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Monday, June 23, 2014

Busy At The Lake

We have been busy bees at the lake the past week or so.  Lori and I talked our respective husbands into the fact that we needed grass to keep the sand and gravel out of our campers. (That's Lori & Paul's trailer on the left, ours on the right.)  Do you see my big window in the back that looks over the lake?  Love that window!  :-)  Anyway, a week ago on Saturday my Hubby picked up a pallet of sod and Lori and I supervised his laying it down.  That was after I had spread a bulldozer bucketful of compost where the sod was going.  Do you remember that?  Hubby is a wonderful direction-taker from two women and this was the result.  I love it!!!!
Of course we couldn't stop there so Lori planted flowers all along the edge while I was home last Thursday.  Beautiful daylillies and a purple flower that I don't know the name of.  Do you see the line of rocks at the top of the picture?  Those are stairs that Lori built to the lower level.  We're probably going to put some wooden ones in there that will be safer and easier for Nita to use.  She's had a hip replacement and we don't want her falling.
Well now we were on a roll!  On Monday Lori and I framed up the gazebo and firepit area with 2 x 4's that we buried in the granite.  I could barely move on Tuesday morning after hammering nails into that hard gravel/granite sand and digging the trenches.  Larry and Nita brought out 700 lbs. of river rock on Thursday and I borrowed Hubby's pick-up again and brought another 1000 lbs. on Friday.  We put it here by the firepit.....
....and here.  Around three sides of the gazebo.  (That's Larry and Nita's motorhome you can see there on the right.)
Were we done?  Of course not.  Next was getting Hubby and Larry to FINALLY level the table under the gazebo.  The people on one side were always about 6 inches lower than the other side.  That doesn't sound like much but it made for uncomfortable eating and game/card playing for the people on the lower side.
Here they are busy about their work...but still with smiles for me and my camera.  That's my handsome Hubby on the left and Larry on the right.
Studying their progress.  Obviously Larry thinks a bit more dirt needs to be added to the side.
Well now, Paul has shown up to check how level the guys had it when the job was done.  (Paul had been out of town for work during all of the projects.  How lucky can a guy get?)  We like to call the three of our guys the "Three Stooges".  Anybody remember them?  Oh, that's my little CRV there on the left in the background.  I've had it four years and I love that car.
One more job and they were done for the weekend.  We stopped at Larry & Nita's after church yesterday and brought out their swing for the lower level.  Oh yes, Lori has great plans for this part of our "property" too.  I don't know how much will actually get done down here though.  Here are the guys enjoying the swing after putting it all together.
Here is Hubby and me.  Sorry about the shadows for faces.  That darn sun.  It just shined and shined all weekend.  :-)
The completed space.  Our trailer.  A living room and a dining room.
Another view, that's Hubby's truck there in the background.  His pride and joy and he even lets me drive it sometimes.  Do you see our little water fountain there in the lower left corner?  Brad gave that to us last year and it fits perfectly here.  There's my bag of knitting on the loveseat.
Looking toward Paul and Lori's place.
My handsome Hubby last night after our walk on the beach.  There were lots of swimmers this weekend but the water is still a little cold for me.  I am truly blessed to be married to this man.  He does everything he can to make me a happy camper in every way.
Canadian geese on the lake during our walk.
And I made a baby sweater this weekend too!  I started it Saturday around the campfire and finished it yesterday.  I plan to spend this week reading and trying to think of what craft I want to make next.  Ideas anyone?
Mandy and Piper are coming for a week beginning next Sunday.  Yippee!  Brad starts his new job next Monday and the house will be on the market and hopefully being shown a lot.  They have such a nice house I'm sure it will sell quickly but it makes me sad too.  Lots of great memories there in just a few years.  We're going to have lots of fun next week though.

I hope you've enjoyed your tour of our camping place.  We do have a good time here and have a nice little area for the three of us couples.  It's nice to be with friends.

Have a lovely day my friends.

