things out that I had packed and ready to go.  He also brought back the refrigerator stuff I was stressing about!  Ha!  He was going to mow out there and he did fill the mower with gas but it started pouring down rain so he sat in the camper and drank a glass of iced tea hoping it would stop but it didn't show signs of slowing so he just came back home.  He said it rained so hard he could barely see the highway at times.

Today the sky is as blue as blue can be and is predicted to be in the 70's.  We had planned to go out to the lake today but I think I'll wait a few more days.  That's okay, I have lots to do here and I've enjoyed catching up on podcasts that I can't watch at the lake due to Internet restrictions.

In my last post I was asked if Dennis did all of our yard work.  Yes, he does and he really enjoys mowing, trimming and edging.  He says it relieves the stress of his long hours of sitting at a desk at work. My job is to trim all of the bushes which is a huge job in and of itself.  Last summer they really got away from me when I was down for a couple of months.  This year has been a bit better so far.

Alex face-timed Friday night while Dennis was mowing.  He said he actually misses helping him with the yard work like he did when he was home.  His plans to buy a house in northern Japan have fallen though.  Apparently the house is too old to get a bank to loan him the money for it.  Although it's in great condition, they much prefer new properties.  At least he is getting his earnest money back because the issue is with the house, not him.  He is disappointed though.  He has been saving and saving whatever he could and he actually could have paid for the house, but then not had the money for his company's start-up.  I think renting for now is a much better thing for him.  Not as much stress as owning property when he's trying to get his business up and running.

Mandy and Brad had visitors this week.  Brad's best-man from the wedding, Matt, his wife Amanda and daughter Sadie came to visit for a few days before a family wedding that was close by.  It sounds as though they had a wonderful time together.  Brad taught Matt how to fly years ago, so they have that in common too.  Amanda is an ER nurse, Matt is an ER doctor and I think Mandy said Amanda's dad is a life-flight nurse.  Since Mandy is an RN too, she said she felt they had all the bases covered in the event of a problem while they were out and about touring D.C.!  HA!

I hope all going well for you all and that you're enjoying your summer.  I so enjoy the comments you leave for me.  I truly do feel that you have all become great friends of mine.


I just heard about the terrible shooting in Orlando just a moment ago.  Tragic.  My prayers are with each and every person touched by this horrible tragedy.  This verse popped into my mind just now and seems appropriate.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has NOT overcome it."  John 1:5

Hate CANNOT be allowed to win.  The LIGHT will overcome.

Blessings my sweet friends,


  1. Hi Betsy, I hope you're feeling back to normal soon. I know you love being at the lake, but it's good to get things done at home too. Soon, you'll be back there again. I loved seeing all your projects. The little blanket is just adorable. It really does look like gumdrops! I hope you have a good week ahead, take care.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of your headache set-back. Hopefully it will all sort itself out super quick so you can get back to your lake fun. You're really getting a lot accomplished at any rate! That blanket is very cute and for sure would be a good baby blanket. So colorful. It was fun to see your socks started.. as soon as I get some quiet time I will start my pair of socks. I think the beginning of them might drive me a bit batty. I'll be using my #1 bronze DPNs. Get better, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Keeping you in my prayers sweet friend that soon your headache will be no more. Your blanket is awesome. Love it. The socks look yummy, too. I love the yarn you are using to make the new shawl. It's very pretty. Your project bag that you made looks awesome. Wishing you a day filled with many blessings sweet friend. :)

  4. Your blanket is so pretty and I'm sure it will make a nice gift for a young child. Also like the crocheted knitting bag. Interesting. It has gotten warmer here as well. We came home after church and a taco dinner to 73 degrees in our house. Thankful for the a/c! Hope you get to feeling better soon. Headache go away and not come back again! Hugs and have a good week.

  5. I love your project bag! It is very retro. I think I had a mini skirt made out of similar fabric.
    The events in Orlando were terrible weren't they. My son was in the Navy Yard the day of that mass shooting and it took an hour after it made the news for me to locate him. I really feel for those parents waiting for news. It breaks my heart.

  6. that was terrible the news out of Orlando. Love your blanket you did a fantastic job.

  7. ear Betsy, believe me I know your headache pain and I am praying yours goes away soon. You have to really be careful with concussions and rest a lot more than you think you should. It is aggravating but if you don't rest they will stick around a lot longer. Orlando has had a very tough weekend, those shooting are just horrible. Yet we as a country allow guns everywhere it is so ridiculous.

  8. Betsy I have just heard the news about the shootings what a terrible tragedy, something surely must be done about the legality of guns. So sorry to hear about your headache, take care and look after yourself.

  9. Good that you are still resting. I've been doing just that with all the problems I've had lately. I know those kind of headaches when you move your head too fast. Ouch! That's when I know I need medicine fast or it will just get worse. Crochet/knitting are such wonderful hobbies to keep us productive and happy while we are convalescing. :) The gumball blanket is lovely. I have so many baby blankets started that I really need to work on finishing. There is just so much senseless, baseless hate in the world. Although we can't ignore it, I do wish media would start to focus attention on the good because there really is a lot of light and love out there, too. Evil is in the minority but the news would have you believe otherwise. Take care of yourself and have a good week.

  10. The blanket looks like candy, yummy!

  11. Now I am more caught up with what is happening with you, dear Betsy :) I was surprised to be emailing with you Sunday morning because I know you are usually at church as I am. Sunday I went to the 8am service and was home by 10am. I was really tired from having so much fun camping, I think, but am feeling more with it this morning. I am still catching up on what I missed while camping, though! Your new shawl is very pretty and your pretty sock encourages me to start making one myself! May you rest and be well and may the Lord's peace reign in and around us in the world in Jesus' name. xxxxxxxxxx

  12. I love your color choices - the blanket is fantastic and your shawl will be very pretty. I love knitting eyelets :)

  13. Oh Betsy....I just did a recap here to see what I had missed and why your head is hurting! You poor thing! That could have been very serious! I hope you are taking it easy. I see you are finishing off a lot of projects too! Love the gumdrop blanket! Love the shawl! I love all of the same podcasts you mentioned too. I am hooked on those, and on knitting socks, and I am not getting anything else done around here!!!
    Do take it easy though Betsy. I hope you feel better soon so that you can enjoy your happy place. We are headed to the lake on Saturday. They are projecting it to be 111 this weekend! Ugh!
    XO Kris

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your headaches, Betsy. They are so hard to deal with. I don't know how you craft when you have one - I tend to kind of shut down and not be able to do anything. Kudos to you for being so productive!

    The gumdrop blanket is adorable, and I love the crochet knitting bag. Somehow it seems ironic to carry our knitting around in crochet. :)

    Hope you're feeling better and can get back to the lake.

    P.S. Our weather has been a lot like yours. Very changeable!

  15. Amen Betsy lught will overcome, that verse I saw on WW2 war memorial in Canterbury main st in Uk. It was bombed badly in the blitz as it was a major city en route to London. Sad what sinful man does. How we must shine brightly and pray and peay for our nations.
    Lord bless your healibg sis, the eork of your hands and your dear one's
    Shaz in Oz.x.

  16. I am amazed at how much you get done! Especially for someone who doesn't feel well! The gumdrop blanket is darling and I agree...a child would love those bright colors. It reminds me of a box of crayons too.
    Cute story about the "medical personel" having the bases covered for sure! I love your shawl and it is turning out lovely the way the colors are striping. Please take care of yourself and rest your eyes every 20 minutes as that can cause a headache too. Take care my friend!