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Friday, June 27, 2014


Happy Friday Everyone!

I'm back at the lake today and it's an overcast, rainy day.  But I'm going to enjoy it anyway.  I'll sit inside and sip tea and hot chocolate and either knit or cross-stitch.  More on that later.  I have a few pictures to share with you.  My week has been rather slow and a bit lazy so I'll share in pictures.

This was a view from our backyard on Tuesday evening.  A few clouds to the north at sunset with the most beautiful tint of pink in them.
Hubby sitting under the deck relaxing after some yard work.  All of our good patio furniture is now at the lake so we just have our chairs and a little table.
I was laying in the yard, playing with Chloe when Hubby called out to me.  I turned around to look at him and he took this picture.  I usually detest pictures of me, but I like this one with Chloe. 
Here's my best friend Jenny, with the runner I made for her.  Look at how long that thing is!  It goes over the top of the cabinet and down the other side for a foot or so.  I'm really glad she likes it.
She insisted on  picture of me too.  Not sure I like this one at all.  My chins are all showing!  :-)
Teresa, (over there on my sidebar) took a picture and posted a pattern on her blog of some rocks she crocheted covers for.  Several other blogging friends have been doing the same thing with rocks.  I've been using this rock as a door stop in the trailer for three years now and procrastinated on covering it for some reason.  I've been wanting too.  I've been meaning too.  Other things just come up and I never got it done.  Well, I took the rock home Tuesday and in way less than an hour I had this.  I also crocheted the bottom of the rock too so the floor doesn't get scratched when I scoot it around.
This is my view out the back window this morning .  There are raindrops on the window.  I love days like this.  Just listening to the rain on the roof.
Here is the cross stitch I've started.  I haven't done any cross stitch in years and years, but I've joined Vicki, (over on the sidebar as Stitchy McFloss), in a Stitch A Long, or SAL.  I've never joined in one before but I thought this would be fun.  Vicki has all the details on her blog.  There are 25 animals, with a new one released every month.  There have been four so far.  They are supposed to be made into an advent calendar but I'm thinking of making Christmas ornaments as gifts from mine.  What do you think this little guy is?  I'll show you the completed pattern in my next blog.
I just had a knock on the door and it's Stella, a nine year old that is vacationing two campers down the road.  She's been asking to learn to knit since spring and finally came over yesterday.  Goodness she's learning fast.  Last night I had Hubby stop at the house and bring out some bamboo number 8's for her to use.  They are much easier for her than the metal needles I had here at the camper.  I showed her the long tail cast-on and she was doing it like a pro within 15 minutes.  Now she's knitting a blanket for her Barbie.  :-)  I'll close this and give her some help.  It looks like stitch or two was dropped while she knitted by herself this morning.

Have a lovely weekend my friends.  Mandy & Piper are coming on Sunday so I don't know how much I'll be online.  I plan on having some Grandma snuggle time and playing.  Much more important than computers any day!  :-)

Blessings always,


  1. What great pictures. :) That is so super that you are teaching her to knit!

  2. Hi Betsy, what a fun post to read! I love your pink clouds and you and Chloe snuggling on the lawn.. and your rock came out great! I have a rock from our rockslide I'm going to cover, next. Enjoy your time at the lake.. we go to our lake in August.. can't wait!! Have fun with your girls! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Enjoy your time with your family! I love your runner too so cool! Your cross stitching looks great, I can't wait to see what they all look like. Be blessed

  4. Love your cross's fun isn't it! :) Awww you and Chloe look so happy in the photo. Yay on your daughter and Granddaughter coming for a while...I hope you get lots of time with them...we'll all be here waiting, so don't worry about us. The crochet runner is so beautiful, it really gives the file cabinet a splash of lovely color. So glad you are teaching your new friend to knit....maybe she might also want to crochet, and cross stitch....teaching someone a craft is like giving them a gift for a life time, for it is something they can always use and it truly makes their life less stressful and joyous. Blessings to you sweet friend....enjoy your time at the lake. : )

  5. Love your crocheted rock Betsy! Today, on Facebook, one post showed a garden filled with lacy items--your rock would fill very much at home in it:)
    Mixed weather here too--I prefer the sun but am thankful for the rain right now.
    Nice pictures of you (both of them).
    Have fun!

  6. ah Betsy your post is bubbling with joy.. wonderful dedication to crotchet it that long for your friend ... all those squares .. enjoy Piper and the time with them, Shaz in Oz.x

  7. So glad you are having some restful and productive time at the lake, Betsy. The runner you made looks lovely in its new home and I am excited that Mandy and Piper will be with you soon! Praying you have a wonderful time together. xx

  8. It sounds like you're having a nice relaxing time. The stitching looks beautiful so far and the runner is really stunning. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  9. Good photos, even ones of you! I like to cross stitch as well. I looked through books I have while I was moving them to get living room painted. I am gonna let a few books go as I am not doing much of that any more. I need to do some of that stuff again since I miss it. I need to get knitting as well. I need to search for a sox pattern on line but not found anywhere even though I'm told it's there. Sigh! Enjoy your weekend with your daughter and granddaughter. Cuddle time is awesome time! Hugs!

  10. Finally got on the computer and the first stop is your blog! I absolutely love the runner and think you are the best friend a person can have; not just because you make it for me but for your heart! I'm looking forward to your next blog with all the pictures of Mandy and Piper's visit.