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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Anyone?

This is what's happening at my house right now.  It IS pretty but I'm tired of shoveling.
This is what it looked like yesterday after our predicted "snow flurries" became about 5 inches.  Our snow blower has decided to not cooperate this year.  I was not happy with it when I finally got it started yesterday and the auger thingy that scoops up the snow and throws it out wouldn't turn.  Out came the shovel.

Not long after I finished outside and then took my shower, I decided to sew a bit on my 9 patch quilt squares.  I hadn't been sewing long at all, maybe 10 minutes when I noticed jagged lights in my vision. Oh oh.  I've only had three of these octicular migraines in the last twenty years but I knew what was coming.  The lights flashing is an unmistakable sign.  I grabbed my phone and a glass of water and headed for my comfy recliner. Within five minutes I was completely blind.  That lasted about an hour and a half and then the pain came.  The headache lasted all day and night and is still lingering this morning.  I feel for people that have migraines regularly.  The first time I lost my sight, it scared me to death.  Now I know what's coming and I've luckily been at home each time except the first.  I was at work then and terrified.  I was completely blind for over four hours and all alone, my bosses were both working out of town that day.  I just sat at my desk and didn't move.  Hubby was in Egypt on business and the kids were all in school.  Luckily I could see again before it was time to leave to get them from school.
The pattern for the doily I was working on was horrendous.  I got to row 15 and could not figure it out so I went online to see if there was any errata.  Nope. And everyone had the same problem at row 15.  Mind you, it was horribly written up to that point, lots of guesswork, but doable if you've made doilies before.  I ended up ripping it out back to this point and finishing it off. It makes a fine smaller doily too don't you think?
I finished two dishcloths from Knit Picks Dishie.  I really like Dishie for dishcloths and it wears very well.
I've found a similar pattern and tried far, so good.  I've finished the middle and one end and am getting ready to start the other end.  This one is written SO MUCH better and it's been fun to make.
This will be a newborn sleep sack for a newborn.  It's being made for Cooper hospital which was the charity an online crafting friend donated to for years. Ginden passed away last week and several of us are making things to donate to Cooper in her honor.  Teresa, I'll include your name on the sleep sack when I send it if that's okay, since you and Dayle bought the yarn for the mitten project.
These are all of the squares that I've cut in the past few weeks. There are a lot of them!
Here are the squares that I completed before being sidelined with my migraine.
My plans, as I said before, is to try a quilt as you go blanket.  I'll sew up some squares and then cut a backing square of fabric and batting to match.  This way I can take them with me anywhere to quilt individually.  When you have them done, you put them all together.  It should be interesting!

Tomorrow we're having dinner with Neal & Jenny for our monthly "date night".  Saturday Hubby is taking me out somewhere for my birthday and Sunday I'm heading to Portland for a week to play with Piper. Next Tuesday lunch is planned with Gracie, Taci & Teresa.  Fun times are ahead. I NEED to get over this headache!  Hubby has also had a horrible head cold all week so I need to pray I don't get it.  That would put all of my plans to go to Portland on hold.  The last thing I should do is go make everyone there sick.

Have a lovely weekend my friends. I think it's time to get my shovel out again.  It's much easier to clean it off every inch or two than wait until there is lots and it's heavy.  :-)



  1. Yes, please! I would love to have that snow right now! I'm so jealous. Glad you were able to save your doily. Looks like you are rocking along on it now. Sorry I wasn't able to help. Stay warm in front of a fire and snuggle up!

  2. Hello Betsy, I am done with Winter but here in Michigan the weather will not cooperate with me. LOL Your doily is very pretty as is your Quilt As You go Blocks. How terrible awful about your lost of vision with a migraine. I have never heard of lost of vision before. It must be a dreadful experience. Please take care... Thinking of you. Hugs Judy

  3. More reason to move to Portland.. :-) But your snow photos are so pretty. Gadzooks, I'm sorry to hear of that headache and blindness.. that is downright scary! I hope you have a doctor to care for that problem. Sorry about the doily bad pattern.. what a bummer. But I do love the one you're working on. I sure hope you don't get that cold! Hope to see you soon.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. While I have heard of octicular headaches, I am so sorry you have had them, Betsy. I think they sound scary, too! Your latest projects are lovely except for shoveling snow :( [even though snow is pretty to look at] I'm praying you and yours will be well and that you have a safe and happy trip! xx

  5. Oh my goodness on the octicular migraines they sound horrible. I am so sorry you had to deal with that...and I am sending prayers that you get to feeling better and that your Husband gets well soon and does not share his cold with you. :)

    Love all your projects you are working on..the quilt is going to be a true labor of love. :)

    Blessings always

  6. Oh Betsy, you poor thing. Those migraines sound awful, and scary!! I have only ever had one, and it was right after I had one of my children.
    I hope you feel well enough to enjoy all of the festivities next week. Happy Birthday to you!!! What day?
    xo Kris

  7. Oh my goodness my friend that is really scary, I do hope you feel better soon. Beautiful doily, you make fabulous ones...and your quilt sounds like so much fun! Hope you stay healthy I can't wait to see you... Happy birthday in advance πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

  8. I like knitted cotton wash cloths as well. I need more so maybe I should knit some. Or maybe my daughter-in-love took the hint? She knits on a little loom and she does a good job. I pray you feel better soon. Too bad the get together is Tues or I'd be there>sigh! Oh well! Be safe and Happy Birthday. Mine is in a couple weeks!

  9. oh that snow! it looks amazing! it is above 100 here and it's 9 at night!
    those migraines do NOT sound fun!
    hope the week ahead is a good one, and thanks for all of the love you've been showing my blog. you're amazing!

  10. You've been busy! I'm sorry to hear of your headache. I hope this doesn't become a common occurrence for you, it sounds miserable. Take care and have a good week. :)

  11. I am slowly catching up on your blog. It's been very busy and I'm so far behind. I know you know what's going on and I want to thank you for your really sweet comment. I have had 2 of those headaches and it is terribly scary when you loose your sight. Luckily, mine was only in 1 eye each time but it scared the bejeebers out of me. My doctor gave me some pills after the second one to have on hand and I haven't had another. I hope you are okay now.