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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

It's a bit toasty out there.

Hello everyone.  It's been an interesting week here.  We've had record setting hot temperatures in Spokane.  Upper 90's F is ridiculous for the first week in June.  I have stayed inside in the air conditioning so far and have appreciated that cool air blowing through the house very much.

The reason I'm home and not at the lake?  It's something that would only happen to me. I am the most clumsy person I've ever known.  I hit my head at Home Depot on Saturday.  Not a huge hit, just a big enough bump that I saw pretty stars.  We had a missionary family staying with us Saturday night so I took some Advil and persevered with making dinner and breakfast for them.  However, instead of going to church Sunday morning, I drove myself to the emergency room and found out I had given myself a concussion.  I have had a horrendous headache ever since.  I just wish it would go away.  This would have been a nice few days to be playing in the water at the lake and I'm sitting in my recliner instead doing this...
I've been watching lots of knitting podcasts.  This one is "Wet Coast Knitters" from Vancouver, BC.  But I've been catching up on all of my favorites.  There are three I try to catch whenever they post something new, "Legacy Knitz" which is a mother/daughter podcast that is my absolute favorite.  "Periscoping Sisters",  which are two sisters, one in California and I think the other is in Georgia.  Also "The Grocery Girls, two sisters from Canada. Their family owns a grocery store, hence the name.  They are all wonderful knitters and are hilarious to watch.  There are lots more though that I like to watch when I have time.  Much better than television in my opinion.

Dennis filled my prescription for hydrocodone last night.  I didn't want to take it, but the headache finally got to me.  Whoa!  One pill at bedtime last night and I don't think I'll be taking anymore.  I do not like how I felt at all.  I think I'll stick with Advil.  Seriously, I don't know anyone who does the stupid things I do.  But we didn't think I should be all the way out at the lake by myself right now so here I am trying to make the best of things.

One of the things that I was doing at Home Depot at the time of my unfortunate accident was purchasing marigolds for the garden bed that previously held green beans.  Here they are all planted.  Would you believe I went outside yesterday and one of the pretty little flowers you see here had the flower cut off just below the flower and it was laying in the grass.  What in the world?  Today all seemed fine.  I can't figure out what is happening in this bed this year.  If whatever it is kills these flowers, the bed will remain empty...or maybe I'll stick some plastic flowers in here.  Ha!
I decided I needed something to work on that took absolute no brain power this week because apparently I have managed to bruise my poor brain and it's not processing things very well.  So I found some half balls of yarn in my stash and a full one pound skein of cream from Loops and Threads.  I started this granny stripe blanket from Lucy at Attic 24 and started a baby blanket for charity.
A close up.  It looks like gumdrops to me.
Chloe isn't too impressed.  She's missing running at the lake and playing with Mattie.
Not much else to report.  I'm just sitting and watching podcasts and crocheting when I'm not dozing off.  My house is a mess.  I haven't cooked since breakfast Sunday.  Poor, poor Dennis.  I really think he got a bum deal when he married me.  It's always something wrong.  I guess it could be worse.  We are planning to go to the trailer on Friday if my headache is better.  Has anyone out there had a concussion?  How long will this headache last anyway?

Okay.  This was just a quick check in so you all know I'm here.  Take care and I am trying to keep up with all of your blogs.  I hope you're all enjoying the first days of summer.

"Have mercy on me, O God, according to your unfailing love; according to your great compassion blot out my transgressions. Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin." Psalm 51:1-2




  1. It could have been worse! Continue to heal!

  2. Oh my! Stop that! I do like the gumdrop blanket, and some deserving soul will appreciate your work. Good luck with your headache, too. Chloe will survive, and get some extra TLC from you I suspect. I hit my head once going down slippery steps, never saw a doc, but that night heard people talking outside my door. No one was there when I called a neighbor to check on me. They probably thought I was nuts, but I may have had a concussion. It was weird, and never happened again. Prayers for healing your way!