Many blessings,


  1. What a GREAT place to relax and entertain friends and family in! And, of course, that view is wonderful. Have a blessed time with Piper and company :)

  2. Yikes a lot of work but it looks awesome! Enjoy!

  3. Hello Betsy, what an absolutely beautiful outdoor living and dinning room space. The sod really makes it's perfect and great to snuggle your toes in. What a very lovely Summer place. Hugs Judy

  4. Betsy, I have decided I am addicted to enjoying watching you work/your works :) Honestly, your energy and creativity both amaze and energize me. Thanks for the neat tour of your home away from home with your good friends. I am smiling at you and praying that you and yours are blessed making many good memories today and in the days ahead! xx

  5. You have such a beautiful place and it's nice to have such lovely friends to share it with, too. I know you all with have such a blast next week when your sweet family comes to stay. The baby sweater is adorable. I think you might need to cross stitch something for a while...maybe the little ornaments from the SAL on my blog? :) Wishing you a most lovely day sweet friend.

  6. Betsy, have you ever seen a pattern called the Wonderful Wallaby. It is an in -the -round, FUN sweater hooded sweatshirt that I have made from toddler size to my 6'4" Hubby. Everyone who has one loves it. perfect for Mandy. love your blog, Mary in Cincinnati

  7. Wow, Betsy! What a fabulous place you've set up there! I know how you love it and I would too.. what a divine place. I'm happy the kids will be spending a week with you. Enjoy every single second of it and I know you will. Hug Piper for me, ok? I hope we get to see you in Portland some day soon. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. This place looks beautiful very nice retreat! Say hello to everybody: Dennis ,Larry, Paul ,Laurie, Nita
    One day we need to come say hello. God bless you Betsy :)
    Great blog The PUCHEU's Family!

  9. That was fun! Loved seeing everything you've done around your camper. That's a really great little nest you've created by the lake. Very nice! Enjoy your week.

  10. Wow, you have been working hard! What a nice place you have, with all the comforts of home. Good for you, you must feel very accomplished. Now enjoy it. :)

  11. Oh my goodness you have done so much and it all looks so inviting and wonderful. How lovely to have such special friends to share your space with. Of course I know they feel blessed to have you and your husband so close.
    Hugs to you Betsy,

  12. Your so spoiled and it looks so fun to be by the lake. It looks so relaxing and so glad that you can do all that. I have decided to buy another chair for outdoors so there will be two adirodack chairs out and won't have to bring them in since they are plastic but good ones. Maybe get a cushion for our bench finally. Have a great summer and your sweater is cute. Hugs!

  13. Wow my dear friend Betsy... I absolutely looooooooovvvvvveeeeee your place. It looks wonderful and I can see you seating there enjoying the view and knitting away ... Just relaxing. Such a great life and a great way of enjoying it. Your hubby sure spoils it but I'm very sure you deserve it... You are such an angel and a great friend :)
    I'm so happy Mandy is coming to spend a week with you and that you will have a whole week with ams Piper ... So much fun!
    ( for some reason I haven't been getting notification when you get a new post so sometimes I'm not reading your post until u already have more than one there ... But I think I'm fought up now :) have a wonderful time at the lakehis summer my dear friend ... It sure looks wonderful :)

  14. I am so very impressed! What a lot of work you all did. Fantastic. Well done.
    The sweater is so sweet. :)

  15. Goodness me - you have been busy!
    That new grass will be lovely to sink your bare feet into on a hot day.

  16. wow, what an amazing camping area but you know Betsy I cant help wondering what happens when the winds come.. you could not have outside areas like that in Oz as we get winds and rains.. as well as sun.. Lori has some great ideas :D but find it hard to imagine moving 1000lbs of rocks!! in one day! Shaz in oz.x

  17. Oh it looks like a little piece of Heaven!

    Thank you for your sweet words today on my blog. You are a blessing to me with your words of encouragement and your prayers!

    Enjoy your weekend~ what a lovely place!