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Friday, January 10, 2014

Still Problems!

Well I'm still having issues with blogger and my sidebar...apparently all of it is clear at the bottom of my posts and I don't know how to get it back.

I'm going to give myself the weekendwith  Hubby's help to fix it.  Dear Vicky at Stitchy McFloss has been a huge encouragement.

Meanwhile, here's what I've been working on since Wednesday night.

Well the pictires are in a strange order since I'm using my phone but you'll get the idea. The top is all pieced.  I'll work on the backing tonight.

Also, for those of you who would be willing, would you please pray for God's will in my involvement in the CASA program?  After my observing cases all day in the courtroom on Wednesday I'm not sure my heart can take it. I was fighting back tears most of the day. Oh my, what we put these innocent children through.

Thanks for sticking with me through these blog problems my friends.



  1. Betsy, friend stick together through thick and thin. I hope you get it all fixed up, I have no idea what is wrong. I am totally helpless when things like this happen and I just call my sister.
    Hugs to you and good luck.

  2. Betsy.. I think I might know what happened.. there is a place where you set the size of your center space where your photos and text are. Somehow it has gotten set to so big that the sidebar items don't have room. It's all in there somewhere to change it back. It's just hard to show you without seeing your screen. Good luck with hubby helping. Love the quilt! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Hey sweetie! I am not sure what you mean for I think it all looks just fine on my end. I see everything in your sidebar. Whatever it may be....I do hope you get it all straight. But on another love love this pretty little quilt you are working on. It's been awhile since I pulled out my sewing machine. Maybe after I finish this crochet blanket I am working on I might just do a quilt!
    xx Shari

  4. Blogger may be giving you fits, but you are doing wonderfully on the quilt! It is lovely, Betsy, and looks so complicated to me who has only sewn a little 9 patch pillow together. We are supposed to get a Pineapple Express rain storm tonight. I hope that does not mean you will get too much more snow. xx

  5. Hello my dear friend Betsy, I think Teresa is right, I believe it's the size of your main part of your blog.
    Beautiful quilt....
    Hope you get it all working.

  6. Girl, you are so blessed with all these friends to help you. I would love to be one of those friends but I have no clue.
    Your quilt looks awesome.

  7. Love the quilt.

    I can see your right side bar for this post. I think the reason why we can see your right side bar now is because you have just one post right now on this page, but when you have all your posts on the page, like Teresa said there is something in there that doesn't fit so it forces the side bar to the bottom.

    If you can just put your posts as 1 post per page I think it will solve your issue. Or you can put one post per page until you figure out which post is the issue and then re-size the photos in it.

    I am merely guessing, but at this point, it's worth a shot.

    Hang in there and if the one post thing does not work, let me know...but right now when I pull your blog up from blog-lovin' it show just one post and your side bar is there, but if I pull your blog up to where all your posts show, your side bar goes away.

    Hugs and blessings sweet friend.

  8. Ah! The joys and aggravations of blogger:( I just found the solution to my latest problem on blogger--one I had unintentionally caused when I was trying to recover from an update browser issue--LOL. Anyway, what the other commenters are saying makes sense to me and I hope you are able to solve your problem quickly.

    Nice project! And, yes, I will say a prayer that God will give you wisdom in deciding whether to volunteer with CASA. If He does want you there, He will give you the strength to do it. If He doesn't then you can always help by praying for Him to send help for these little ones.

  9. Blogger can really be a pain. I hope you're able to get that issue sorted out. I'm wondering it you just need to move your gadgets around. Sometimes they get dropped in the wrong place. Go to your Template and you can drag and drop them where you want them to go. Your quilt is looking beautiful! I love the colors. I hope your shoulder is better soon.

  10. I know how it breaks your heart to hear what those sweet kids go thru. I am a school counselor and I can tell you sometimes a casa worker is the only lifeline those kids have. I will pray for you

  11. Hi Betsy, sorry to hear about your template problems. Sounds like you need to change your layout and margins. I haven't messed around with mine in a very long time. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Sometimes you just gotta keep playing around with it. I don't know that I could read all those court cases either. I know you want to help, but sometimes doing it from the sidelines is okay. You are always finding ways to give back, like with the mittens and such. God bless, Tammy