  3. You didn't explain how you hit your head! What happened? I'm so sorry about your concussion.. I don't think I've ever had one. I hope it goes away fast! I know Dennis loves you just the way you are.. don't question that. I am so glad the "Big Event" is over... I'll post about it in the morning. Then we head to the beach for 3 days with the girls. I'm so happy to be heading there for 3 days of being near the ocean. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Oh dear, oh dear. I'm a kindred spirit when it comes to clumsy and it's only getting worse as I get older. I like your remedy of podcasts and yarn. Feel better soon!

  5. OH Besty! Im sorry bout your noggin. I have heard that you have to reset your clock after a concussion. Sleep as long as you need to. My neighbors son slept 16 straight hours and they said it was fine. He had to reset his clock. Have you asked your doctor about this?
    Hope you can be at the lake very soon.

  6. Oh so sorry to read about your concussion. I'll pray for you to be relieved of pain and it all go away NOW! Glad you can still crochet. It's been hot here too but next few days are even cooler. Finally!!

  7. Such a shame, not sure how long the headache lasts with a concussion but praying for a speedy recovery. Love the blanket such a beautiful mix of colours. Take care.

  8. Oh sweet friend I am so sorry you hit your head and now have a concussion. Please do take it easy sweet friend. Thank you for the podcasts info, I will be checking them out. I love podcasts, they really are better than TV anyway! I love your blanket you are working on, it really does look like gum drops, too. So very pretty. I send prayers your way for a quick healing sweet friend. Blessings to you always

  9. Oh, so sorry Betsy about your concussion. Hoping you feel 100% quickly. Take care of yourself. Love your gumdrop blanket - it is gorgeous.

  10. Oh, Betsy, that sounds painful. I'm sorry to hear you were hurt. I hope you're feeling back to normal very soon. I saw that it had been very hot in the northwest. I hope it's not too uncomfortable for you. I like your gumdrop blanket, it's so pretty and colorful. I hope you can relax and enjoy yourself and stay cool. Take care.

  11. So sorry you have such pain! Who would think Home Depot could be so dangerous....gracious! I do hope you are feeling better by the time the weekend comes so you can go to the lake. I have one I can see but I never do much with it. Your blanket DOES look like gumdrops! Your marigolds should perk up and be fine...most "critters" stay away from them. Thanks for the know I love them and I canceled my satellite and haven't looked back! LOL!

  12. Hi Betsy just did quick google scan of concussion injuries.. they can last days, weeks or longer depending on severity.
    If in doubt, the go see your doctor, better to have a hands on expert opinion if dragging on.

    Re clumsiness join the club, am the same and my sister broke her collarbone at the weekend, by falling down their stairs, it runs in the family over here ...

    ... and it is the way God made us, and He made everything beautiful in His time .. so there you are .. beautiful girl.
    Sending bloggy hugs and prayers for healing...oh, and wonderful rug really love it .. rest up dear friend,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  13. I am so sorry you are experiencing pain! Your photos are beautiful. Here in Montreal, Canada, it is cold today! It is only 48 degrees at this moment (morning), but it will probably reach the 60's. And I know what you are going through with 90's temps, we have had them here for many years now and it gets terribly humid. You would think that being 59 years old and living here all my life I would be used to it, but I cannot handle heat and humidity like this. You have a lovely blog. :)

  14. Oh, dear friend! I am praying for you right now! I am SO sorry you got hurt, bless your dear heart. I do trust Jesus to make you well and able to return to the lake very soon. Please take care of yourself. Sending you much love and many blessings!

  15. Bless your heart and your head too Betsy! Oh my goodness I know your pain having had five concussion when I was younger. No wonder I am an OT, I am completely clumsy. Dennis got a dream when he married you, you are beautiful, smart, talented and so, so giving. He is one lucky guy. Take good care of yourself a rest, rest, rest.

  16. Oh! I still don't know how you hit your head, but dear Betsy, you are not alone in feeling clumsy, or falling from time to time. My flat feet have led me into some sorry tumbles through my 65 years. Now I am praying you will heal rapidly from your concussion! You really are dear to those of us who have the privilege of knowing you, and I am certain Dennis feels blessed with you as his helpmate! Your gumdrop blanket looks sweet :) Sorry about the fallen marigold! xxxxxxxx